Since 1945 We Have Had 54 Years Of Conservative Governments ????

The Conservative Prime Minister Mr Cameron is untrustable and being discredited by voters for allowing Angela Merkel’s Germany to strengthen its stranglehold over EU Economic and Migrant policy.

Since 1945 the Conservative Pro European Government have held power for 54 Years. Labour has held just 17 brief years of Government.

The Conservatives Governments 54 year’s majority control of the UK has contributed to the destruction of its manufacturing industry, expertise and small businesses that were taxed into oblivion or shrouded with red tape and bureaucracy. This was then followed by many recessions including the 2008 Crash and Austerity, Bank Bailouts. : The to big to fail Corporate’s – Debt, and Depression.

The Conservative Governments profiteering took the UK into the EEC in January 1973. Now renamed European Union, devaluing the £ pound creating debt and causing the UK to become uncompetitive because of EU- VAT, Laws and Directives.

This created Inflation, Depression, Migration, Migrants, Terrorism, Unemployment, Housing Crisis, Welfare Crisis, Congested Roads, Corrupt Politics, Government, and Politicians.

And is blamed for over 54 years of mismanagement fraud corruption and mistakes! Not to mention the many killed in its proliferation of many years of wars created or caused mearly to profiteer and appease the UK Governments Corporate Arms Industry and US.

Should the UK public allow the Government to build (New Nuclear Submarines) “which can never be used in anger”? (Because all life would end FULLSTOP). With the blast passing into space propelling the Earth out of Geo-stationary Orbit

After the Second World War the Labour Government built up our National Health Service, we all contributed too. We had a good welfare system. (But now it’s destroyed). Because non-contributing migrants! Have stolen the wealth UK Nationals paid for over a lifetime, thanks to EU law.

Now we have a depression and no future for our UK indigenous National School Children! and UK Citizens of all races. Because Black, Asian, African, Indian, Pakistan and Eastern Block migrants are stealing the next generations future. Taking over their jobs, their welfare system, security, and Country.

“This is reflected by many voters’ belief that the Labour Party are much more capable of rebuilding the economy and country”. Following the war mongering Pro- European Union, Conservative Governments economic destruction..

Agreements may differ somewhat here but a more open Government is needed. Where central bankers power is removed, and Corporate Giants and subsidiaries split up.

Then the public needs to replace the two party Boom&Bust system of Government with one-man one vote, scrapping the existing undemocratic constituency system. That is unfair, undemocratic and corrupt

What strikes me now is that the Prime Minister is now spouting hype and not telling the truth about the IN/OUT Referendum. Because Mr Cameron. Would need to give the European Commission 2 Years notice of intention to leave the EU. Also the Court procedures involved afterwards in taking Britain Out of the EU would take years to accomplish. And that is if the EU allows it!

If after reading this you are more distrustful of the Conservative Governments EU membership, domestic immigration bill, tax, law, cost of membership (about £15,000 per person each year, and their foreign policy record. Then you need to do something about it,——————-
Because Mr Cameron will only look after CORPORATE GIANTS and the EU COMMISSION.

And most likely delay the Referendum (while immigrants are raping and killing EU citizens) and is News Headlines! even though its suppressed by EU.

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