Why do we belong to the European Union! And pay £55 million each day for membership.

We pay £55 million each day for EU membership and €80 billion a month to EU Banks?

Why do we borrow money from Bankers like the EU, IMF, ECB, UN, BIS, Federal Reserve, World Bank, all are just loan sharks and thieves.

Why not just print our own money! Why can’t the Bank of England print the money it needs.

Why is it Britain has become a Debt Based Economy, clinging to the purses-strings of Bankers.

Why can’t we be paid enough to pay tax and enjoy a lifestyle befitting our hard Labour.

Why are we Paying €80 Billion each month to European Union Banks and Financial Institutions

Why are we bailing out Financial Institutions, Banks, Insurers and Corporate Giants with no Morals .

Why are Taxpayers paying for the Corruption, Fraud, Deception, and incompetence of Government .

Why is the Government lying to us about the cost to taxpayers of remaining in the European Union .

Why is our Government not disclosing the facts about Bailing out EU Banks and Financial Institutions .

Why is The European Union not concerned about Member States Laws Breeching International Law.

Why does the European Union allow EU Member State Laws to contravene European Law.

Why does the European Union allow Immigrants into the EU without Health Checks or Security Checks.

Why is it the European Union giving priority to Black and Asian Muslim immigrants over others.

Why is European Union States being ravaged by Islamic Muslim Terrorists Killers! Born in the EU .

Why are we not allowed to speak the truth about EU Immigration and connected Muslim Terrorists .

Why doe’s the European Union keep silent about the Health Risks Immigrants carry like TB, HIV, Ebola .

Why do we “Pay European Union  VAT”, this tax has made Britain uncompetitive to the rest of the World .

Why has the European Union enforced Austerity on all EU Countries and stolen customers money from banks.

Why will the European Union not disclose the salary or expenses of Ministers or  Officials .

Why is the European Unions Accounts unaudited and where has the missing €Trillions gone.

Why is the European Union Protecting insolvent Corporations at tax payers expense.

Why wont the European Union allow Britain to negotiate trade agreements and exports outside the EU .

Why has the European Union Destroyed our Steel, Coal, Motor, and other industries with Laws and Directives.

Why has the European Union imposed  a threat to lawful process using laws to the detriment of business and citizens.

Why is the European Union allowing criminals from other EU Countries the freedom to enter any EU Country.

Why is the European Union Protecting Corporate Giants and ignoring Small Businesses.
Why is the European Union adding many layers of bureaucracy to create complexity for the simplist of tasks .
Why is the European Unions Directives and Laws so long winded and complex no-one impliments them.
Why are the European Union so Anti-Democratic they ignore Public Opinion and Votes.

Then enforce a second or third vote until its for the EU.

Why is the European Union Funding thousands of Concocted projects costing € millions in Grant Aid to PIGS and Eastern Block Countries .
Why are European Union forcing through second elections and referendums when a democratic majority vote has Won ?
Why are the European Union not enforcing the law and jailing corrupt and fraudulent Bankers, Insurers, Directors, Ministers, Polititians, etc ?
Why are many EU Member States Laws so corrupt they allow Individuals and Companies to escape Justice, “by just returning documents” to sender.
Why has the right to Justice been removed by the European Union. Leaving only two options open. (1) The Ombudsman “which cannot enforce anything”. Or (2) the highest Court, that is “unnafordable” for the vast majority and where “decisions can be appealed” and take years- and cost € millions.
Why is the European Union creating laws, directives, they know are illegal like “Electronic Toll Roads” where a “contract cannot exist” . And where the EU advise Local Authorities and the Police etc to stop motorists illegally to try and force payment of toll. In the event that it fails, the police are told to delay the Motorist for 3 hours Max?
Why has every European Union Law supposedly introduced to protect EU citizens got the the words “May” or “Could” instead of “Have” or “Are! “protected”.
Why has the European Union allowed over a 3 Million Islamic Muslim Migrants into the EU, Knowing this situation would swamp local services Hospitals, Housing, Schools, etc increasing unemployement and lowering wages for the poorest and most vunerable in society.
Why is there no right to legal aid for those unable to afford exorbitant European Union Court fee increases, that leave the most vunerable without a right to Justice.
Why is the European Union, IMF, UN, ECB, US FED Reserve, Corporate Giants, and the richest in society, using “Fear” to sway the “Electorate” into voting for remaining in the European Union against their wishes?
Why is the European Unions so corrupt it will not provide Audited Accounts or answer Freedom Of Information Requests For Ministers Salary and expences.

Why is €80 billion being given to banks each month, ? And where is this taxpayer money being spent? And what on?

Check out the true facts yourself and vote with you own Knowledge, not lies spread by self interest groups like Government, Insurance Companies, Banks, and the Media.

Britain is being destroyed by immigration from muslim countries, care of the European Union.



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