Helicopter Money = More Bank Bailouts,

Just how much more money is going to the banks financial elite from taxpayers without political and taxpayer unrest.

Bank of England policy is clearly to ruin public finances and small business.

More bank bailouts, cuts, further austerity and devaluation of the pound will have no effect but destroy Britains economy, just as it has in Europe;

Meanwhile banks withold the truth about how more £trillions are needed from taxpayers as well as helicopter money from central banks.

This seems strange because policy makers including the ECB IMF and EU are complicit in this together stealing from pensioners purses, to feed the financial elite parasites, who pay no tax;

This is a deliberate plan to keep interest rate low to loot depositers money from their bank accounts.

Do the BOE think people will stand for this without revolt or a challenge to the legality of Central bank power.

The public are not going to wait for article 50 to start the 2 year exit process from the EU. Its likely politicians will be taken of guard with this, as well as the pending child abuse!!!    Not forgotten.

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