Conservatives did not win a Majority.

They stole this election from the majority who did not vote Conservative.

Democracy cannot exist in Britain while the present first past the post election system exists, put in place to favour the Conservatives.

The recent shock that conservatives won another term in power is quite staggering considering that a huge percentage of the population, the majority, did not vote for the conservative party.

Proportional voting is fair democratic and representational of the public majority in any vote or debate.

Conservatives did not win this election, it was stolen, and clearly an injustice to the majority of Britain’s population.

This rigged election will unite the ordinary public Mr Cameron. Protest’s will follow, as will a demand for change, to a system that gives everyone a vote. This meaning the party with the most percentage of votes wins. I.E. One Man One Vote.

The present system of constituencies is not a true representation. Some constituencies have less others have a far greater voting % of the population able to vote.

An example is the Scottish National Party it only required 25,000 votes to win a seat. UKIP. Could never challenge any party under the present unfair outdated voting system,

Because UKIP won nearly 5,000,000 votes

This worked out as requiring 3,500,000 votes from members of the public, to win only 1 seat.

That is 25 thousand votes for SNP to win a seat. 25,000.

Or 3 million five hundred thousand votes for UKIP to win a seat 3,500,000.

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