IMF, ECB, EU Commission- “The TROIKA”

blackmailed Ministers and forced wage cuts 10% Vat increase and gave customers money in banks to insolvent banks. This was enforced on Government ministers using blackmail and fear to force through changes without the knowledge of Parliament.

Troika said 720 Euro a month was excessive wage, £514 . What member states are facing today is the complete domination and control of Governments and its people. There is no democratic process any longer. These unelected officials are dictating what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. Our Governments are now just puppets to the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank

The European Union is not the caring body it’s supposed to be. It is an uncaring unjust corrupt organization using “you” in an experiment, that looks after the banks insurers financial institutions and corporate mega-giants. You are just work fodder, slaves to the EU and its banks. Who will create soon another World War to enrich themselves and eliminate a few million of “you” to get themselves out of the mess they created.

What has happened in Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Will happen to you next. You need to wake up to the facts. The evidence is overwhelming it’s on the News on the Internet and now widely being published. Nigel Farage was correct, we need to get out of the EU now and control our own Law and Borders.

“What is happening in Greece”.

“Is the extermination of Democracy”. Greece’s current Prime Minister came to power on an Anti-Austerity policy. The Greek people won their referendum on an Anti-Austerity vote with a 61% majority giving their Prime Minister a mandate to leave the EU. Yet the Troika won ignoring democracy with even more stringent Austerity than before.

Obviously this stinks of fraud or gun to the head diplomacy, but. Lets assume the Prime Minister got paid off, or was threatened as well. There is certainly enough evidence regarding Ireland’s first referendum. Their No vote. For example, Was sent back by the European Commission until they got what they wanted. “A concocted yes vote”.

This is EU democracy,

enforced by Germany and France, “you”- don’t have a say in the matter.. Remember the Cyprus Bail-in. When the EU / ECB elite, just simply stole customers money from their bank accounts. The deposits supposedly guaranteed?  Then gave their customers money to prop up another insolvent Government Central Bank.

British Prime Minister led his party to victory on,

David Cameron’s promise to you all. Was an In or Out referendum. This will be just the same result as Greece’s. The Daily Telegraph spelled this out. Do some research yourself check out the facts, then than take action. Because if you don’t your children will suffer slavery starvation or death.

Just like the Jews did under German Nazi leader Hitler who wanted control of the World and its wealth using fear. With mass annihilations and wealth stolen from those he deemed were a threat to his warmongering ideals of World wealth,  domination and control.

Now its the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in control, calling for the money back, she so greedily loaned at high interest rates. Regardless of the fact it meant the destruction of Greece’s economy and its populations living standard using Austerity.

Moreover it is well documented that,

Austerity has never helped any country, it only creates more debt for the people. And profit for the Banks?

What has the EU done for you, except tax you. Update: emailed comment, Nothing.

Update: Greek Anti- Austerity Parliament will now be forced to vote again to implement more Austerity demanded by EC (European Commission). Who won’t take no for an answer, just like Ireland’s referendum.

Watch this space if you dont believe Anti- Austerity Greek Government. Will vote again to enforce more EC, European Union tax increases demanded by European Commission’s Gangsters. Comment: yes they did.

But this is not the end of the matter.

This bailout will fail. Greece will never be able to pay back the debt it has now. Never mind this bailout, instead the EU and ECB will “kick the can further down the road” .

While it finds another way of delaying the inevitable contagion amongst other Member States and the pending inevitable collapse of the European Union.

The European Unions “use of Austerity” has been a huge mistake and the EU will never admit it. Even as unprecedented protests are mounting all over Europe, broadcast by television channels not being effected by EU regulation or control.

Put simply. “The European Union is a Tax Collecting Machine”.

Using Vat/Iva increases above 30%.