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Gas and Electricity network infrastructure from households, quite simply fraud.

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Recent astonishing price rises in energy costs are clearly a way to cover Government debts using austerity, on those less able to avoid a miserable death in an unheated home.


The elderly, low paid, unemployed, disabled, and less able in society are paying to keep wealthy private companies and its shareholders in a lifestyle pensioners can only dream of, while they freeze to death.


News that the Government is raising £24 Billion for private utilities. Gas and Electricity network infrastructure from households, is quite simply fraud.


The companies that own the gas and electricity utilities are private companies, corporate giants that are only interested in short term profits, for the long term, while killing off its households of elderly with unaffordable heating.


Shocking though it is the British Government is behind this astonishing fraud and appears to have little if any thought for the 300,000 preventable deaths being caused by its actions.


Corporate insurers banks and the like in Britain have received £ trillions in handouts and even with this staggering sum of money. They are still producing nothing and still not lending, but then, its not what you know, its who you know, and corruption in high places is rife and everyone now knows it.


For example Britain has many new Gas fired Power Stations that have never generated a single kilowatt. These Power Stations are costing taxpayers £millions to retain electricity price hikes, while lying redundant except for maintenance again costing £millions.


British Government corruption is allowing low-income households to become the profit provider pawns of private companies. The Corporate Giants that own and control the utilities in Britain.


Also, Ofgem, aren’t they supposed to monitor and assist consumer prices lower, or are they just part of the fraud, by Government.


Or are they just another Quango, of Government to appease the public, to create delays and stop legal action.


Talk about corruption its just fraud, and money in black plastic bags.


British politicians have for years just degenerated into a bunch of crooks in suits and the Government no longer serves its citizens, it abuses them.


Monday, December 17, 2012   





Extracts from Ofgem financial report,


The Statement of Financial Position at 31 March 2012 shows a positive taxpayer’s equity of £3.233 million. In common with other government departments, the future financing of our liabilities is accordingly to be met by future grants of Supply and the application of future income, both to be approved annually by Parliament.


Such approval for amounts required for 2012-13 has already been given and there is no reason to believe that future approvals will not be forthcoming. It has accordingly been considered appropriate to adopt a going concern basis for the preparation of these financial statements.


The Government has recently published its plans for electricity market reform, designed to encourage investment in low carbon generation and to promote security of supply.


We will work closely with DECC on these measures; arguably, they represent the greatest change and challenge since the privatisation of the energy markets some 20 years ago.


On price controls, we delivered a series of step changes in the regulation of gas and electricity networks.


RIIO will address the way in which network companies engage with their customers and deliver their services.


And our regimes will focus on bearing down on transmission and distribution costs, encouraging efficient investment and enabling environmental improvements, over longer periods.


“Comment what a load of, privatisation?.


Monday, December 17, 2012