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Bank Failures, Corruption, Fraud, Housing bubble, Indicate 2008 Crash Ending

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Update: 08/02/2015.

The situation through-out Europe is extremely grave for ordinary people who will be made to pay for another round of Austerity forced on them by the European Central Banks. This destruction of EU Economies by Mario Draghi at the Helm of the ECB using another round of Quantitative Easing, (bailing out the Banks, Insurers, and Corporate giants) may see the collapse of the worlds financial system.

Certainly we are at the crossroads of a major change in elected Governments all over the EU. The comment underlined in blue below and percieved problems wrote about a year earlier certainly seem now very accurate. My guess now is that we will have anti- Islamic, anti-European Union, anti- Bailouts, anti – Immigration, Left of Centre Politicians leading in the Polls and taking the prize of Governments from the “Elite Uncaring paid for Politicians”.


Are we about to experience the “2008 crash again“, the indications undoubtedly show comparable housing bubbles growing at unsustainable rates. Banks are growing larger on taxpayer bailouts and the dangers of to big to fail is worrying Governments. Also the largest proportion, “most banks” do not know what their exposure to derivatives is. Plus they have become addicted to customers cash deposits to fund liquidity.


This begs the question “how much longer” can banks expect its customers to “deposit their” money, in any bank now. Moreover available data suggests that customers do not trust banks and most now realise that banks are just betting their money on risky but lucrative investments “if they win” fine but these investments they realise are not much better than betting on the Grand National winner, the odds are stacked heavily against the banks picking the winner.


Its clear Banks and its Insurance providers have relied on being able to fool the public into believing they are trustable institutions and will give you your money back on demand. While its insurers will pay you out if you make a claim. Unfortunately the public now know it’s not true, and its insurers will busts its guts to avoid paying you out.


Even more alarming is that “Insurers will lie” abuse, deceive, delay, ignore regulation and international law and will “commit fraud with impunity”. Knowing they “its Directors” are protected by the companies acts and  “Banker Privilege” from direct prosecution.


However banks need to rely on being able to offer loans to its customers and be able to offer these at low interest rates. Again this is not the case banks do have the liquid cash assets to loan out and interest rate remain unsustainably low. This economic government generated austerity will raise interest rates quickly both in the short and long term. Why this will happen is simple the Government paid for housing market “bank created” bubble is about to burst.  Update: appears this article was reasonably correct but then when you have corruption in Government its easy to predict outcome.

This will lead to inflation targets becoming deflation woes and the collapse of most commodities and huge Corporate. Followed by daily insolvency headlines and executives seen throwing themselves off their multi story headquarters.

Then there is the ECB the European Central Bank, this collection of central bankers “self elected official” monetary lawmakers to its 28 member states. Who control currency supply and exchange rates while manipulating financial policy and political opinion to its members advantage, which explains why they create debt.

At the same time European Union spending and unprecedented publicity for years conned the public into believing that the EU gave people the right to work, live, travel, and trade with any member country. And have rights and laws protecting its citizens from the abuse of power by member states their officials or from businesses tradesman etc.

This however is not true. EU law give the right for each “Member Country” to use their existing laws. This has created a mass of differing legislation in many languages, which is constantly being abused by some countries to deny lawful claim or complaint. In a language interpretation, that for “non speakers” is impossible to complain about or defend.

Whist the idea of a single currency appears a simple solution for trade between countries, what is actually happening is a constant drain of cash from its consumers. That the EU created using its self elected laws like VAT which is a mandatory condition of being a EU member state. This tax on its own has destroyed manufacturing output and put millions in poverty. To create a monopoly for its corporate shareholding elite central bankers, who own almost everything?

Take a hard look at the inflation rate reports televised by the Governments own BBC propaganda machine.


It’s not so difficult to understand why we have such a low inflation rate when its YOU  who are the ( GOVERNMENT) who calculates the rate (TO THE FIGURE IT WANTS), negative 1% or plus 20%

Both are incorrect, but 20% is nearer the truth.

Do they think that we haven’t realised fuel has rocketed doubling in price and that food prices now increase each week and our energy costs have tripled.

Everyone has noticed food manufacturers keep packet sizes the same but lower the content weight.

It’s even easier for Government to lower the unemployment rate, when the JOBCENTER+ leave’s out the self employed and wont allow anyone over 50 to sign on.

Then those in paid employment have to work longer and for less money and every £ they spent buy less each day. Meaning they cannot spend what they DON´T HAVE, which has destabilised the economy. Because no money is flowing around.

The GOVERNMENT is lying and the corrupt politicians know the Government is lying, but these same politicians realise they have to hide the true figures or face a massive public backlash. Update: they are facing a huge backlash….

You only need look at the latest BBC NEWS reports of house price rises, Unemployment down, Exports up, Manufacturing output up, Banks making huge profits, and the Economy growing. When the facts are not true.

And these same reports are coming out of Europe as well, but unfortunately it is simply not true. Update: now we have yet another round of (QE) quantitative easing. Basicly buying junk bonds to refinance unsafe banks and huge corporates in general.

What is true is that the figures are all being manipulated to refinance and enrich the banks and the elite 1%.  Update: Who now own nearly 49% of the entire worlds wealth.

Who have and are raking in £millions from taxpayers who have refinanced the TBTF insolvent banks since 2008.

And it is time this was stopped and the banks broken up into smaller units of public ownership.

Before these GANGSTERS create another illegal WAR, like Iraq.

Another bank bailout today. Update: 2015, Another ECB Bank Bailout ???

Friday, June 15th, 2012
Another bank bailout fraud today Friday, 15 June 2012 by the Bank Of England, they call it QE, it’s a bank bailout regardless of the name its called.
Taxpayer’s money is again bailing out corrupt fraudulent insolvent banks.
Whilst most will have no concern over the Government putting money into small business or the BOE ring fencing the UK economy from Europe’s Depression.
Quantitative easing, (a bailout) by the BOE is giving taxpayers money to Insolvent Banks and this is Fraud.
Ever since the MP’s expenses fraud, and 2008 banking bailout the public no longer trust or want banks.
They are known to be insolvent, corrupt, and controlled by equally corrupt owners, in particular the insurance giants. Also banks are obsolete, not required and others have taken their place, like Paypal.
See copy letter below posted on Money Mornings site and others in October 2011.
The letter clearly indicated the outcome of QE by the Bank Of England. Now today the BOE wants to repeat a failed mandate.
Most ordinary businesses learn from their mistakes, they also learn to not trust corrupt BANKS.
Today Drahi announced the ECB (European Central Bank) would keep providing liquidity (money) to Solvent Banks.
Also the ECB said there is no inflation in the Euro area and no prospect of it.
Just on which planet is the ECB spokesman? Greece will decide tomorrow if the EUROZONE will exist.
Gordan Finch | October 5, 2011

The expected QE (quantitive easing) by the Bank of England is a copycat of US failures to halt a crisis turning into a depression. It’s a failure of BOE policies and another bailout of the banks. QE only creates inflation as history shows. Britain could now be under the BOE pilot entering a no return zone of hyperinflation.

The 2008 banking fraud crisis started in Britain with a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services, Zurich the Insurers, (AIGFP unit in London.

The truth (ZFS) was insolvent and under command by the US Government related to serious fraud was suppressed in the UK.

This fraud started in the nineties many years before with Zurich the insurer, unfairly and fraudulently refusing to pay out claims on its policies. This escalated into rigging prices and steering business to itself.

A judge said it was very reactive advertising insurance fraud committed against Zurich. But was not so fond of mentioning the fraud it perpetrated against its own policyholders.

Zurich insured anything and everything. Because there was no intention of paying out it was simply a fraud. A company trading with different names hundreds of subsidiaries and subsidiaries of the subsidiary and holding companies.

The FSA and the Treasury under the BOE guarded Government relied on the Financial Services Sector, who had rigged rules and little control to stop the fraud.

This manifested itself in the 2008 Banking Crash and the bailout of UK high street Banks. And was repeated throughout the world, ZFS (Zurich insurance, its fraud, corruption, deception, price fixing, bid rigging, and worse had bankrupted Countries, Financial institutions, Companies, Communities and the Public and future Generations.

The US Government Bailed out Zurich its policyholders and its banks, and then ploughed over $800 thousand million dollars of Quantitive Easing into the Worlds Banking system.

Effectively keeping banks alive that had bet customers money on schemes created by the corrupt greedy banks and fraudulent insurer (Zurich.

Now the BOE will repeat this failed experiment to save the to big to fail fraudsters.

And the result will be similar Inflation, Unemployment, Crime, and Fraud by the same Banks and Insurers and Government. Followed by the worst events possible, the entire breakdown of law and order, wholly out of any control of authority.

Sterling has for centuries been the Reserve World Currency, the BOE should take the leading role “now, while the opportunity exist to become again the currency of World trade rather than devalue the Pound to inflate away dept. Imposing increases in raw material cost for everyone, so no exports.

People are angry they know the Government, Ministers, MPs, Authorities, Banks, Insurers and Corporate are corrupt. Failure to change will see a united response from the public in harmony with enforcers Police Army Air force and Navy.

Update:       The EU is engaged in a very dangerous war with Greece by removing its funding.

It appears the ECB Trillion Euro Bailout !Yes Trillion with a big “T”, has not learned the lessons from history or predictions by ordinary small businessmen.

Most of the above, 2012 observations are now a fact and were published June 2012. 

Latest prediction now is a complete collapse of  the European Union and its banks strangle hold on society.

People will vote for Anti – EU Austerity, Immigration, Laws, Control, and its massive Bank Bailouts, (quantitative easing ) since its clear Mario Draghi’s free money give away to protect and fund Banks— Will Fail.  Allmost everyone now knows this is a deliberate attempt to create INFLATION to pass the banks debt burden onto ORDINARY PEOPLE.

Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and others countries Electorate will vote in New Anti EU, Anti Immigration Parties.

This new tide of resentment against Corrupt Governments and Financial Institutions is overtaking existing EU – ECB predictions.

Britain, France and Spain will all have new Governments, all will have substantial Anti – European Union Politicians !