UKIP was correct millions are on way to UK

UKIP WAS CORRECT MILLIONS OF MIGRANTS, CARE OF “EUROPEAN UNION” ARE COMING TO BRITAIN. Update: Have you noticed all news channels are silent about immigration crisis now! Update: Yes now its War as predicted.  “Cameron won’t play” so he has started WORLD WAR 3 INSTEAD.

To create orders for arms and munitions factories to kickstart the economy – manufacturing bombs that create wealth for Government and Buddies who together have said’ they are going to bomb ISIS leaders Command Control Centres. What a load of trot, there is no command control centre. What’s more, how is Mr Cameron going to bomb hundreds of ISIS leaders. Who most likely are sat on a camel or a Toyota landcruiser, Sutruck or tent somewhere.

They could be anywhere-with a military mobile phone or tablet computer. And its very likely these guys are conducting terrorist atrocities using the underground internet via their brothers uncles sons sisters and wives.

The terrorist command control centres Mr Cameron wants to bomb are within our own cities like Birmingham Sheffield Leicester Bradford London Manchester Leeds etc as well as most other EU countries they are in our midst.

The Governments of Europe have been so complacement importing a low cost immigrant labour force to lower wage costs, they forgot about security and allowed anyone with a head wrapped in rag to enter. Then Angela Merkel told every possible terrorist with or without rags on their head, they- would be wellcome and opened the floodgates of hell to millions without documentation or proof of identity.


Then in the first few months of this year over 500,000 immigrants arrived in Europe from war torn countries seeking a better life. These people cannot be blamed for their desperate flight from terror. But imposing European Commission quotas of these people on overcrowded countries like Britain, has create more problems for its own homeless, unemployed, poverty striken, people who are sick of immigrants and the wave of violence it has created.


“This humanitarian disaster” was created by the European Union– EU, United Nations-UN, International Monitary Fund– IMF, European Central Bank-ECB and the countries like Britain and America that started a war deliberately and bombed and killed millions for “OIL MONEY”.
Now “its the taxpayers in Britain” who paid their tax’s and national insurance during their working lives for their (health and welfare benefits system). A “system that now cannot cope”, with this “massive migration” of illegal immigrants, (patients from third world countries) entering Britain for “free treatment.


These benefits we all contributed to are now at risk. Because the two main political parties, LABOUR & CONSERVATIVE BOTH allow any immigrant arriving in Britain free medical treatment and all our paid for benefits. Rather than make them work and pay for these benefits. The british unemployed are forced into work or lose benefits, why is it this rule only applies to British Nationals, NOT immigrants.


EU enforced immigration and its cost has “swamped Britains services”. Now its delays, and lack of access to these benefits and NHS that effects British public most. “Who did not choose EU” or enforced immigration (cheap labour) to increase EU tax’s and profit.


European Union open border policies are a loss to you of ALL your paid for NHS and SERVICES.  (Benefits paid for by you).  But given away by the main political parties; (the exception being UKIP) whom at least spells out the truth, not hype.


Our enforced political first past the post system in Britain is made up of wards, its undemocratic. It was set-up to benefit only the main political parties, (not you).  This became very clear for UKIP when only one seat in parliament was won by UKIP yet UKIP recieved over 3,000,000 votes. Much more than other parties.


There is a real need to beat the system, allowing UKIP, to Stop IMMIGRATION. Because its not in the interest of other parties. WHO will never allowed,  (One Man One Vote) so its time you used your voice effectively. And demanded a democratic vote.


Ukip’s leader Nigel Farrage stated, “immigration would get out of control” allowing millions of economic migrants to enter Britain through EU open borders. Mr Farage clearly understood the publics concern about IMMIGRATION and the EUROPEAN UNION.


The Government and main political parties are in the pay of  EU corporations and bankers. Who use their bought for political and financial clout to eliminate competition and any risk to their financial suppression of small business.

We need to change the unfair political system that enriches the wealthy while it takes away what little the poorest sector of society and small business has.

Take action NOW (do not waste your vote). On a system kept in place by wealthy Corporations and corrupt politicians of Government. Change Britain for the benefit of everyone and give future small business and next generations a future.


The sight yesterday of that little boy washed up on the beach in Bodram Turkey is appalling, but our Government and its Arms industry the EU and Financial sector and corrupt politicians. Are to blame for this flight from War.


This is disaster that must be placed on the shoulders of those who caused it. In the words of those who we believed. Our Governments US and UK.  “Who said” they have, “weapons of mass destruction”.


And now these same Governments are trying to convince us we must engage in another war in the middle east, bombing and killing millions of virtuly defenceless men women and children. This type of mentality is stupid any person is capable of realising, its again about MONEY OIL  WEAPONS and the wealth these create for Governments and Corporate Industry.

Now we have tens of millions from war-torn countries in North Africa the Middle East and Asia wanting a better life in Europe taking incredible risks and death to get here and no-one can blame them, after hearing and seeing advertisements of what Europe and Britain has to offer.


Britain still remains one of many countries advertising in third world countries for skilled workers- plumber, plasterers, builders, dentists, doctors, etc with wages 50 times greater than paid in Sudan or Pakistan.


This and the conflicts in their own countries has started a massive, never been seen before exodus into Europe. With most migrants wanting to settle in Britain and Germany.


But this massive influx of immigrants into Europe is clearly a far greater threat now to the security of Britain than anyone ever imagined or UKIP’s Nigel Farage envisaged.


The question now regarding the redistribution of migrants remains unsolved. The EU caused it but are now dithering about what to do. So at best expect an answer to the problem being Cheap Labour. Or an answer sometime in the future because nothing so far created by the EU has helped anyone accept the EU.


EU citizens just pay taxes vat etc and get nothing in return. The question now is can the European Union absorb such huge numbers of migrants. Twenty possibly 60 millions or more without de-stabilizing the western world and creating a black and white race hate war like America.
I noticed while writing that ECB  Mario Draghi is to bail out the banks again, they call it QUANTATIVE EASING! It means they will print more money for the banks. But not for Greece Portugal Spain or YOU. Funny how they can print money for themselves but no-one else.


Recent footage of a mass population exodus into Europe from war torn middle eastern countries fleeing to Greece, Italy, Hungry etc. Yet most are bypassing these and other countries to get to England or Germany.  Clearly indicating EU open borders has created the largest mass migration ever.


Live televised reports show that the vast majority arriving in Hungary, Greece, Italy, France, are young men mostly economic migrants whom recent history has shown, are a potential risk to security and pose a real threat.
More importantly if each EU country take in its quota of migrants and those fleeing war-torn countries. Can Europe do the same next week and the week after and so on.

Because we are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster where millions paid less than a £2 a day will follow their family members to the European Unions black market £30 a day pot of gold.


It is quite simply not possible to redistribute the populations of several third world countries- assume 20 million possibly 40 million people into Western Europe without disastrous consequences. Germany and Britain may want a cheap labour force. But can it avoid the war that will follow when millions of its citizens riot.  The far right has gained popularity all over Europe add Austerity and Mass Immigration and you have a pending disaster. Being created by EU.


Update: EU wanted open borders and free movement of people. Germany wanted mass migration (cheap labour). Now after their gigantic cockup Germany wants (YOU) to help stop millions of economic migrants and others fleeing war-torn conflict countries. Overwhelming German cities.


Now the worst has happend and Europes borders are now (CLOSED).  Angela Merkel caused this mess, Now let her sort it out BY taking the 800,000 migrants she wanted. And the remainder waiting at the Hungarian Border!

Update: Latest reports indicate vast numbers of new migrants are now at all borders of Europe. And many more new migrants are massing at alternative entry points to EU, are on their way!  You can thank Angela Merkel again for creating this mass migration crisis.

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