Nothing has changed, its fraud and about large sums of money in black plastic bags being paid to career politicians to lobby—– Government Policy Makers.


Gordan Finch, said being able to see through the hype and fraud is not difficult if you realise that those at the top of the social ladder are the crooks.


For example several hundred £billion will be released for major infrastructure projects. Most of the money will go to big construction PLCs who sub contract most work to SME contractors and sole traders.  We were correct


Nothing has changed nothing will go directly to small businesses who carry out the work. Nothing changed here


The next huge Tax take fraud will be Camera Operated Toll Roads and Motorways free of tollbooths. Yes just cameras and electronic loops buried in road to detect speed. And you will be fined if you don’t pay toll within 7 days and also fined for speeding, which is determined by time and distance between electronic loops. Appears they are listening but only until the election is over, Then it will be just the same gangsters robbing and lying again.


Pay to use existing road will follow, after they have been upgraded by big PLC paid for career politicians.


Continuous Insurance is another example of fraud. Fraudsters implemented this policy was it a Minister past PM or MP. Career politician’s crooks are now known; the excuse that Britain has millions of uninsured drivers is clearly exaggerated. Insurers are without doubt the most corrupt criminal fraudsters in society who are fond of reporting cases of fraud on Insurers. But not so fond of mentioning the fraud perpetrated by Insurance companies on their policyholders.


The largest fraud is fuel duty and Vat; this increases the cost of everything and is destroying World economies, since everything is delivered by lorry.  Presently the cost to fill up a lorry fuel tank can be well over £1000 or £100 for a small van or car. Nothing changed here accept most folk cannot afford to go to work, so fuel cost is slightly lower.


EU draconian laws are being enforced on Britain. Brussels already controls all laws tax and spending while at the same time, stops any public votes or referendums. And soon it will have you pay around 35 pence or more per mile to drive on the roads you have already paid for.

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