The Media have relentlessly attacked President Trump for His stance on Immigration from certain Muslim dominated countries.

Their silence now is because the majority of the American people agree with him and so do the vast majority of Europeans.

Those tycoons spreading lies and paying for concocted stories or leaks need to think very carefully about trying to change things against the will of the people.

There will be huge changes all over Europe and America. Immigration and corruption will be curtailed.

Most of the population of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union because of immigration, terrorism, corruption and Muslims abusing our laws and our hospitality. We once made them all welcome.

Now for good reason people have not forgot 9/11, Paris or London bombings.

It was Muslims who carried out 95% of all suicide bombings. The Islamic teachings of hate against non Muslim (Kaffir’s) “white Europeans is extremely disturbing. The leaders of many Mosques preach of creating an island society within Britain, where Muslims take over and control all wealth. Muslims are advised to trade only with its Muslims brothers and profit from non-Muslims, by never giving business or profit to non-Muslims.

The Muslim hatred of “white Europeans is deeply ingrained in Muslim society and reflects the majority of its population, who’s intent is to take over each country one by one forming a future world of Muslims owning everything.

The above is based on documentary fact. Like the majority I am not for or against any race of people.

The problem is Muslims believe the teachings of fanatics, who want to destroy or kill anyone who opposes their belief. ——- I personally believe you should treat people like they treat you?

Therefore like the majority of Europeans I do not want Muslim immigrants or their teachings of hatred.

The European Union, our Governments and our Politicians, need to listen to its people “now” or face the consequences.


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