Why not just admit you are setting up another election fraud. Where constituencies are blatantly undemocratic rigged votes against an individual voters right to fair elections.


If change is not implemented before the referendum. Change could be forced by voter power.


Comments for example: That the Conservative Party won the Election with less than 28% of the British electorate entitled to vote. Indicates change.


Why for example, should there not be three votes for each British citizen. One for his regional MP, one for a party and one for the leader of that party. This would be a fair process in everyone’s interest and democratic.


Britain’s past name and reputation may then be restored. To again be called, “Great Britain”.


Instead of the reputation it has now. A third world country populated by illegal third world migrants. Corrupt bankers and career politicians, whom decide their own pay. Which explains why many are convicted criminals paedophiles and worse.


This outdated fraudulent unjust. First past the post electoral system is not acceptable any longer after the recent unjust election. Change it now before it is forced on you.


At least then the public will feel they have at last a vested interest in Britain’s Electoral System and can vote again, knowing its not a wasted vote.



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