UKIP triumph and Cameron’s quick law to stop immigrants,

Its amazing laws “can be introduced” to stop immigrants,

“just before a General Election”.


  • The Conservative party leader David Cameron after meeting EU officials declared he would stop immigrants claiming benefits.


This is good news for the 60 + million Electorate. A generation that has screamed at Government for years, “that immigration was swamping our services” and was, “out of control”. Yet nothing was done. Now with an Election looming, all of a sudden, the Conservatives Party leader pulls out of the hat new laws to curb immigrants abusing our health, social services and benefits system. See Document below which highlights which ethnic groups claim more benefits.

2.  This document constitutes PRIAE’s submission to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee inquiry “to examine the standards of service delivery to people from black and minority ethnic communities within the benefits system and the systems in place within the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure equal treatment and the elimination of discrimination”.[21] The Institute welcomes the Committee’s desire to improve provision of services to BME communities.

  3.  In line with the remit of PRIAE, this submission focuses solely on the position of older people from ethnic minority communities, although it is recognised that some of the hurdles experienced by this constituency apply to ethnic minority individuals of all age groups. The distinctiveness of the experiences of BME elders resides in “the source of supply of care, the level of developments in care and a constant existence on the margins”.[22]

  4.  The needs of the current and impending generations of BME elders are pertinent to the Committee’s inquiry as PRIAE’s research and development work confirms that this group is more heavily reliant on income support and welfare benefits than the majority group. One third of Bangladeshi and Pakistani people aged 40-59 in 2000 received Income Support, compared to 8% of the White group in this age range (see Table 1).This poverty later in working life also translates into lower retirement income, carrying a number of implications for pension provision.


5.  PRIAE welcomes this inquiry, as there has been a dearth of developments in this area for too long. The Institute was established in 1998 as an independent UK and European charity amid ongoing concerns that the needs of this group are being overlooked by policymakers in the context of rising elderly population facing disadvantage and fragmentation in services. The issues outlined in this submission are gaining increasing pertinence in light of the “age bulge”[23] that the UK will experience as minorities—once migrants from the post-war years—age en masse (see Table 2). It is vital that services provided by the DWP and other relevant government departments cater for this growing constituency.


Table 2 England and Wales—breakdown of population by age and ethnic group

 Age 0-14 15.29 30-44 45-64 65-74 75+
White 18 18 22 25   9   8
All BME groups 23 26 25 18   5   3
Indian 21 27 25 20   5   2
Pakistani 33 31 20 12   3   1
Bangladeshi 36 32 18 10   3   1
Other 22 26 27 19   4   2
Black Caribbean 19 18 33 19   8   3
Black African 28 26 32 11   2   1
Other 36 25 28   8   2   1
Chinese 17 34 25 19   3   2
Irish   5 13 22 35 15 10
Other mixed 48 25 17   7   2   1
Other 14 29   9 19   5   4

BME (Black Minority Ethnic) . I assume White is the majority- though added figures appear to show white population is in serious decline?


  • As well as other Good News, laws to be introduced in 2015 stopping the abuse of Payday Loan Parasites. Its even more amazing how Banks and Financial Services and the “completely corrupt Insurance sector”, a bedrock of support for the Conservative Party. Are suddenly being being fined huge sums of money. This was aired on BBC the Government controlled television channel, as a fine of 1.7 £billion on banks. This is a huge sum but split it amongst the banks etc. and it amounts to small change, £200 to £600 million. And still not a single Banker has been jailed. mmm One law for Joe Public, NO LAW for Bankers.


The arrogance of the 3 main Political Parties is astonishing. If any or all think for one minute the Electorate will trust any Political Party with the prize of Government, “again”then forget it. Its not going to happen. This time the public has seen the Banks Bailed Out and Propped Up with Taxpayers Money by Government while it unleashed Austerity on the Population, (Massive Tax Increases) Inflation and Currency devaluation.


  • No matter what promises. Are Televised, none will have any effect on the Electorate who now know Politicians from most Political Parties are Liars, and in Politics for their Own Benefit only. But paraphrasing using their speech / hype. Are economical with the truth. That say one thing and do the reverse, and never answer any question with a definitive answer, like yes or no.


Take for example our membership of the European Union that Cameron Clegg and Milliband benefit from. It costs British Taxpayers £18 to £20-billion each year. This is money that could build hundreds of new hospitals and new roads as well as employ several million of the unemployed on decent wages. You only need look at the recent £700million budget increase for the NHS broadcast by David Cameron listing how many doctors nurses and hospitals this would pay for, its staggering. But instead £billions is being wasted on a “European Integration Experiment” “controlled by Politicians and Bankers, that has gone wrong”.


  • The EU and Immigration is a powder keg. That all party Politicians have ignored. Now its about to – Blow Up In Their Well Fed Faces, now Ukip has scored another win from the Conservatives. How many MP’s will defect before his own party realises he has destroyed what support he had, (the majority) and SME retirees now voting UKIP.


When those Ordinary Citizens the Electorate they Forced to Endure Loss of Income, Homes, Jobs, Heating, Food, Transport, Health, Welfare and Benefits. Shell them out like peas, “Out Of Power”. IDS, (Ian Duncan Smith) wanted for the crime of destroying the faithfull voter. Most whom were Middle England and SME, Conservative’s. WHO WILL LOSE HIM HIS SEAT.


  • I for one would strip all Politicians of all the Perks and Power they Awarded Themselves, including the Huge Pension Entitlements. Cameron, Clegg and Milliband deserve everything the Electorate has in store for them.



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