The protesting 99% have done so much damage to the 1% that career politicians Nick Clegg and David Cameron are now spouting on about a new capitalistic society in which employees will have rights to become shareholders. Nick Clegg called it responsible capitalism.


What this means is their well paid job travel perks expenses and fringe benefits may be safe, or so they hope.



Mr Clegg comments mention binding shareholder votes, but also said Micro businesses are probably not feasible for employee shareholders.


What this means is the stakeholders (the larger shareholder) will get more power. The small shareholders will get a minority say.


What Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron need to deal with is the transport infrastructure and cost to transport goods.

Lack of investment in Britain’s transport infrastructure has put Britain at least 50 years behind. We have paid for Europe’s transport infrastructure its bridges roads and railways. And they are competing and winning against our best efforts.


Then we have manufacturing, Britain is dying it now costs more to transport some goods than it does to manufacture them. Fuel duty and VAT is the culprit Britain is dying and now on its last legs. Removing or lowering dramatically these taxes would be like igniting a rocket under the rear end of industry.

UPDATE  29/04/2015 , Cameron now says he will pass laws not to increase Vat, National Insurance, Tax etc. Perhaps he has forgot conveniently [ he has got to get EU permission ].

What consecutive Governments have done over the last 60 plus years is destroy small businesses, while it cosies up to the corporate and financials who paid the corrupt politicians for favours.

UPDATE TODAY: Nothing has changed here promises to look after small business falls on deaf ears. Lies no longer work Mr Cameron.


No one trusts the Government or any part of it, especially the Ombudsman Service. They are just private limited companies without any legal power, or teeth. Paid for by the crooked corporate’s that are defrauding the public. The Insurers, Banks, Financials and Government Authority.


The jobcentre is just a private limited company- to keep the low paid in low pay.


Government training centres are just jobs for the jobs worth staff, who can’t do the job, (those who can do, those who can’t teach, who give the trainee a worthless NVQ (no vocational qualifications) bit of paper.


MP’s lie, steal, commit fraud, and pay themselves whatever they decide, then legislate the lowest paid tax higher and income lower. Whilst pushing pennies to Pensioners. Ministers enjoy more pay in a day than Pensioners get in a year. Minister’s benefit from the banks Insurers and large corporate giants, then take bribes and commit all manner of crimes while robbing society and claiming extraordinary salaries expenses and travel perks.


We have Judges who are immune from prosecution. Barristers who cannot be sued Solicitors who are criminals. And Paid for Prime Ministers in the pockets of the corrupt.


The British Government doe’s not give a damn about the young, Britain’s next generation of employer’s scientists and engineers. It cares only about the Financial Centre of London and its corrupt crooks that pay bribes and pass gifts to Ministers of Government. And it wonders why they the young rioted, they have nothing no job no money no prospect and no future, thanks to the bunch of career criminals in Government who gorge themselves on vast salaries and expenses paid for by us all.


We have police who police themselves, steal, accept bribes, frame and have killed innocent citizens and are in the pay of criminals, and the corrupt Media.


The UK Government allows the elderly to be abused starved and killed in hospitals and care homes ran by the 1%


Britain allows private patients to jump the queue for payment, while Government bribes its doctors more in a few days than it pays pensioners for heating and warm clothing in 5 year


UK doctors are self regulated by its own Union and its own Association, Mmm.


Britain has create a brain drain of the brightest with low wages, while importing and allowing foreign third world graduates nurses and doctors with dubious qualifications to replace them.


The UK has created racial hatred with its policy of mass immigration from third world countries, to create mass unemployment and lower wages. This is the reason the school leavers have no job.


The UK for generations has allowed a make do and mend policy of repairs, it plugs holes it never completes a job. It pays for the cheapest, and then makes do when it fails, while it’s repaired at higher cost.


The UK brain dead Central Government pays its local authorities the same money it spent in the previous year plus increases. This is the reason your local authority spends £millions in December January February, because if they don’t spend it Councils lose the under-spend in the next financial year. Now you may be good with money while they are stupid, but are they, there is no incentive for any of Britain’s County Councils or Local Authorities to save money. While the Government gives them what they can spend?


The ECB (European Central Bank) admitted that Austerity measures don’t work and now Europe is in deep recession. GIVING € 60 BILLION EACH MONTH TO BANKS.


Meanwhile the UK continues with Austerity measures, cuts targeting the poor and lowest paid. While allowing obscene pay increases for Bankers, Insurers, Corporate CEO’s Directors and the Highest paid. Then to compound inflation the Bank of England deflates the £ to a value two thirds it once was. Then the BOE says it didn’t expect the resultant inflation.


Damn idiots or just crooks in suits, with sticky fingers in the honey pot.

Update:  Looks like all three Cameron Cleg and Miliband are going to pay for their enforced austerity on those least able to defend themselves.  JUST 8 DAYS NOW TO LOSE YOUR JOB MR CAMERON, MR CLEGG, PS we also know its our money. 

Do we trust any Politician ! Like Hell we do.     We have not forgot.

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