The Prime Minister calling a general election at short notice looks like sabotage to undue Brexit. The Conservative manifesto’s policy of stealing from the weakest in society is obviously designed to crush any hope of May winning a majority. This ensures a coalition will win power and a coalition Government will derail Brexit plans as they squabble for power amongst themselves.


This then leaves the conservatives not to blame for May’s assurances that Brexit means Brexit.


It also leaves the certainty that a coalition Government will not survive long, the “democratic majority” who voted to leave the European Union, its corruption and mass immigration and EU imported terrorism.


It’s a very smart move by the Conservative party, to ensure a coalition government fails. And then an assurance the Conservative party would gain an overall majority soon after another general election is called when the public have had enough.


Think about it what Government has ever told you the truth about Austerity, Immigration, Terrorism, Child Abuse, etc.


Why is there no mention of “Immigrants” in the news media? Also why are the government and all its politicians lying about the millions of illegal immigrants in the UK?


Ukip are the only political party that told the truth.   The rest will not even talk about Muslims, Immigrants, Housing Shortages, Hospital Health Tourism, Job Losses, and Imported Terrorism?


We are not racist, we are concerned about the destruction of British values and way of life.


Politicians need to open their eyes.

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