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Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Since the European Union silenced televised reports showing economic migrants massing at the borders of northern Europe the media has been very quite. But the immigration problem has not gone away its got worse.

The European Union ordered a EU wide dispersal of migrants away from the eyes of residents and the Media in 2016. Now an increasing number of migrants are arriving again by sea into Europe, it’s completely out of control and much higher than previously thought.

These latest arrivals are causing fear – Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, are like most of Europe in the grip of a massive depression and who cannot afford to take in such huge numbers without a grave risk to society.

There are supposedly 9 million migrants living in the UK, it’s a much wealthier but small country with 68 million residents that do stretch its resources to breaking point. And an obviously far greater number of young unskilled illegal residents economic migrants that caused Britain to leave the European Union. (Brexit)

In contrast, we are the greater part of the EU and these new arrival migrants are mostly economic migrants and refugees much older with health problems arriving from undeveloped war ravaged regions of Central Asia and North Africa with an average age of 40 to 70.

Now there are rumours again of immigrants being removed from cities and then forcefully distributed in small rural towns and villages all over the EU away from the prying eyes of social media and regardless of our concerns or the risk to small communities.
This mass immigration forced on us by the European Union cannot be sustained without conflict and the mass exodus of wealth and skills.