IN or OUT EU Referendum facts,

The most important voting decision you will ever make in your life takes place soon. Remember you will only get this one vote.


Register to vote by 18th April for the IN or OUT EU Referendum you have only a few days left.




For many younger readers politics is uninteresting and boring at best. For those who have lived through the Boom and Bust of Labour and Conservative Governments. It’s a good memory or bad experience. For many it’s the latter, after joining the European Union.


During 1971 EEC entry conditions for the Conservative Government meant abolishing the 20 shilling – 240 pence £ and replacing it with a decimal £ of 100 cents while this huge devaluation of the £ helped the financial markets and banks it set the stage for a takeover of Britain’s manufacturing industries.


This single event started the economic destruction of Britain’s manufacturing output.  Material costs increased dramatically, while falling exports and the burden of VAT increased the un-competiveness of everything Britain produced or exported.


Instability and unemployment followed when Britain was forced by EEC law to change everything Imperial to Decimal. This created a bonanza for German French Italian and Spanish companies. Whose equipment was decimal, everything, Gauges Dials Measures Rules Weights machines etc.


This was like reading the last rites to British Manufacturing which virtually ceased to manufacture anything imperial. This ended badly for British industrial output and has never regained its dominant position since.


The events that followed the Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath taking Britain into the EEC (European Economic Community). Now the (EU) European Union destroyed a once booming British export economy manufacturing every conceivable item for export all over the world.


Britain’s Conservative Government joined the EEC in 1973 with disastrous consequences. It would leave Britain in a recession and Germany dictating financial conditions Britain could never achieve or afford.


Margaret Thatcher would be elected Prime Minister in 1979 and take away the Unions Power creating the Miners’ strike and the loss of millions of jobs. She attacked the most vulnerable to save money followed by cuts and job losses in shipbuilding and steel just like today.


Then in April 1982 she engaged us and our troops in a ten week war with Argentina. This ended in a victory for her Conservative Government but cost us our economy and the lives of many men. For just 2 small islands off Argentina, in the south Atlantic, thousands of miles away.


Margaret Thatcher said she wanted Victorian values; “we have it” Britain is now bankrupt!

But this was caused by consecutive Labour and Conservative Governments and its ministers who stole the wealth from the vulnerable to support their FRIENDS IN GREED.


Soon afterwards Margaret Thatcher’s scheming Ministers got rid of her and John Major became Prime Minister. Not long afterwards the economy was in recession and the £ sterling was under pressure having entered membership of the ERM (exchange rate mechanism) earlier, with fateful consequences and the EU forging ahead with a currency union. The fate we now see today.


What happened was the £ came under pressure against a rate set by the German Deutch Mark. The Bank of England tried in vain the prop up the £ but failed forcing the Bank of England to increase interest rates to 12% then later to 15% producing no impact on the £ value costing Britain £ 3.5 billion. While the then chancellor, Norman Lamont looked on in dismay.


The Conservative Government suffered the worst general election defeat of the 20th century then in 1997 the trust of core voters had been lost after Normon Lamont’s 15% interest rate increase.  This costing several hundred thousand families their homes, repossessed by corrupt banks.


Labours victory winning the Election under Tony Blair after 18 years of Conservative power, seemed a relief but this was short lived. The Blair Government was dishonest and deceitful and had blood on its hands. Blair’s personal Greed was reflected in his dealings with the US Bush administration, and his many other ties to the most powerful and wealthy individuals and corporations.


Nothing seemed to stop his personal greed and after stepping down as Prime Minister and handing the throne to Gordon Brown. Tony Blair amassed a staggering personal fortune estimated over £25 million from his contacts and consultancy. Tony Blair is directly responsible for the illegal war against Iraq and the loss of over a million lives. Plus the part destruction of Britain’s economy.


Gordon Brown on his own, then finished the job and sold off Britain’s Gold reserves at knock down prices.


There was one thing in common between Labour and Conservative though, “NONE, of the boom and bust leaders Labour or Conservative did anything to help Britain’s vulnerable or lead Britain out of the Mess it is in now. They both only looked after their own greed and friends in greed, at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.


Nothing has changed in the European Union, it is the same corrupt bunch of criminals run by the unelected crooks that own the banks. And consider this VAT will continue to increase deceptively in small chunks. Can you afford 35% VAT because it will keep on increasing and you will suffer increases like everything else coming out of the EU, and have no say in the matter.


The ECB (European central bank) really is, the power that owns and controls the European Union. The ECB is a self-elected corporation.  Every institution of the EU is the same and undemocratic. Banks in the EU now recieve € 80 billion each and every month. Can YOU AFFORD THIS, its your money.


The European Union is much worse than the bunch of lying thieving rats above in both Labour and Conservative Governments of Britain. Check out the facts for yourself, its quite easy.


For example, fire off a freedom of information request to the EU and ask what salary and expenses the past or current head of EU gets.  “Or better still ask to see a copy of the audited accounts.


PS don’t forget Britain pays £55 million a day to the EU, just ask where it goes and ask to see confirmation in the EU audited accounts.


If you get to see any answers with the information to these FOI request above then vote to stay in the EU, because you will be the first.


If you don’t check out these facts for yourself. You and your children will likely suffer world war 3 and poverty on a scale never seen for centuries. You make your choice but base it on facts you have checked.


For those who are interested I did vote Conservative in the past. Now I am not party bias, both are just as corrupt as each other. And both parties will kick you in the teeth when you need help most.


I pay for the upkeep of this site. To help those much younger than myself – not make the mistake of trusting any of the Governments disgusting “greedy career politicians, “the criminals in power”.


Do what you feel and know is right. And remember the millions of crosses of those who died in wars, to give you a better future. Britains Conservative or Labour Governments wont give a damn!


YOU WON the referendum!  Saving future generation from enslavement, now they will spread more lies through the bank owned media, use your common sense and check out the lies – or facts –  yourself.