UKIP triumph at the polls silenced.

Controlled British Government Media is hell bent on silencing UKIP triumph at the polls.

Using influence over recent events to bury UK public demand for an EU referendum and immediate withdrawal from the European Union. Seen by most controlled by a handful of ECB –  Mafioso bloated elite. Who through its EU membership control the Media.

While creating an explosion of televised hype regarding EU expansion into Ukraine supposedly to protect a bunch of misfit ex eastern block citizens from Russian indoctrination. When the truth is closer to home. The European Union collapsing under a mountain of Austerity Resentment Debt and Insolvent banks. Who together with vile Insurance Companies have corrupted and defrauded everyone and everything.

The EU who purposely imported a third world immigrant workforce, “deliberately” to lower wages. Then starved an over taxed “divided society” its EU residents into poverty. Enabling the EU to control by fear its population, while inventing other methods of taxation and control to keep the power in the hands of a few who own it all.

Perhaps the News about Russia, the Ukraine, Crimea, the shooting down of a Malaysian jet and disappearance of another is news. Just like the EU Stupidity of Reliance on Russian Gas by the power-house of Europe, “Germany”.  Are we then to believe that our western Governments are not controlling to a significant extent what is happening.

Tactically with resentment, hype, indoctrination by media and rhetoric, EU member Governments are protecting their tax collecting revenue future’s. By controlling what individual EU member country populations see broadcast on television and in other media.

But the European Union and the United States did nothing over Crimea or the destruction and loss of all passengers on Malaysian Flight MH17 this Geopolitical inaction by the EU, Britain and America is because the “Managing EU Morons” are on the hook to energy dependence from Russia. A massive stupid mistake taken by Morons in the European Union.

The EU, suffering from a flat lining at best economy. Leveraged to the butt and with GB, and US stockpiling debt under the thumb of Russia. Now focus is on China for EU overpriced uncompetitive goods, while considering cheap Chinese alternate energy. Shut the gate, “the horse has bolted mentality” from the EU here. While needing the political will of its population to defend its methods which at best can be described as insane.

EU policy can be explained simply. “Tax Fuel”  ( Everything is dependant and transported by it ).  This makes the European Union products the most expensive! what a bunch of idiots.



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