Greece Gets More Austerity More Inflation

EU have got to get more austerity past

Greek parliament first.


ECB is now in charge of Greek legislature any changes to law will now need ECB approval first.

Clearly people must wake up to the realization that the European Union is quite simply an organisation setup and run by central banks whos entire purpose is profit from domination and fear, to create more laws to increase Tax collection from its debt enslaved citizens – to enrich the European Central Bank (ECB Banks).


All of the bailouts and debts and interest owed by your Government is being paid by – YOU to the BANKS. Yet most of these high street banks were bancrupted by their own miss-management and greed. NOW these b-st-rds want more of your money and everything else. And you are next on their list for poverty induced slavery! Update: Its started now and will continue for many generations. As Government borrows from the future income produced by teenagers to the elderly in the year 2065 onwards


Greeces bailout will include huge tax increases (more austerity) price inflation on all purchases, IVA- VAT increases, cuts to pensions and benefits and privatisation of state assets and the sell off of all profitable enterprises. The EU will oversee running the remainder at a profit. Update: Bailout news Greece! will be able to pay of some of its debts with the money its borrowing from those it owes money to. Not much hope of ever paying off the DEBT or INTEREST mmm?


While in the meantime the World is at the beck and call of these greedy b-st-rds “the banks”.


In just a few days the Greek parliament will be forced to introduce new austerity measures dispite the Greek peoples referendum that voted in a anti-austerity Government. This is the clearest indication yet. That World democracy as far as the EU is concerned no longer exists. Instead the European Union and its ECB banks, now control everything in partnership with the IMF, (another bunch of gangsters). Who clearly want the status as World Reserve Bank. To control every financial instrument.


What we are seeing here is like a Bond Movie- where a huge PLC group wants world domination and the control of all monetary assets. Then creates fear to enslave its people in debt to the PLC groups banks, that they could never pay off. Leaving them in abject poverty as slaves to the groups gangsters. This example the EU, ECB, IMF, Eurogroup, (Banks).


It is the most basic principle in business. That you cannot borrow money to pay off a debt. It never works, you can only restructure debt and pay it off over a very long time. In the case of Greece the loan sharks like Germany and France and others loaned them huge sums of money with high interest payments and a payback strategy that would earn them big bucks regardless of the consequences. Greece has reported over 10,000 suicides, including a Ministers own son.


Take for example the comment made by German chancellor Angela Merkel who said “she was sure timetable for Greek Legislature change being passed by Parliament by Wednesday dispite anti-austerity referendum vote win by its people. Well many sources said  the German Chancellors job is on the line for debt risk lending to Greece. And the European Union could not afford the break up of Eurozone and EU, that it has now admitted would follow if Greece’s economy, a Eurozone member collapsed. Update: Germany may have now brought unwittingly the European Union to the end of the road and the precipice. As EU member states continue to open arms to anti-austerity parties. Whilst ignoring borrowing, and removing funds from banks.


Put in simple terms the European Union and the ECB with other callous loan sharks knew the entire European Union experiment was a grave mistake. But would never admit they were wrong. Now the entire World is suffering, for their stupidity and greed. Greece is unfortunately just the Pawn in all this – and its people will never be able to pay back the increased debt being planned as I write.

Update: There has been a huge increase in support for far left anti Austerity parties across Europe as ordinary people realize they are paying for the Banks past criminal activities still continuing today.  Who are recieving proceeds of crime profits as well as the bailouts and interest payment you the -Taxpayer are still paying to the banks under Austerity. In the meantime Banks are awash with hoarded cash mountains not being released into circulation. WHY, are we just experiencing the end of Bank control because no money in circulation means no increases in spending. Which means we dont need the banks.


What we should all consider regardless of our own opinion (for or against) any of the above, is that this could be you who may be next for the same type of treatment.


ASK YOUR GOVERNMENT WHO IS GOING TO PAY AND GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY IN ANY BANK. AND ASK FOR THE GUARANTEE IN WRITING. (good luck with this ).    Remember Cyprus and now Greece 60 Euro max per day. While open and cash in machine.     ?????????????


BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENTS GUARRANTEE IS ONLY WORTH TOILET PAPER WHEN A BANK GOES BUST, BECAUSE BANKS ARE ONLY LIMITED COMPANIES.   ( liability is limited to their share value only)  and they have LEGAL PRIVILEGE, this means they own your money in their Bank, NOT YOU.


Who is paying off who here. This stinks of fraud regarding Greece, either that or the poor defence-less puppet had a gun to his head, let’s hope the Greek people are not that stupid. BECAUSE IF THE EU AND IT’S LOAN SHARKS AND GANGSTERS GET AWAY WITH THIS. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR US, OR THE GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW .


Democracy what democracy,

Referendum pah! Just a vote of no confidence for your Government. Thats Democracy!!!!

Britain be warned, you will be duped by EU’s bootlicker PM next.

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