What has schoolboy Cameron achieved for Britain.

What School Boy Cameron has done for Britain,

Apart from kill off small businesses, Say yes to big business, Bail out banks, Create Mass Unemployment, Create Mass Immigration, Cut funding to NHS.

Then privatise NHS, Lower wages, Increase Taxes, Increase VAT, Increase Duty, Impose Austerity, Cut Benefits to Elderly, Infirm, Disable, Young, Give tax breaks to big business, Cosy up to banks, Sh-t on the Poor.

Advertise immigrants wanted, Create a climate of fear. Destroy enterprise, Destroy manufacturing, Put millions on the dole, Force millions into poverty, Force weakest to choose Heating or Eating.

While forcing the Unemployed into Zero hour contracts. Low paid work. (Then forced them) to beg from foodbanks, (to feed their children)?

Well, then not much really. But he did spend lot’s of time at school. Eton etc of course he has many years experience of several schools. Then 7 years as a spin doctor!!! So of cause he has loads of experience at School and spinning hype.

But a Statesman no, he’s still just a rich school kid from an elitist 1% background of school buddies.

So if you want Cameron. One of those involved in the MPs expences scandle and want his meaningless hype designed to win votes for his bid, to become Prime Minister, again!! Then he’s got loads of experience eh? Because he represents exactly the uncaring, silver spooned money classes that were rejected by voters as unrepresentative of ordinary British citizens during the past three elections.

His experience includes. Advising Norman Lamont, the result causing the pound to be withdraw from the European Exchange in 1992s Black Wednesday costing Billions of Pounds.

Cameron’s relationship with Rebekah Brooks. The former editor of the News of the World and his embarrassing texts to her that made Front Page News. As he hired other socialites from police press and politicians. Later charged with Perjury exposing a bunch of cosy elite aquaintances.

Your vote is democratic mmm…

A Conservative Government. Will never give each citizen a vote.( ie ) One man one vote!! Sorry ladies, or. One women one vote!!

Never look after. – Small business, manufacturing, and never give a damn about ordinary people.

And from bitter past experience. Will lie steal cheat abuse and control any and all of us, to protect their wealthy school buddies.

‘We can’t go on like this’.  His hype taken from his own airbrushed campaign posters.

We all agree Mr Cameron.

But we need leaders. Not liars, cheats, thieves, fraudsters, who are not worthy of public trust.

Vote with the above in mind.

The constituency votes won again another Conservative Government led by their leader the prime minister David Cameron.

Good luck Mr Cameron, but it has been noticed that amongst all the tax breaks and give-aways spun in your very good hype, there is no mention of the Austerity you intend to impose. (You know) the tax on everyone to pay back Government debt, while interest rates are low.

Then you will be able to increase inflation to lower house prices again so that everyone will be in debt again and Government will not.