So vote carefully if you want Macron or May and more of the same EU Austerity tax, Unemployment or Mass Economic Immigrants?


It destroyed manufacturing. It taxed populations into poverty. Then created austerity to starve creativity. Then enforced mass immigration to lower wages. While the European Union forced through taxes on food medicines fuel and thousands of its new money making tax schemes that have caused hardship on a scale never seen before in most countries of western Europe.


The European Union, its central Banks, Insurers, Government and its corporate agencies, (International Monetary Fund) IMF, (European Central Bank) ECB, (United Nations) UN, (Bank of International Settlement) BIS. All are scheming criminals, vile crooks in suits, the supposedly lawful corporate company gangsters who have created debt, terrorism wars, and death and destruction on a mind-boggling scale just to enrich them and enslave everyone else.


All are profiteers that wear suits while destroying economies, Governments and peoples lives. Their deception corruption lies and fraud while collaborating with gangsters drug barons’ gunrunners the beasts of this bunch. Who destroyed every Country or Government they loaned money to or helped???? Arrange the sale of many countries national assets to cream off the most profitable businesses with the intention of creating even more debt for future generations of taxpayers to pay off.



Some of these corporate giants above and insurance companies have committed fraud and much worse worldwide on a gigantic scale crashing the Worlds economy several times and will do so again if not stopped. These vile corporate organizations have committed every crime imaginable nothing has been missed. Every criminal opportunity presented or invented has been abused to the point of their own self – destruction like now. Until taxpayers were forced to bail them out again and again against their wishes.


These corporate companies! Well these are just monopolies, corporate gangsters, banksters, government and insurers with hundreds of subsidiaries that own huge corporate enterprises on every high street and trading estate. Who use your account its information and business plans, to compete against you or your business. Underbidding contracts just won, “then suddenly cancelled” is a prime example that you never find out why, until it’s to late. Or giving untruthful damaging references for future blue chip contracts is another example used by the Banking giants.


Put simply the European Union is a protectionist society only there to help if you are a Huge Monopoly, Bank, and Insurer etc.


Should you not believe this then check out for yourself and see if you can come up with any competitive benefit you, or anyone receive being a member of the EU. Apart from huge farm subsidies paid to farmers producing food intervention stocks (food stores) nobody wants, just to keep prices artificially high. Because it usually all ends being dumped.


Small Business, businesses and individuals competing for business worldwide! Have been destroyed by European Union Tax, Vat, Austerity and Duty. Now we cannot compete with the rest of the World, who do not have EU TAXES {20% to 28% VAT} {5% to 100% or more Duty} Corporation Tax, Business Rates, Licences, Directives, Regulations, Laws, Guidelines and millions of mind boggling pieces of Legislation costing businesses £trillions which is passed on to the consumer.


When you vote over the next few weeks and months ask yourself this question. DO YOU WANT MORE OF THE SAME? Because if you vote for the same European Union > Banksters, Gangsters, Crooks in suits, MPs, Ministers, Political party giants, and bankers.


You will get just the same. Austerity, Economic Migrants, Taxes, Vat, Duty, and a lifetime of having your wealth stolen by the European Union spiral of taxation.



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