Greece dies via EU, IMF, democracy,

Here is a warning to all European citizens

We are seeing the destruction of “Greece and Democracy”.

This is the European Unions idea of democracy via the “Eurogroup”, the “International Monetary Fund” (IMF) and the “European Central Bank” (ECB) .

  1. Austerity.
  2. Increase Vat.
  3. Create further tax’s.
  4. Increase retirement age.
  5. Increase unemployment.
  6. Force capital controls.
  7. Close banks to limit money supply.
  8. Create fear with news broadcasts aimed to damage democracy.
  9. Humiliate its democratically elected Government into forced meetings staged by the Loansharks above to beg for time and currency.
  10. By tomorrow these Gangsters will have deliberately killed off any hope of a compromise and will have forced through a referendum of fear for the Greek people to vote on. Update: it all happend.

Televised news broadcasts each day clearly show that Greece is being strangled into submission by the Loan Sharks above. They do not care about its people who are being taxed into oblivion with Austerity and Starvation while its teenagers “commit suicide”.

This level of abuse of power by the IMF, EU, ECB, Eurogroup is destructive in the extreme for profit that is squeezed from the blood of Greece and its People. Who if only they realize it. Have the power to create there own currency, print it and turn the tables on these IMF Loansharks and Gangsters.

What we are experiencing here is the domination of Europe’s people and the control of its Governments by a debt based economy where monetary policy and currency printing from thin air is controlled and protected from change by these same “Loansharks and Gangsters” who were not elected by you.

There has never been any reason for any country not to print its own currency or distribute whatever amount is wishes to meet its needs. Why should Britain France Greece Italy Spain etc pay interest on money created out of thin air by the ECB. This is not backed by Gold or Silver “Money” is ( Gold and Silver) . What you have in your pocket is paper currency and coinage produced by the ECB with no true value.

Check out your Euro copper coins with a magnet, most are just cheap iron based metal with no intrinsic scrap value just like the Euro notes these have no true value whatever, like toilet paper.

If by now you have any doubt ask your elected Government who is making all the laws, increasing our taxes and lowering your pension while increasing the price of everything you consume. This is the true meaning of democracy, the EU and its Loansharks and Gangster are going to increase Vat and manufacture other ways to tax everything you earn own or have via your so called democratically elected Government.

JF Kennedy for example: introduced laws taking the power away from American Loansharks and Gangsters (the Federal Reserve) to print currency from thin air then charge interest on it Just like the ECB and its Gangsters and Loansharks. He was shot and killed not long after “and his new laws” implimented. Were never carried out????????????

You have been warned, Greece is just the beginning. You and your country is next, do not allow the power of your vote to be washed under the carpet. Demand democracy ONE MAN ONE VOTE.

Update: Greece held referendum and people voted Anti-Austerity Government in.   Now Greece has Government imposing Austerity far worse than before. The EC (european commission) doe’s not care what Government you have. It will always force through its Gun To The Head Diplomacy. 

The next thing to happen will be another: Vote by the Greek Parliament to impliment EC demands of even more Austerity.  Don’t believe it watch this space. 

Democracy is dead. The European Union Gangsters now have you indebted to them and its banks. You were warned.

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