Mario Draghi and his “parasitic elite”.

European Central Bank 

The ECB, lets see what is it mmm, its an un-elected and unaccountable bunch of parasites that print money from nothing then lend it to Governments with interest plus terms and conditions, which then force through tax increases on its people. At the same time the ECB gives banks as much free money as they want. Banks then invest this cash in high yield debt, returning negligible cash into the economy, and virtually nothing to small business?


What the ECB is forcing through is its own self-selected power to topple Governments destroy democracy and force through levels of austerity that perpetuate even deeper deregulation of elected Governments monetary affairs and even more austerity (Massive Tax Increases).


Elected Governments and its leaders are being told by the ECB in no uncertain terms to enforce a No –Referendum policy regarding the EU and instead force through ECB policy cuts and austerity or face isolation from ECB bailouts or bond buying money.


ECB self elected parasites have forced through wage deflation using government imports of low cost labour from eastern block countries while restructuring (lowering pensions) to poverty level. The ECB is also playing a game of collective power over Europe’s elected democratic Governments. To remove parliamentary power and hand it to an ECB controlled European Finance Ministry funded by the invading same parasitic group.


The ECB is ruthless in attempting to take over the role of monetary and national law from people elected parliamentary power. It sees itself as the elite group of experts who are able to topple and control any or all Governments its leaders and financial institutions using its banks. Who can limit funding or increase it at will and the ECB is looking at this with a long-term view of Governing the Euro Zone through decades and generations.


To do this the ECB is giving vast sums of money to the highly leveraged technically insolvent banks that have huge interconnected cousins across World borders who can and will act like the gangsters they are, to control what the ECB wants in return for free money.


This puts forward the urgency to reconsider our membership of the European Union before the ECB creates an unstoppable undemocratic system of central bank control. That will increase taxes to fund its own long-term objective of totalitarian monetary control over everyone and everything. This control means the “Euro will be devalued” mid to late 2014 because Draghi needs to appease Central Banks and now has no other option as Deflation dangers looms.


Ask yourself this question (do you know who elected the ECB) to take control over your political and financial decisions to decide whom you democratically vote for in elections or referendums.


Because Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will do the bidding of the ECB elite group, and deny your referendum and democratic rights, (before the next election).




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