Interest rates set to rise, European Central Bank capitano Mario Draghi at helm has exhausted its bond buying capability keeping interest rates artificially low. But for how much longer can protectionist ECB instruments exist if there is no navigator steering the ship out of stormy water. His last course has failed and with it no realistic hope of any policy provisions that could help the ECB or EU out of the appalling course he steered. Hopefully and quite soon he will lose his job just like Merkel.

Nothing is working, more importantly no-one can help, while he remains fixated on his tube mentality sight full of his own self importance. Europe is in depression people are unemployed, living standards are appalling, wages are lower now than during the 60s. Even with lower fuel prices, real inflation is running around 16%, food and medicines are shockingly high. Millions are homeless, Millions more are flooding into Europe from third world countries like Africa and Asia. The shocking fact is that each day thousands more arrive and the European Union with its vast reserves and cash is powerless and incompetent to stop it.

Immigration, austerity, inflation, unemployment, homelessness, low wages, and downright mistrust of the ECB, EU, Banks, Government, MP’s and Ministers.

Throughout western Europe the vast majority of residents (huge numbers) do not want the corruption any longer and are intent on following Britain’s lead out of the European Union. People do not want enforced immigration and the terrorist maniacs it brings to their towns and cities. The Government, Media and Police need to realize Robo Cop tactics to stop public demonstrations and stifle unrest is not going to work, it has gone too far already!

EU open door policy has fueled astronomical distrust and hatred, its not true that ordinary citizens are racist. Color, race, and creed are being used by the EU to enforce mass immigration to the EU. This lowers wages and increases the number of taxpayers contributing into the EU filling its own voracious appetite for everyone’s money, bypassing ordinary citizens democratic rights.

The European Union is certainly not helping any country out of the shocking state of affairs they created to save the banks. Its directives laws and recommendations are just revenue collection tools for it to squander.

Not once has the writer experienced or seen a EU law that helps ordinary citizens. More to the point the laws coming out of Europe have removed the right to justice for ordinary people. Now its just another tax to pay if you can afford the massive increase in Court fees.

The ECB, well its just a central bank for central banks. Banks that voted among themselves to take control of the EU and its banks and central banks for the ECB– (you got it a bank)!

Now we have capital controls on our own money. That is if its in a bank, in which case its not your money anyway, but lets not be that concerned, the bank will inflate away your money

Ask you friendly bank manager if he can explain just exactly what BAILIN means ( : > Anwer they just steal your money to stop the banks becoming insolvent and bankcrupt.

This law was passed YOU GOT IT by the European Union,???????????

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