Conservative supporter shocked by the ATTACK ON THE ELDERLY.

Labour Liberal Conservative Rule Ends. UKIP LEADS THE WAY!


This Conservative Government whom I voted for over the years is terrifying and dangerous. They are demonising “Pensioners as a drain on society”. Who – when young, were forced by law, into contributing a large part of their income towards their Government state pension.

Yet this is simply not the truth. Retired pensioners had no choice of a private pension, except those “Non Contributory Pensioners” employed by the State. Because what wages were left  barely paid for food.


When young I was fortunate, I got on my bike to find find work, travelled extensively for the best wages. Paying Government taxes that changed like the seasons, taking most of my earnings and crippled any hope of saving for a rainy day. And is why I became self-employed, until ill health forced me into retirement in my late sixties.


Teenagers now have very few of the opportunities I had and are being exploited by Monopolies, Huge Multinationals and Government agencies alike that litter the high street.


The unemployed are now classed as scroungers and the young are supposedly layabouts who don’t want to work. “This is mostly lies”- the truth is: Incompetence by successive Governments failure to control Insurers and Banks has led to the complete collapse of the economy.


We are being robbed in every sense by this Government” to pay for its failure. Now it is stealing money from those most vulnerable: its young, the disabled its unemployed and pensioners to- pay to- keep insolvent Banks and Insurers afloat.


The facts are that pensioners like myself were forced by consecutive Governments to pay towards our pension without choice, paying tax at 30% to 75% a Superannuating tax that increased with earnings. This left us, now the elderly with no opportunity to save towards a private pension.  We were forced to pay Holiday Stamps, but never received a paid holiday, National Insurance Stamps etc.  We were lied to, the damn truth is they stole our savings our pensions and our liberty and they fed us a cocktail of untruths and lies.


We were told that north-sea oil fields would produced free gas, enough gas for 100s of years and that we would have the cheapest gas in the world making Britain one of the wealthiest nations.


Yet we have NHS Hospitals killing and mistreating the elderly and young while spreading MRSA and other vile diseases to patients with lowered immunity. Meagre increases in pensions that wont pay for a postage stamp, yet we have tax increases 50 to 180% above inflation for Gas, Electricity, Fuel, Water, Food, Insurance, Transport and Council tax, it costs more for example to travel by train than a pensioner receives, all which every year are burdening those least able to afford it. And it is deliberate and a threat to control the majority by fear.


For anyone who saw the Clegg, Farage interview televised it would not come as a surprise that afterwards all Government News channels and much of the £-billionaire Media appear to demonise Ukip as a bunch of racist buffoons. Government would love us to believe this, but it’s not true, it is just “market spin, by Government. The same Government who bailed out with taxpayer’s money- Insolvent Banks, Financiers, Insurers, and the City! With money they stole from us using Austerity (tax increases).


Fuel price increases, food, toll roads, and proposals to price per mile, parking fines, speed cameras, the list is endless. This Government has brought out thousands of new offences Laws designed to criminalize the ordinary law abiding citizen, “ to steal their money”. We are being used as cash cows for central Government to squander on parasites that lost our money, (the so called experts).


We the young and the old, paid for the benefits system, yet “this Government”, are squandering it on illegal immigrants and minority groups who have paid nothing. Just so Government can increase unemployment, and lower wages. It is waging a war using threats against its citizens.


The elderly in particular are being exploited, they fought the wars paid their taxes lost their lives yet this Government treats them, “like vermin” paying peanuts as a pension, while MPs paid themselves more in a day than pensioners get in a year.


This Government has allowed England to become the dumping ground for immigrants. The imported Government controlled criminals and terrorists who seek a better life on benefits paid for by the British Taxpayer.


While British citizens to ill or old to work “get means tested”- “deliberately” and defrauded of a meagre income they are entitle to, using reams of complicated questionnaires, impossible to answer. That no Government Minister has any knowledge of whatsoever


This Government doe’s not look after the people who have paid for their benefits; it is immigrants “here in Britain” now obtaining preferential treatment at “our expense” this must be stopped. Members of Parliament of all political persuasions must act now or face the consequences.


Are you aware that Government agencies are importing immigrants to fill unemployment places that do not exist or that Eastern block immigrants in Britain are claiming child support for children in Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland etc costing the taxpayer £millions.  These same immigrants are also being paid by Government and its agencies to take low paid work.


Are you aware that Local Authorities and Central Government spend £ billions every year on anything expensive, just before the end of the financial year. To get rid of surplus cash.


Government allocates funding based on what each Authority or department spends in the current financial year. If they under spend by £10 million for example then this is deducted from the next years funding allocation. The simple truth” is there is no incentive to be prudent it’s only money, “taxpayers money!!


For example an enormous £200,000 +, satellite controlled combined harvester was borrowed from a manufacturer and observed on a Government farm in Cambridgeshire. The manager was told to hoodwink the Auditor General into believing this machine had been purchased in current financial year,  “it actually belonged to someone else. And can be verified.


All Government / authority/ department spending increases significantly “just before the end of the financial year and is normal practice. We all have seen examples of this “like road humps appearing, new footpaths, street lighting renewed, massive cleaning operations, and out of the ordinary roadwork’s. Typical is projects like new computers, air-conditioning or large building contracts “all ordered around November- December for completion” before end of financial year.


This is Britain today your hard earned money being taxed by Government, then being squandered”  £billions as though it was confetti. And this is only part of the truth. There are thousands of contractors and civil servants who see this every day, “its time to tell the truth!!  It is you and your families that are being cheated and raided by this System of Government.


Living or working near a farm you notice the huge sprayers and the herbicide, pesticide, weed killer smell, drifting into your homes causing untold misery and mysterious illnesses that debilitate and kill. If you are a spray operator, tell the truth, explain why you think you have cancer. Also let the public know how dangerous Paraquat is –sprayed to kill weeds thousands of tons sprayed yearly – killing everything including the wildlife. Explain why Farmers spray Sulphuric Acid on potatoes, sunflower seed crops and spray thousands of other unbelievably dangerous chemicals on food production crops.


It appears Government allows farmers to spray any cocktail of numerous mixed chemical poisons, with unknown effects anywhere with no law to stop them.  What’s more alarming, is Government and Farmers let “you” eat their spray-contaminated produce, without informing you of the danger.


Farmers in general don’t eat any produce they grow for market. They eat only organic produce from their own garden, aware of the risk- and a Pesticide link to Parkinson’s disease- and the poisoning of the environment and our food.  The Government simply looks after its own farming Ministers interests– not appearing to give a damn.


As a Businessman of many years a Government Contractor a Manufacturer and past Conservative supporter shocked by the ATTACK ON THE ELDERLY.


My vote is going to UKIP because it is the only party telling the truth about IMMIGRATION and the EUROPEAN UNION.


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