British taxpayers contributed to our (health and welfare benefits system) all of their working lives; In return for (health and welfare benefits.

These benefits we all contributed to are now at risk. Because the two main political parties, LABOUR & CONSERVATIVE allow any immigrant arriving in Britain free entitlement to these benefits.

This is an externality and is the cost of these benefits that effects the : British public most; (who did not choose to incur the cost or loss of benefits) < given away. By the main political parties; (the exception to this is: UKIP.)

Be warned the political system in Britain is made up of wards, it is not a democratic system – it was set-up to benefit the main political parties, (not you).

The only way you can beat the system is to vote UKIP, to Stop IMMIGRATION. Because all the other main parties (will never allowed you) to vote personally, .ie. (One Man One Vote).

Ukip understands the publics concern about IMMIGRATION and the European Union, THE MAIN PARTIES HAVE (YOUR) MONEY AND THE CLOUT OF BIG BANKS AND CORPORATE GIANTS.

If you want to change the unfair political system that gives riches to the rich and takes away everything from the poorest sector of society, (You) joe public.

Then take action NOW (do not give your vote to any of the main parties). Change Britain for the benefit of all and future generations, (not just the rich) .