British Government Allow Its Agencies to Ignore Statute and Common Law.


  • This abuse is turning ordinary citizens against the Government authority whom should respect the law and the freedoms and security it gives to all.


Instead Government and its Agencies have become Gangsters who are using trumped up invented law that does not exist, to strike fear and alarm when bailiffs call to collect debt or fines imposed illegally.


  • All to often now we see “Police in full Body Armour”, “Government paid bullies” “paid to beat Protesters”. Whom “mostly are ordinary citizens” like you and me, including the Policemen/women


We also see and hear news reports of how the Unemployed and Pensioners and Benefit claimants are Scroungers costing taxpayers £billions in fraudulent claims.        NOTE THESE ARE UNFUNDED SCHEMES YOU PAY FOR.


These are extracts from the Governments account they speak for themselves.


  • You do not need to be an accountant to realise staff costs are way to high, look at social security benefits re staff costs
  • If this was a private business it would have gone bust in the first few months of trading.  Most of Governments is ran as though to loose as much taxpayers money as possible.   Stop spreading lies.
  • But lets look at the real Truth, Britain has become the dumping ground for huge numbers of Immigrants seeking a better life or free meal ticket. And most arrive from poverty stricken third world countries like Pakistan Bulgaria Romania Somalia Angola.


Many of these are ruthless criminals and murderers with the means and money to get to England, who bypass all the other EU countries just to get to England. Because the EU and Government allows it.


  • This is not some mistake or error by Government, it is deliberate policy. It is simply about cheap labour and creating unemployment to lower the cost of wages for the largest employers. And the Governments own accounts show that fraud and contributed pensions and benefit claimants figures are very small compared to the huge amount paid out to immigrants. There is also a Question that needs asking why is the Government advertising in India for staff, when we have a huge pool of University educated graduates unemployed in Britain working for Tesco or McDonald’s.


What is happening in Britain is is happening all over Europe. It has been created by the Governments of the EU in Collaboration with the ECB (European Central Bank) an unelected body whom make all the Financial and Monetary decisions including those effecting law in all EU Countries.


  • These central banks are the parasites that produce nothing. They don’t produce wealth they take it from you, using laws they organised and had implemented illegally. They control everything using wealth and the ability given to them by Governments to Print as much money as they want, Out Of Thin Air and create Debt for its 500 Million Citizens using inflation and currency exchange control. Central banks want inflation to reduce EU Government Debt and to transfer wealth from its  savers to banks. Increasing inflation in small unoticable chunks. So savers don’t notice their wealth is depreciating and being transfered to the banks.


The British Government uses inflation against its citizens because it lowers Government debt. It has bailed out the banks several times and still is bailing out banks. So the debt burden is huge. Moreover this debt is not quantifiable because the banks do not know how large it is. So the Government must cause inflation to lower the debt it created by bailing out insolvent banks.


  • What the Government is doing is give a false impression that the British economy is booming. But this is just an illusion, to get you to spend your money, which means the Government receives more taxes from your spending into its coffers. And the means to this illusion they are using is cheap Mortgages, introduced and guaranteed by Government to banks. Talk about complicity in parasitic behaviour.


Despite of all the British Governments intervention and televised hype and advertisements. Britain in the EU, is in the largest depressionary cycle ever seen. This is easily observed by the low paid part time jobs created like checkout staff and unskilled bar staff, cleaners etc. taken by a massively huge pool of unemployed workers fighting for a job against an even larger pool of immigrants. Now accounting for a larger part of the black economy than ever before. Paid in cash, wages as low as 70 pence an hour by huge corporate enterprises, farms, packers etc.


  • All of the problems related to the financial crisis and the predicament we are in now is down to the Government and the European Union. Who allowed the insurance companies and the banks to commit fraud. This cannot be disputed it was complete complicit incompetence and fraudulent intent by Government, Insurers and Banks. Whom now appear to be creating a situation where a third world war conflict will be the out come to get the parasites out of the mess they created. I hope I am wrong?


Recently bailiffs called to my home (I was away at the time) but what happened was astonishing, the threats issued by these thugs broke all laws. The methods used shocked me to the extent that I was not believing my own flesh and blood until I saw the security camera recordings. (this is yet to be dealt with). The offence committed was parking in a clearly marked parking bay which resulted in a fixed penalty parking notice. The Councils own evidence a photograph clearly showed no such restrictions , and as such it was defended correctly and with no further response from the council until the statutory time limit was up.

Then with no notice the bailiffs turned up calling the police because they were refused entry using a terrorism act. To collect an illegally enforced parking ticket.


  • The police then allowed an illegal entry to a property I do not own- nor any of the possessions in the house, Then bailiffs forced the Owner to pay my parking fine and costs of several hundred £pounds. This is theft with the full consent knowledge and assistance of the Police the Courts and the Government. It also breaks every statute and every principle of common law, the law of the land Magna Carta. And is why I searched the internet to see if others had experienced such blatant abuse of our centuries old and famous legal system. That is used the world over.


Please look at these examples of the “British Governments Authorised interpretation of the Legal System” “in Britain Today”. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOU BROWSER  THE LINKS, THE CONTENT IS WORTH IT.











The British constitution group above is well worth looking into since its objects will appeal to most if not all reasonable law abiding British Citizens.

      • It should be a wake up call before Britain is taken over by the Banks and the EU. Who are filling Britain with immigrant cheap labour, many “who are recorded criminals” child molesters, rapists, fraudsters and murderers. Who are allowed to claim benefits not contributed to, and fill our hospital wards to overcapacity.


None of the main Political Parties, have taken any notice of our opinion until now and none are worth Voting for. The referendum in Scotland clearly showed them all for what they are Liars. So now it is up to the General public to speak out and tell the truth as it is. We are inundated by corrupt Government the EU Banks Insurers and immigrants who abuse Britain and its very tolerant citizens way of life.


      • I say this to all reasonable minded concerned citizens, Take action now, have your say on Facebook etc. or publish your own website. Its not against the law to tell the truth, Even if its unpalatable for Governments.


Now its time we got rid of the whole corrupt rotten lot and took back our liberty and freedom from oppression and debt imposed by the few on the masses.


See extracts below if you think your money in a bank

is yours?

Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending)

Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23 )

    1. pmMr Douglas Carswell (Clacton) (Con): I beg to move,
  • That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit banks and building societies lending on the basis of demand deposits without the permission of the account holder; and for connected purposes.

Who owns the money in your bank account? That small question has profound implications. According to a survey by Ipsos MORI, more than 70% of people in the UK believe that when they deposit money with the bank, it is theirs—but it is not. Money deposited in a bank account is, as established under case law going back more than 200 years, legally the property of the bank, rather than the account holder.


  • Were any hon. Members to deposit £100 at their bank this afternoon or, rather improbably, if the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was to manage to do so on any Member’s behalf, the bank would then be free to lend on approximately £97 of it. Even under the new capital ratio requirements, the bank could lend on more than 90% of what one deposited. Indeed, bank A could then lend on £97 of the initial £100 deposit to another bank—bank B—which could then lend on 97% of the value. The lending would go round and round until, as we saw at the height of the credit boom, for every £1 deposited banks would have piled up more than £40-worth of accumulated credit of one form or another.


Banks enjoy a form of legal privilege extended to no other area of business that I am aware of—it is a form of legal privilege. I am sure that some hon. Members, in full compliance with IPSA rules, may have rented a flat, and they do not need me, or indeed IPSA, to explain that having done so they are, in general, not allowed to sub-let it to someone else. Anyone who tried to do that would find that their landlord would most likely eject them. So why are banks allowed to sub-let people’s money many times over without their consent?


  • My Bill would give account holders legal ownership of their deposits, unless they indicated otherwise when opening the account. In other words, there would henceforth be two categories of bank account: deposit-taking accounts for investment purposes, and deposit-taking accounts for storage purposes. Banks would remain at liberty to lend on money deposited in the investment accounts, but not on money deposited in the storage accounts. As such, the idea is not a million miles away from the idea of 100% gilt-backed storage accounts proposed by other hon. Members and the Governor of the Bank of England.


My Bill is not just a consumer-protection measure; it also aims to remove a curious legal exemption for banks that has profound implications on the whole economy. Precisely because they are able to treat one’s deposit as an investment in a giant credit pyramid, banks are able to conjure up credit. In most industries, when demand rises businesses produce more in response. The legal privilege extended to banks prevents that basic market mechanism from working, with disastrous consequences.


  • As I shall explain, if the market mechanism worked as it should, once demand for credit started to increase in an economy, banks would raise the price of credit— ¦904interest rates—in order to encourage more savings. More folk would save as a result, as rates rose. That would allow banks to extend credit in proportion to savings. Were banks like any other business, they would find that when demand for what they supply lets rip, they would be constrained in their ability to supply credit by the pricing mechanism. That is, alas, not the case with our system of fractional reserve banking.


Able to treat people’s money as their own, banks can carry on lending against it, without necessarily raising the price of credit. The pricing mechanism does not rein in the growth in credit as it should. Unrestrained by the pricing mechanism, we therefore get credit bubbles. To satisfy runaway demand for credit, banks produce great candy-floss piles of the stuff. The sugar rush feels great for a while, but that sugar-rush credit creates an expansion in capacity in the economy that is not backed by real savings.


  • It is not justified in terms of someone else’s deferred consumption, so the credit boom creates unsustainable over-consumption.
  • Policy makers, not least in this Chamber, regardless of who has been in office, have had to face the unenviable choice between letting the edifice of crony capitalism come crashing down, with calamitous consequences for the rest of us, or printing more real money to shore up this Ponzi scheme—and the people who built it—and in doing so devalue our currency to keep the pyramid afloat.


Since the credit crunch hit us, an endless succession of economists, most of whom did not see it coming, have popped up on our TV screens to explain its causes with great authority. Most have tended to see the lack of credit as the problem, rather than as a symptom. Perhaps we should instead begin to listen to those economists who saw the credit glut that preceded the crash as the problem. The Cobden Centre, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Huerta de Soto all grasped that the overproduction of bogus candy-floss credit before the crunch gave rise to it.


  • It is time to take seriously their ideas on honest money and sound banking.
  • The Keynesian-monetarist economists might recoil in horror at the idea, because their orthodoxy holds that without these legal privileges for banks, there would be insufficient credit. They say that the oil that keeps the engine of capitalism working would dry up and the machine would grind to a halt, but that is not so.

Under my Bill, credit would still exist but it would be credit backed by savings. In other words, it would be credit that could fuel an expansion in economic capacity that was commensurate with savings or deferred consumption. It would be, to use the cliché of our day, sustainable.


  • Ministers have spoken of their lofty ambition to rebalance the economy from one based on consumption to one founded on producing things. A good place to begin might be to allow a law that permits storage bank accounts that do not permit banks to mass-produce phoney credit in a way that ultimately favours consumers and debtors over those who create wealth. With honest money, instead of being the nation of indebted consumers that we have become, Britons might become again the producers and savers we once were.

With a choice between the new storage accounts and investment accounts, no longer would private individuals find themselves co-opted as unwilling—and indeed ¦905unaware—investors in madcap deals through credit instruments that few even of the banks’ own boards seem to understand.


  • Question put and agreed to.
  • Ordered,
  • That Mr Douglas Carswell and Steve Baker present the Bill.
  • Mr Douglas Carswell accordingly presented the Bill.
  • Bill read the First time; to be read a Second time on Friday 19 November and to be printed (Bill 71).



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