We are all being ripped off


      Why we are all being ripped off.


      Go to your bank and pay in £300. Then ask how much interest you will get for your money.


I would guess at 0.3% or less. The reason for this is the Bank Of England must keep interest rates low. Because they and the Government owe so much money the BOE cannot afford to let interest rates climb.


They need to pay back the dept with cheap money. Consider the huge debt the UK now has. Could you imagine what would happen if interest rates climbed to 14% like when Labour cocked-up.


Make no mistake it will happen? When the Bank needs more money from you all. Look at me – I am 71 years old. I get a basic retirement pension each month. There is no margin in my retirement for extras or inflation or devaluation of the pound. The meagre pension I get is what I get full stop.


So the BOE holds interest rates near zero, and I can’t earn any interest on my money in the bank. Then the parasites print money from thin air to devalue the pound. This is just robbing from the poor, and pensioners who are on a fixed income.


Then when we have inflation and we do have inflation- just look at the price of food and fuel. However regardless of what anyone says. You and I loose out again.


Now you should get the point…

This may have ruined your day. But when you retire son no one will give a damn about your years of hard work. And the Government couldn’t care less.


The entire Government its MPs, Ministers, Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance companies with the corporate giants they own.


Have all been set up to benefit the wealthy only? You are just profit fodder to them that’s all.