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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Do you trust the EU to look after the common people of any EU Country.


Type into your browser.

The EU and British Government-has allowed this Muslim polygamy website above.

Polygamy is illegal in the UK, but apparently not for Sunni Muslims. Will the UK Government allow stoning of unfaithful wives next or child marriage or public executions.  Its quite clear that – Muslim illegal activity gets Government approval. And will obviously pay (Taxpayer) benefits to multiple wives of Muslim men?

Then check this site below Yikes, it’s your EU’. If you have several years to figure it out. Then read some of the many reams of legislation being passed each day, to help you out of cause ?

A very nice lady on television last night spelt it out very clearly. When she said “it takes ten year” for the EU to organise anything. And it was incapable of ordering even a takeaway curry”.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Types of documents in EUR-Lex

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You can use this table to build CELEX numbers. The Celex number is the unique identifier of each document in EUR-Lex, regardless of language. Read more about Celex numbers on our Help pages.

All documents (except from sectors 0 and 7) may have one or more corrigenda. A corrigendum has the same Celex number as the original act, with a suffix “R(xx)”, where “xx” is the sequential number of the corrigendum.

Sector 1: Treaties

Sector Descriptor Type of document
1 K Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC Treaty) (1951)
A Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM Treaty) (1957); EURATOM Treaty consolidated versions (2010, 2012)
E Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC Treaty) (1957); EC Treaty Maastricht consolidated version 1992; EC Treaty Amsterdam consolidated version 1997; EC Treaty Nice consolidated version 2002; EC Treaty Athens consolidated version 2006; Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union consolidated versions (2008, 2010, 2012)
F Merger Treaty 1965; Treaty amending budgetary provisions 1970
B Accession Treaty 1972 (UK, Denmark, Ireland, Norway)
R Treaty amending certain financial provisions 1975; Treaty amending certain provisions of the protocol on the statute of the European Investment Bank 1975
H Accession Treaty 1979 (Greece)
I Accession Treaty 1985 (Spain, Portugal)
G Greenland Treaty 1985
U Single European Act 1986
M Treaty on the European Union, Maastricht (1992); EU Treaty Amsterdam consolidated version 1997; EU Treaty Nice consolidated version 2002; EU Treaty Athens consolidated version 2006; EU Treaty Lisbon consolidated versions (2008, 2010, 2012)
N Accession Treaty 1994 (Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway)
D Treaty of Amsterdam 1997
C Treaty of Nice 2001
T Accession Treaty 2003 (Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia)
V Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (2004)
S Accession Treaty 2005 (Bulgaria, Romania)
L Treaty of Lisbon 2007
P Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2007, 2010, 2012)
J Accession Treaty 2012 (Croatia)

Sector 2: International agreements

Sector Descriptor Type of document
2 A Agreements with non-member States or international organisations
D Acts of bodies created by international agreements
P Acts of parliamentary bodies created by international agreements
X Other acts

Sector 3: Legislation

Sector Descriptor Type of document
3 E CFSP: common positions; joint actions; common strategies (pre-Lisbon title V of EU Treaty)
F Police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters (pre-Lisbon title VI of EU Treaty)
R Regulations
L Directives
D Decisions (with or without addressee)
S ECSC Decisions of general interest
M Non-opposition to a notified concentration
J Non-opposition to a notified joint venture
B Budget
K ECSC recommendations
O ECB guidelines
H Recommendations
A Opinions
G Resolutions
C Declarations
Q Institutional arrangements: Rules of procedure; Internal agreements
X Other documents published in OJ L (or pre-1967)
Y Other documents published in OJ C

Sector 4: Complementary legislation

Sector Descriptor Type of document
4 A Agreements between Member States
D Decisions of the representatives of the governments of the Member States
X Other acts published in OJ L
Y Other acts published in OJ C

Sector 5: Preparatory acts

Sector Author Descriptor Type of document
5 Council and MS AG Council common positions
KG Council assents (ECSC Treaty)
IG Member States – initiatives
XG Other documents of the Council or the Member States
European Commission PC COM – legislative proposals, and documents related
DC Other COM documents (green papers, white papers, communications, reports, etc.)
JC JOIN documents
SC SEC and SWD documents
EC Proposals of codified versions of regulations
FC Proposals of codified versions of directives
GC Proposals of codified versions of decisions
XC Other documents of the Commission
European Parliament AP Legislative resolutions of the EP
BP Budget (EP)
IP Other resolutions of the EP
DP Internal decisions of the EP
XP Other documents of the EP
European Court of Auditors AA ECA Opinions
TA ECA Reports
SA ECA Special reports
XA Other documents of the ECA
European Central Bank AB ECB Opinions
HB ECB Recommendations
XB Other documents of the ECB
European Economic and Social Committee AE EESC Opinions on consultation
IE Other opinions of the EESC
AC EESC Opinions
XE Other documents of the EESC
Committee of the Regions AR CoR Opinions on consultation
IR Other opinions of the CoR
XR Other documents of the COR
ECSC Commitee AK ECSC Consultative Committee Opinions
XK Other documents of the ECSC Committee
Other organs XX Other documents

Sector 6: Jurisprudence

Sector Author Descriptor Type of document
6 Court of Justice CJ Judgment
CO Order
CC Opinion of the Advocate-General
CS Seizure
CT Third party proceeding
CV Opinion
CX Ruling
CD Decision
CP View
CN Communication: new case
CA Communication: judgment
CB Communication: order
CU Communication: request for an opinion
CG Communication: opinion
General Court (pre-Lisbon: Court of First Instance) TJ Judgment
TO Order
TC Opinion of the Advocate-General
TT Third party proceeding
TN Communication: new case
TA Communication: judgment
TB Communication: order
Civil Service Tribunal FJ Judgment
FO Order
FT Third party proceeding
FN Communication: new case
FA Communication: judgment
FB Communication: order

Sector 7: National implementing measures

Sector Descriptor Type of document
7 L National measures to implement directives

National implementing measures have the same Celex number as the implemented directive, except that the sector is “7” instead of “3” and the country code (BEL, DEU, FRA, CZE, ESP, PRT, AUT, CYP, BGR, EST, FIN, GBR, HUN, IRL, LTU, MLT, LVA, SVN, SWE, GRC, POL, DNK, ITA, LUX, NLD, SVK, ROU, HRV) and a split ((01), (02), …) are added at the end (as several national measures are possible for a directive). Examples: 72004L0039GBR(03), 72010L0001BEL(01)

Sector 8: National case law

Sector Descriptor Country
8 BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
CZ Czech Republic
DK Denmark
DE Germany
EE Estonia
IE Ireland
EL Greece
ES Spain
FR France
HR Croatia
IT Italy
CY Cyprus
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
HU Hungary
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
AT Austria
PL Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
FI Finland
SE Sweden
UK United Kingdom
XX Other countries, EFTA Court, European Court of Human Rights

Sector 9: Parliamentary questions

Sector Descriptor Type of document
9 E Written questions
H Questions at question time
O Oral questions

Sector 0: Consolidated documents

Sector Type of document
0 Consolidated texts: non-official documents integrating acts of sector 3 with their amendments and corrections

Consolidated documents have the same Celex number as their basic acts, except that the sector is “0” instead of “3”.

Sector C: Official Journal C series

Sector Type of document
C Other documents published in the Official Journal C series

These documents don’t have a descriptor. They are identified by the year, the OJ number and a sequential number of publication in the OJ. For example C2009/321/04 is the 4th document of OJ C 321 from 2009.

Sector E: EFTA documents

Sector Descriptor Type of document
E A Agreements between EFTA Member States
C Acts of the EFTA Surveillance Authority
G Acts of the EFTA Standing Committee
J Decisions, orders, consultative opinions of the EFTA Court
P Pending cases of the EFTA Court
X Information and communications
O Other acts

UKIP was correct millions are on way to UK

Friday, September 4th, 2015

UKIP WAS CORRECT MILLIONS OF MIGRANTS, CARE OF “EUROPEAN UNION” ARE COMING TO BRITAIN. Update: Have you noticed all news channels are silent about immigration crisis now! Update: Yes now its War as predicted.  “Cameron won’t play” so he has started WORLD WAR 3 INSTEAD.

To create orders for arms and munitions factories to kickstart the economy – manufacturing bombs that create wealth for Government and Buddies who together have said’ they are going to bomb ISIS leaders Command Control Centres. What a load of trot, there is no command control centre. What’s more, how is Mr Cameron going to bomb hundreds of ISIS leaders. Who most likely are sat on a camel or a Toyota landcruiser, Sutruck or tent somewhere.

They could be anywhere-with a military mobile phone or tablet computer. And its very likely these guys are conducting terrorist atrocities using the underground internet via their brothers uncles sons sisters and wives.

The terrorist command control centres Mr Cameron wants to bomb are within our own cities like Birmingham Sheffield Leicester Bradford London Manchester Leeds etc as well as most other EU countries they are in our midst.

The Governments of Europe have been so complacement importing a low cost immigrant labour force to lower wage costs, they forgot about security and allowed anyone with a head wrapped in rag to enter. Then Angela Merkel told every possible terrorist with or without rags on their head, they- would be wellcome and opened the floodgates of hell to millions without documentation or proof of identity.


Then in the first few months of this year over 500,000 immigrants arrived in Europe from war torn countries seeking a better life. These people cannot be blamed for their desperate flight from terror. But imposing European Commission quotas of these people on overcrowded countries like Britain, has create more problems for its own homeless, unemployed, poverty striken, people who are sick of immigrants and the wave of violence it has created.


“This humanitarian disaster” was created by the European Union– EU, United Nations-UN, International Monitary Fund– IMF, European Central Bank-ECB and the countries like Britain and America that started a war deliberately and bombed and killed millions for “OIL MONEY”.
Now “its the taxpayers in Britain” who paid their tax’s and national insurance during their working lives for their (health and welfare benefits system). A “system that now cannot cope”, with this “massive migration” of illegal immigrants, (patients from third world countries) entering Britain for “free treatment.


These benefits we all contributed to are now at risk. Because the two main political parties, LABOUR & CONSERVATIVE BOTH allow any immigrant arriving in Britain free medical treatment and all our paid for benefits. Rather than make them work and pay for these benefits. The british unemployed are forced into work or lose benefits, why is it this rule only applies to British Nationals, NOT immigrants.


EU enforced immigration and its cost has “swamped Britains services”. Now its delays, and lack of access to these benefits and NHS that effects British public most. “Who did not choose EU” or enforced immigration (cheap labour) to increase EU tax’s and profit.


European Union open border policies are a loss to you of ALL your paid for NHS and SERVICES.  (Benefits paid for by you).  But given away by the main political parties; (the exception being UKIP) whom at least spells out the truth, not hype.


Our enforced political first past the post system in Britain is made up of wards, its undemocratic. It was set-up to benefit only the main political parties, (not you).  This became very clear for UKIP when only one seat in parliament was won by UKIP yet UKIP recieved over 3,000,000 votes. Much more than other parties.


There is a real need to beat the system, allowing UKIP, to Stop IMMIGRATION. Because its not in the interest of other parties. WHO will never allowed,  (One Man One Vote) so its time you used your voice effectively. And demanded a democratic vote.


Ukip’s leader Nigel Farrage stated, “immigration would get out of control” allowing millions of economic migrants to enter Britain through EU open borders. Mr Farage clearly understood the publics concern about IMMIGRATION and the EUROPEAN UNION.


The Government and main political parties are in the pay of  EU corporations and bankers. Who use their bought for political and financial clout to eliminate competition and any risk to their financial suppression of small business.

We need to change the unfair political system that enriches the wealthy while it takes away what little the poorest sector of society and small business has.

Take action NOW (do not waste your vote). On a system kept in place by wealthy Corporations and corrupt politicians of Government. Change Britain for the benefit of everyone and give future small business and next generations a future.


The sight yesterday of that little boy washed up on the beach in Bodram Turkey is appalling, but our Government and its Arms industry the EU and Financial sector and corrupt politicians. Are to blame for this flight from War.


This is disaster that must be placed on the shoulders of those who caused it. In the words of those who we believed. Our Governments US and UK.  “Who said” they have, “weapons of mass destruction”.


And now these same Governments are trying to convince us we must engage in another war in the middle east, bombing and killing millions of virtuly defenceless men women and children. This type of mentality is stupid any person is capable of realising, its again about MONEY OIL  WEAPONS and the wealth these create for Governments and Corporate Industry.

Now we have tens of millions from war-torn countries in North Africa the Middle East and Asia wanting a better life in Europe taking incredible risks and death to get here and no-one can blame them, after hearing and seeing advertisements of what Europe and Britain has to offer.


Britain still remains one of many countries advertising in third world countries for skilled workers- plumber, plasterers, builders, dentists, doctors, etc with wages 50 times greater than paid in Sudan or Pakistan.


This and the conflicts in their own countries has started a massive, never been seen before exodus into Europe. With most migrants wanting to settle in Britain and Germany.


But this massive influx of immigrants into Europe is clearly a far greater threat now to the security of Britain than anyone ever imagined or UKIP’s Nigel Farage envisaged.


The question now regarding the redistribution of migrants remains unsolved. The EU caused it but are now dithering about what to do. So at best expect an answer to the problem being Cheap Labour. Or an answer sometime in the future because nothing so far created by the EU has helped anyone accept the EU.


EU citizens just pay taxes vat etc and get nothing in return. The question now is can the European Union absorb such huge numbers of migrants. Twenty possibly 60 millions or more without de-stabilizing the western world and creating a black and white race hate war like America.
I noticed while writing that ECB  Mario Draghi is to bail out the banks again, they call it QUANTATIVE EASING! It means they will print more money for the banks. But not for Greece Portugal Spain or YOU. Funny how they can print money for themselves but no-one else.


Recent footage of a mass population exodus into Europe from war torn middle eastern countries fleeing to Greece, Italy, Hungry etc. Yet most are bypassing these and other countries to get to England or Germany.  Clearly indicating EU open borders has created the largest mass migration ever.


Live televised reports show that the vast majority arriving in Hungary, Greece, Italy, France, are young men mostly economic migrants whom recent history has shown, are a potential risk to security and pose a real threat.
More importantly if each EU country take in its quota of migrants and those fleeing war-torn countries. Can Europe do the same next week and the week after and so on.

Because we are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster where millions paid less than a £2 a day will follow their family members to the European Unions black market £30 a day pot of gold.


It is quite simply not possible to redistribute the populations of several third world countries- assume 20 million possibly 40 million people into Western Europe without disastrous consequences. Germany and Britain may want a cheap labour force. But can it avoid the war that will follow when millions of its citizens riot.  The far right has gained popularity all over Europe add Austerity and Mass Immigration and you have a pending disaster. Being created by EU.


Update: EU wanted open borders and free movement of people. Germany wanted mass migration (cheap labour). Now after their gigantic cockup Germany wants (YOU) to help stop millions of economic migrants and others fleeing war-torn conflict countries. Overwhelming German cities.


Now the worst has happend and Europes borders are now (CLOSED).  Angela Merkel caused this mess, Now let her sort it out BY taking the 800,000 migrants she wanted. And the remainder waiting at the Hungarian Border!

Update: Latest reports indicate vast numbers of new migrants are now at all borders of Europe. And many more new migrants are massing at alternative entry points to EU, are on their way!  You can thank Angela Merkel again for creating this mass migration crisis.

Conservative Back Door NHS Privatisation Not Made Public

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

The Health and Social Care act was passed 27 March 2012. Crucially and most seriously, it removes the UK government’s obligation to provide universal healthcare in England, something so fundamental it amounts to the abolition of the NHS. As Dr Jacky Davis, co-chair of the NHS Consultants Association says: “After the passage of the unwanted, unneeded and deeply undemocratic NHS bill, we no longer have a national health service.”


There was overwhelming opposition to the H&SC Act from the medical profession – for instance, from the British Medical Association and all but one of the 26 royal medical colleges. This was not communicated to the public by the mainstream media, particularly the BBC. Although the NHS affects every man, woman and child in England, most people remain in the dark about what has happened.

The government has played a big role by repeatedly concealing the purpose of the bill – to make possible the gradual dismantling of the NHS and its replacement in a few years by a market system, based on ability to pay rather than need. According to Michael Portillo: the Tories did not believe they could win an election if they told you what they were going to do [to the NHS]”. In 2009, David Cameron even promised there would be “no top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. In fact, it has been described – by Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of NHS England – as “a reorganisation so big you can see it from outer space”.

The government also used mis-information to justify its reforms. According to Portillo, the Tories had to do something about the “incredible inefficiency” of the NHS. The truth is the NHS is one of the fairest, most efficient and cost-effective healthcare systems in the world. Recently, it was ranked number one in international comparison of healthcare systems. It has about half the per capita costs of the US health system – which is not universal – and has a higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality.

The government even defied a Freedom of Information act ruling to make public the risk assessment of the bill, despite the commissioner’s verdict of “exceptional public interest”. And there was a massive conflict of interest, with 1/4 of the MPs and Lords who voted for the Bill having financial stakes in private health companies that stood to benefit by from the bill’s passage. “Care UK”, a private health company donated significant money to the office of health secretary Andrew Lansley.

In addition to removing the universal right to healthcare, which has existed since 1948, the H&SC Act also opens the door for charges without limit for NHS services. It permits private providers to take over any NHS services. And it allows up to 49% of the business of NHS hospitals to be private. Quite apart from the fact that the intention is almost certainly to eventually increase this percentage to 100% – ie: create a US-style insurance-based system – this will create a health system with two queues: one for the poor and one for the rich. In a cash-strapped system, a rich person with a minor ailment will be treated over a poor person with a more serious ailment. “Care will never again be according to need but ability to pay,” says Dr Clare Gerada, former Chair of the Royal College of GPs.

The Faculty of Public Health’s risk assessment warns of 1) Loss of a comprehensive health service, 2) Increased costs, 3) Reduced quality of care, 4) Widening health inequalities. In a nutshell: the NHS is integrated, comprehensive, cost-effective, accountable. A mix of providers is fragmented, unaccountable, expensive, only profitable services.”  ‘Integrated’ means that data is shared – something which was not the case with the private companies involved with the recent breast implant scare – and that patients receive care from a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physios, district nurses, and so on. ‘Comprehensive’ means that all people and all ailments are treated. ‘Accountable’ means that problems are made public and not concealed by commercial contracts.

But the risks highlighted by the Faculty of Public Health are all short term. The NHS is being removed gradually – no government would dare remove it in one go since, at the last election, it had the highest-ever public approval rating. However, the end-game is an insurance-based system like the US where, without health insurance, you will not be able to get treatment for you and your family. The term NHS will be meaningless. “The NHS will be reduced to a logo, a budget and a few qangos,” says public health physician, Dr Alex Scott-Samuel.

Most people remain in the dark about what the H&SC Act does because of failure of the mainstream media. As has often been said on Twitter, if the BBC covered economics like it has health, nobody would know there had been a global financial crisis. On the day the Act was passed the strap-line across the bottom of BBC News broadcasts said “Bill which gives power to GPs is passed”. It would be difficult to find a GP who agreed with that.

At a time of severe financial pressure, huge sums of money – estimated at more than £3 billion – are being diverted from patient care to fund the reorganisation necessary to implement the H&SC Act.

The implementation of the HSC Act is creating huge amounts of duplicated bureaucracy – the principle cause of the high cost of the US healthcare system.

Gradually, the government is starving the NHS of money. This is deliberate. As hospitals run out of money – and the exorbitant repayments on PFI deals are a major factor here – they become prey to takeovers by private companies. This has already happened, with Serco taking over Newmarket Hospital.

Not only does a private company cherry-pick profitable services but it gains infrastructure paid for by the taxpayer. It can also give preferential access to equipment such as kidney machines, blood and organs that were specifically donated by the public to the NHS for use by everyone. And private companies can simply pull out of providing services when they are deemed “unprofitable”, leaving patients in the lurch. This was the case with Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire when the private health company, Circle, pulled out in early 2015.

NHS services must be put out to tender. The core business of the transnational corporations that are bidding is winning government contracts, as they have the experience, deep pockets and legal expertise to do so. Small enterprises and local GPs cannot compete with them in tendering for services as has already been seen in the Virgin takeover of community services in Surrey and children’s’ services in Devon. When private companies fail, such as the company with the contract for GP services in Camden, London, patients are high and dry.

The starving of the NHS of money to force the pace of its sell off to private companies is forcing the imminent closure of 4 out of 9 A&E departments serving NW London. It is forcing the closure of Lewisham Hospital A&E and maternity unit, despite the fact that they are highly rated as centres of excellence.

Trusts are getting together in cartels to force down nurses’ pay, though nurses have experienced a pay freeze (ie: pay decrease, taking into account inflation) for several years now. Dr Peter Carter, Chair of the Royal College of Nurses is predicting the loss of 56,058 nursing jobs.

Lastly, the fragmentation of the NHS is reducing data sharing. This means it is even becoming more difficult to assess just how healthcare is worsening.

Cameron’s destruction of the NHS is arguably the worst crime committed by a UK government against its people in generations. He is dismantling a much-loved and precious institution while lying that he is not. And he is doing at a time when Barrack Obama in the US is moving his country from a disastrous market-based health system to a universal system of healthcare similar to the NHS. Cameron is doing it with no mandate and he is doing having concealed his health policy prior to the 2010 election. The NHS represent everything the British people hold dear. It is integral our culture and, as Danny Boyle demonstrated at the 2012 Olympics, defines Britain, symbolising fairness and working together for a common good.

by Marcus Chown




U.K. Government rejects immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse

Monday, March 23rd, 2015



U.K. Government rejects immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse

U.K. Government rejects immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse

U.K. Government rejects immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse

Yes Its repeated. Our Government has blocked the granting of immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse.

What this blocking indicates is that officials of our Government at the very highest level are involved in the child sex abuse scandal.

It also shows that our Government and its officials are criminals of the worst kind and are still being protected. When they should all be held culpable including all of the MPs who voted this down.

They work for you, SACK THEM ALL.



Members of Government, who voted — YES

To implement Labour MP John Mann’s amendment bill, seeking immunity from prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. For officials that blow the whistle and expose child sex abuse, regardless of where this is.


—Conservatives: 8– Thank you.

John Baron-Guto Bebb-Peter Bone-Sir Peter Bottomley-Zac Goldsmith-Philip Hollobone-Jeremy Lefroy-Charlotte Leslie—

—Liberal Democrats: 3– Thank you.

Duncan Hames-John Hemming-Tessa Munt—

—Labour: 207— Thank you all

Diane Abbott-Debbie Abrahams-Bob Ainsworth-Rushanara Ali-Graham Allen-David Anderson-Jonathan Ashworth-Adrian Bailey William Bain-Ed Balls  -Kevin Barron-Sir Hugh Bayley-Margaret Beckett-Hilary Benn-Luciana Berger -Clive Betts-Hazel Blears-Tom Blenkinsop-Paul Blomfield-David Blunkett-Ben Bradshaw-Kevin Brennan-Nicholas Brown-Russell Brown-Chris Bryant-Karen Buck-Andy Burnham-Liam Byrne-Alan Campbell-Ronnie Campbell-Martin Caton-Jenny Chapman-Vernon Coaker-Ann Coffey-Michael Connarty-Rosie Cooper-Yvette Cooper-Jeremy Corbyn-David Crausby-Mary Creagh-Stella Creasy-Jon Cruddas-John Cryer-Alex Cunningham-Jim Cunningham-Sir Tony Cunningham-Nic Dakin-Simon Danczuk-Alistair Darling-Wayne David-Ian Davidson -Geraint Davies-Gloria De Piero-Thomas Docherty-Brian Donohoe-Frank Doran-Jim Dowd-Gemma Doyle -Jack Dromey-Michael Dugher-Angela Eagle-Maria Eagle-Clive Efford-Julie Elliott-Louise Ellman -Chris Evans -Jim Fitzpatrick-Robert Flello-Caroline Flint-Paul Flynn-Yvonne Fovargue-Hywel Francis-Mike Gapes -Barry Gardiner-Pat Glass-Mary Glindon-Helen Goodman-Tom Greatrex Kate Green-Lillian Greenwood-Nia Griffith-Andrew Gwynne-Peter Hain-David Hamilton-Fabian Hamilton-David Hanson-Harriet Harman-Tom Harris-Dai Havard-John Healey-David Heyes-Meg Hillier-Julie Hilling-Margaret Hodge-Sharon Hodgson-Kate Hoey-Jim Hood-Kelvin Hopkins-George Howarth-Tristram Hunt-Huw Irranca-Davies-Glenda Jackson-Sian James-Dan Jarvis-Alan Johnson-Diana Johnson-Graham Jones-Kevan Jones-Susan Elan Jones-Dame Tessa Jowell-Mike Kane-Sir Gerald Kaufman-Liz Kendall-Sadiq Khan-Ian Lavery-Mark Lazarowicz -Chris Leslie -Emma Lewell-Buck-Ivan Lewis-Andrew Love -Ian Lucas-Fiona Mactaggart-Khalid Mahmood-Seema Malhotra -John Mann -Gordon Marsden-Steve McCabe-Michael McCann-Kerry McCarthy-Siobhain McDonagh-Andy McDonald-John McDonnell-Pat McFadden-Alison McGovern-Dame Anne McGuire-Liz McInnes-Ann McKechin-Iain McKenzie-Sir Alan Meale-Ian Mearns-Edward Miliband-Andrew Miller-Austin Mitchell-Madeleine Moon-Jessica Morden-Graeme Morrice-Grahame M. Morris-George Mudie-Meg Munn  -Paul Murphy-Lisa Nandy-Pamela Nash-Fiona O’Donnell-Chi Onwurah-Sandra Osborne-Albert Owen-Teresa Pearce-Toby Perkins-Bridget Phillipson-Stephen Pound-Lucy Powell-Yasmin Qureshi-Steve Reed-Emma Reynolds-John Robertson-Mr Geoffrey Robinson-Steve Rotheram-Mr Frank Roy-Dame Joan Ruddock-Anas Sarwar-Andy Sawford  -Alison Seabeck-Virendra Sharma-Barry Sheerman  -Gavin Shuker  -Dennis Skinner-Andy Slaughter-Andrew Smith-Angela Smith-Nick Smith-Owen Smith-John Spellar-Graham Stringer-Gisela Stuart-Gerry Sutcliffe-Mark Tami-Emily Thornberry-Stephen Timms-Jon Trickett-Karl Turner-Derek Twigg-Stephen Twigg  -Chuka Umunna-Valerie Vaz-Joan Walley-Tom Watson-Dave Watts-Alan Whitehead-Chris Williamson-Phil Wilson-David Winnick-Rosie Winterton-Mike Wood-John Woodcock -Shaun Woodward-David Wright-Iain Wright—

—UK Independence Party: 2–

Douglas Carswell-Mark Reckless— Thank you

—Green Party: 1–

Caroline Lucas— Thank you

—Social Democratic and Labour Party: 2– Mark Durkan-Margaret Ritchie— Thank you


—Democratic Unionist Party: 4–

Jeffrey Donaldson-William Mc’Crea-Jim Shannon-Sammy Wilson— Thank you

—Scottish National Party: 4–

Angus Mac’Neil-Angus Robertson-Mike Weir-Edith Whiteford— Thank you


THE NO VOTE AGAINST THE BILL, below speaks volumes of a Government.

Who care only about protecting oneself, and the PAEDOPHILES amongst them. Should be ashamed for their loss of sanity. No doubt the voting public will take note at the coming General Election.


NO Vote Total– 254 Conservatives: This is insanity.

Nigel Adams-Adam Afriyie-Peter Aldous-Sir David Amess-Stuart Andrew-James Arbuthnot-Richard Bacon-Steve Baker-Sir Tony Baldry-Harriett Baldwin-Stephen Barclay-Gregory Barker-Gavin Barwell-Henry Bellingham-Richard Benyon-Sir Paul Beresford-Jake Berry-Andrew Bingham-Bob Blackman-Nicola Blackwood-Crispin Blunt-Nick Boles-Karen Bradley-Graham Brady-Julian Brazier-Andrew Bridgen-Steve Brine-James Brokenshire-Fiona Bruce-Robert Buckland-Aidan Burley-Conor Burns-Simon Burns-David Burrowes-Alistair Burt-Dan Byles-Alun Cairns-Neil Carmichael-Sir William Cash-Rehman Chishti-Christopher Chope-Greg Clark-Geoffrey Clifton-Brown-Therese Coffey-Damian Collins-Oliver Colvile-Geoffrey Cox-Stephen Crabb-Tracey Crouch-David T. C. Davies-Glyn Davies-Nick de Bois-Caroline Dinenage-Nadine Dorries-Jackie Doyle-Price-Richard Drax-Sir Alan Duncan-Iain Duncan Smith-Philip Dunne-Michael Ellis-Jane Ellison-Tobias Ellwood-Charlie Elphicke-George Eustice-Graham Evans-Jonathan Evans-Nigel Evans-David Evennett-Michael Fabricant-Michael Fallon-Mark Field-Liam Fox-Mr Mark Francois-Mike Freer-Richard Fuller-Sir Roger Gale-Sir Edward Garnier-Mark Garnier-Mr David Gauke-Mr Nick Gibb-Cheryl Gillan-John Glen-Robert Goodwill-Richard Graham-Helen Grant-James Gray-Damian Green-Justine Greening-Dominic Grieve-Ben Gummer-Sam Gyimah-Robert Halfon-Stephen Hammond-Matthew Hancock-Greg Hands-Mark Harper-Richard Harrington-Rebecca Harris-Simon Hart-Sir Alan Haselhurst-John Hayes-Sir Oliver Heald-Chris Heaton-Harris-Gordon Henderson-Charles Hendry-Nick Herbert-Damian Hinds-Mark Hoban-George Hollingbery-Sir Gerald Howarth-John Howell-Jeremy Hunt-Nick Hurd-Stewart Jackson-Margot James-Sajid Javid-Bernard Jenkin-Robert Jenrick-Gareth Johnson-Joseph Johnson-Andrew Jones-David Jones-Marcus Jones-Chris Kelly-Simon Kirby-Sir Greg Knight-Kwasi Kwarteng-Mark Lancaster-Pauline Latham-Andrea Leadsom-Jessica Lee-Phillip Lee-Oliver Letwin-Brandon Lewis-Julian Lewis-Ian Liddell-Grainger-David Lidington-Peter Lilley-Jack Lopresti-Tim Loughton-Sir Peter Luff-Karen Lumley-Theresa May-Jason McCartney-Karl McCartney-Anne McIntosh-Patrick McLoughlin-Stephen McPartland-Mark Menzies-Stephen Metcalfe-Maria Miller-Nigel Mills-Anne Milton-Andrew Mitchell-Penny Mordaunt-Nicky Morgan-Anne Marie Morris-David Morris-James Morris-Stephen Mosley-David Mowat-David Mundell-Sheryll Murray-Andrew Murrison-Robert Neill-Brooks Newmark-Sarah Newton-Caroline Nokes-Jesse Norman-David Nuttall-Stephen O’Brien-Matthew Offord-Eric Ollerenshaw-Guy Opperman-Sir Richard Ottaway-Sir James Paice-Neil Parish-Priti Patel-Mark Pawsey-Mike Penning-John Penrose-Andrew Percy-Claire Perry-Stephen Phillips-Eric Pickles-Christopher Pincher-Daniel Poulter-Mark Prisk-Mark Pritchard-Dominic Raab-Sir John Randall-John Redwood-Jacob Rees-Mogg-Simon Reevell-Andrew Robathan-Sir Hugh Robertson-Andrew Rosindell-Amber Rudd-David Ruffley-David Rutley-Laura Sandys-Lee Scott-Andrew Selous-Grant Shapps-Alok Sharma-Alec Shelbrooke-Mark Simmonds-Keith Simpson-Chris Skidmore-Chloe Smith-Henry Smith-Julian Smith-Sir Nicholas Soames-Anna Soubry-Caroline Spelman-Andrew Stephenson-Bob Stewart-Iain Stewart-Rory Stewart-Gary Streeter-Mel Stride-Graham Stuart-Julian Sturdy-Desmond Swayne-Hugo Swire-Robert Syms-Edward Timpson-Justin Tomlinson-David Tredinnick-Andrew Turner-Andrew Tyrie-Paul Uppal-Edward Vaizey-Shailesh Vara-Martin Vickers-Theresa Villiers-Charles Walker-Robin Walker-Dame Angela Watkinson-Mike Weatherley-James Wharton-Heather Wheeler-Chris White-Craig Whittaker-John Whittingdale-Bill Wiggin-David Willetts-Gavin Williamson-Rob Wilson-Sarah Wollaston-Jeremy Wright-Tim Yeo-Sir George Young-Nadhim Zahawi—

NO Vote Total– 40 Liberal Democrats: Disgusting


Norman Baker-Sir Alan Beith-Gordon Birtwistle-Annette Brooke-Jeremy Browne-Sir Malcolm Bruce-Lorely Burt-Alistair Carmichael-Mike Crockart-Mr Edward Davey-Lynne Featherstone-Don Foster-Andrew George-Stephen Gilbert-Sir Nick Harvey-Martin Horwood-Simon Hughes-Julian Huppert-Charles Kennedy-David Laws-John Leech-Stephen Lloyd-Michael Moore-Greg Mulholland-John Pugh-Alan Reid-Dan Rogerson-Sir Bob Russell-Adrian Sanders-Sir Robert Smith-Sir Andrew Stunell-Ian Swales-Jo Swinson-John Thurso-David Ward-Steve Webb-Mark Williams-Stephen Williams-Jenny Willott-Simon Wright—


—Independent: 1– ???????

Mike Hancock—



BUDGET DAY, UK NATIONAL DEBT AT 9:30am £1,666,079,278,179.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

UK NATIONAL DEBT £1,666,079,278,179. This

is the debt future generations of British Citizens

under Austerity are being forced to pay  off .

To keep greedy Gangster Bankers and their

 vile corrupt Insurers in business.


UK GDP                                                   £1,923,176,990,937           Current year

UK Debt                                                    £1,666,079,278,579           Owed today at 9:30

UK interest payment                           £0,050,457,600,000        FIFTY BILLION,FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN MILLION, SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS PER YEAR.

UK balance from GDP                         £0,257,097,712,358          If debt paid at 9:30 today

UK Each persons share                       £0,000,000,025,750        Twenty five thousand, seven hundred and fifty pound.

UK debt interest per hour                  £0,000,005,760,000        Five million, seven hundred and sixty thousand pounds, per hour, increasing by;                                 £9,600 a minute, plus interest on interest.

By 6:30am Friday, that interest would have paid for the £260,million Westfield Broadway Shopping Centre being built for Bradford’s immense Muslim community.

Can you afford a Government that puts Immigration and immigrants first (Cheap Labour) then (Bails out corrupt Banks) then (Penalise Pensioners) (Disabled) (Unemployed) and (Poor). While allowing: Gangster Banker Loan Sharks, to Charge massive interest on loans to the poorest in society of between 200 to 800% interest.

Or can you allow the corrupt establishment right at the heart of Government to molest children, allow killings, or child grooming, or Police corruption, or Ministers and MPs stealing, or Care homes abusing the sick elderly and homeless. The list of offences being committed and ignored by Authority in the public domain is horrifying, no sane person can ignore these facts.

The NHS is known to have done exactly the same and killing off patients. Local Authorities, Police, Government, and those in charge have allowed Grooming Gangs of immigrants predominantly from Pakistan to rape, abuse, and prostitute thousands and kill young girls and boys. Yet when ordinary citizens reported these crimes there was a massive cover-up.

You cannot afford to ignore the Immigrant Islamic Muslim problem in our midst they are not a minority any longer. These extremist want to ignore our laws and create an Islamic island out of Britain and carry on like they do in their own country. And it is our Government pandering to them that is allowing all of this to happen in what once was GREAT BRITAIN.

The British people are not Racists, this is just an excuse used by immigrants and Government to shout down lawfull protests by ordinary citizens whom have reached their tolerence limit with Muslim fanatics.

Demand: immigration be debated in public and by secret public ballot.

 Demand: we control our own borders.

 Demand: we make our own laws.

 Demand: a vote to stay in or leave the EU.

Use your vote to remove corrupt paid for career Polititians from Governing “Great Britain” We dont want VAT or the European Union

We were successful before we joined the EU. Now Central Bankers Call All The Shots, AND WE ARE * NOW! IN DEBT UP TO OUR EARS.


And remember this £5,760,000 per hour interest keeps increasing by the minute and will soon become unpayable Unless the Debt is paid down. This means any future Government will need to enforce massive tax increases or worse still cuts to services (that will make past Austerity and cuts look like heaven.

What then happens next is the largest tax-take imaginable and the destruction of ordinary peoples standard of living for many generations. So please do not trust the hype by and from Politicians, they are in the pay of Banksters. And are and have common purpose, your demise and to put you in debt for their profit.

Who then will steal your bank deposits. If you think your money is safe in a bank then find another planet, you are on cloud nine.

“Anti-Bailout-Anti-Austerity” Gathers Momentum As Spanish Protesters Mass In

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

 Madrid as European Union Austerity

Kills Citizens


Whilst ECB Keeps Stealing Their Savings.

 Update: Now, Countries want exit from EU, the Euro, Corruption, Austerity and Bank Bailouts.

The European Union has created unrelenting misery with its Austerity, Bank Bailouts and Uncontrolled Immigration to lower wages.

Spain, France and Britain now see the ECB as a threat and want out of the European Union, Euro and Immigration. The cause of Islamic Terrorism.

While the European Central Banks, TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS – get – BAILED OUT,  Greece finds out the European Central Bank has restricted funding in a fast dangerous game of poker. This act of stupidity by the ECB has alarmed markets and the population of Europe. Since it has brought about a very serious collapse of confidence.

This Gambling with Greece is about to bring down the entire European Union Experiment in a Dornbusch prophecy.

The EU failed Euro experiment controlled by Member State Central Bankers the ECB has several times since 2008 using its own mandate of authority Bailed Out Insolvent Banks using Depositors and Taxpayers Money.


Greece, Spain, France, Italy, and Ireland’s population was lied to, like most other member states. Then its ordinary citizens were forced to pay off the banks debts with Austerity measures that destroyed the economy of those countries, as it always has before in history.


Now Greece has elected an anti Austerity Government, and has an Ace card. This first being that other countries populations like Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, are following Greece in its Ant-Austerity stance and protests. Spain for example has seen Madrid have today a huge gathering of anti austerity protesters, with reports off 300,000 people demonstrating against Bank bailouts and Austerity.


These protests are gathering pace with looming elections and are strengthening . Because a (whatever it takes) European Unions experimental Banker Mario Draghi. Has destroyed any hope for them or their future generations. When again the debt burden of huge insolvent Banks was passed to ordinary citizens to pay off with his € Trillion + Quantitative easing measure (bailing out banks) giving €60bn each month for two year, to (counter deflation) a now stagnated European economy in deep depression.


This last ditch €trillion plus give away to banks by Mario Draghi. And their hopes to inflate away EU Government debts, who have guaranteed or (bought insolvent banks debts)— (using taxpayers money) in the slim hope that Europe’s population will spend any money they have money left. And then pay higher prices forced on them for everything, including food, will fail since repeated bouts of (Austerity has destroyed most of Western Europe’s Economies.


Greece unwittingly has amongst other Austerity destroyed Countries created a snowball effect and it will be extremely dangerous for the IMF, Troika, ECB, UN, World Bank, BIS, or any other to threaten EU Governments and its population with measures designed to benefit Banks or make its people capitulate. History will not help politicians this time since most paid for politicians and old school buddies will need a new occupation.


In a few month the UK electorate will vote, the obvious result will spell out the reasons for dissent amongst its people.

Government Fraud, Government Child Abuse allegations, Immigration out of control, Pakistan male Muslim child molesters, Grooming Gangs, Muslim Terrorist Fanatics amongst UK population, Third World Immigrants Swamping Public Services, Eastern Block EU Countries Immigrants over-whelming UK towns,cities, and all services.


But Immigration — Police not acting on Child abuse — Government and Local Authorities for 20 year plus ignoring 2000 or more Child abuse cases in an alleged Government cover up exposed today on SKY, will see the end of Government — controlled by — Insurance Companies, — Corporate giants — Immigrant criminal gangs, and their prolific use of religion, dress and racism excuses, will not work any longer.


The electorate will win this campaign.


Tuesday, January 6th, 2015





Just remember this, 24,815 islamic terror attacks since 9/11. Ask for a public debate on Muslim Immigration.

Immigration Out Of Control, MPs Expenses, Bank Fraud, Insurer Fraud, Child Sex Abuse, Race Relations One Sided Against British Citizens. Update: Today, the killings in Paris by Islamic Religous Fanatics.

    We have Muslim grooming gangs all over the UK preying on young children, child prostitution, child trafficking, gang rapes, killings, religious hatred, and disappearing woman and children and now more killings because cartoonists made a joke of Islam

Yet Muslim leaders claim Muslims are not terrorists-even though evidence exists that the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim and huge numbers are Paedophiles.

    Muslims are slaughtering Christians and other beliefs and minorities all over the world daily.

Islam fanatics ISIS- tells all Muslims to wage war on the infidel – Kaffirs “in their own countries”!

    And are carrying this out by mowing them down, using cars, vans and trucks all over Europe. There has be recent examples in France where innocent victims were mowed down  by Muslims born in Western Europe…………..

Muslims have stealth- fully enlisted our own Governments to oppress the indigenous peoples free speech ramming Racism, Islam and Halal down our throats. Then Islamic leaders play the minority innocent victims, when a Muslim beheads a Kaffir or gang rapes a young woman. Muslims have become a danger to free speech and democracy and are not a minority any longer.

    Facts are they are breeding 10 ten times faster than the white indigenous population.

Muslims chant or use quotes from the Quran, or scream Halla Ak-bar before slaughtering some innocent journalist. It is not uncommon and is clearly an act of religious belief-quoting scriptures as they carry out their barbaric act.

    Our own Prime Minister David Cameron now allows every Muslim whim – Sharia law, Mosques, Halal Meat- Food, Sharia Courts. Yet Halal is a sacrifice to their God. And now its reported that our PM David Cameron wants to see a future Muslim Prime Minister in Britain. “Perhaps he would like to see another 6000 Mosques in Britain. WHILE MUSLIMS STONE WOMEN FOR INFIDELITY.

Sources state that Britain’s Muslim population rose from about 82,000 in 1961 to 553,000 in 1981 to 2 million in 2000—a demographic change roughly representative of Western Europe as a whole during that period. According to the London Times, the number of Muslims in the U.K. climbed by half a million between 2004 and 2008 alone—a rate of growth ten times that of the rest of that country’s population.

    Update these figures with those reported in the recent Government Accounts which only account for recorded lawful immigration. Then add ten + million and you have an idea of the scale which is mind boggling and extremely shocking and must be stopped NOW!

Then there is the financial impact of uncontrolled immigration, this is the unspoken taboo within Governments BBC media and the so called British free press who are shackled by “Racial Threats”- from Muslims its leaders and Government.

    Muslims are the largest immigrant group, swamping all services and have become such a burden that Government have dramaticly increased cutbacks in other public services. To keep pace with benefit payments – shutting down NHS Direct cutting staff numbers at hospitals, local services, clinics, libraries, recreational facilities, the police and the armed forces etc.

    Then on the day when 12 innocent people in Paris France were slaughtered by Muslim fanatics for drawing cartoons supporting our right to free speech and expression.

The BBC website was removing any comments by the public mentioning Muslim Killers France, Muslim Slaughterers, Paris killers etc.

    These actions explain more about the Governments indoctrinating BBC media reports than their controlled news coverage ever did.

Religion and Racism are the excuse used by Muslims. Who then use the Human Rights act to extort money or revenge on innocent remarks made by anyone.YET NO MUSLIM OR ISLAMIC COUNTRY IS A SIGNATURE TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.

    “One thing is for sure – if we don’t have a public open debate now! about Muslims and Immigration – free from State interference.

The role of Government and the shape of the State will have changed beyond our recognition, please look at

And this should shock the living daylight out of everyone. Todate: Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 24,815 Deadly terror attacks since 9/11.


Diana Killed, Iraq Oil War, Blair’s Lies, Brown’s Gold Sale, Royal Family Allegations Denial,


NHS Killing Elderly, Hospitals Unsafe, Appalling Neglect Filmed, Institutional Sex Abuse, Sex abuse by doctors and consultants,


Pakistani Child Sex Abuse Rings, Church Paedophiles, Doctors Nil By Mouth Deaths, Gang Rapes Of Non Muslim Girls, Forced Prostitution,


Care Home’s Abuse, Muslim Decapitations, Suicide Bombers, Bombs On Buses Planes And Trains, British Born Muslims Killing Young Soldier.


Bank Bailouts, Insurer Bailouts, Corporate Bailouts, EU Control Freaks, VAT Increases, Camera Operated Toll Roads (Brisa) America- Enforced By EU, Immigration Out Of Control EU- Enforced On All Member States– To Lower Wages Using Mass Unemployment


Austerity, Massive Price Increases, Devalued Pound, Overvalued Euro, EU Bureaucracy Gone Mad,and Now QE ( quantitative easing ) Giving Taxpayers money to Banks and huge Corporates.


Spy Cameras Everywhere, Illegal Use Of Terrorism Laws, Illegal Home Repossetions, English Law Abused To Collect Revenue,


Court Bailiffs Illegal Enforcement- Terrifying Pensioners, Illegal Parking Fines, Government Abuse Of Common Law, Local Authorities Abusing Citizens Rights, Illegal Fines And Enforcement Action.


Ministers And MPs Convicted Of Serious Crimes, 2008 Crash, An Endless List Of Fraud And Worse.


A Conservative Thatcher Government That Removed Controls From Banks And Banking. Leaving The Corrupt Banking And Insurance Gangsters To Manipulate And Steal Britain’s Wealth + The Worlds Wealth.


Now Another Conservative Government is Stealing Money From The Poorest Sector Of Society. Forcing Them To Rely On Food Banks. While Governments Gives £trillions To Banks.


Government is corruption full stop. The two main parties have had their own way for generations sharing the spoils of the corrupt gravy train between them.


Now you have the best opportunity ever to remove the corrupt main parties from power.


Give the next generation ‘your children, the opportunity of a fairer society without institutional Government fraud and corruption.


We now have the opportunity to change the system, that’s been abused and corrupted by the wealthy LIB, LAB, CON, Government Barons. Lets now bring fairness into the election process for future generations.




Then inflation and currency devaluation and increased VAT will destroy those with incomes of less than £60,000 a year.


UK Banks need more capital, Government needs more revenue, EU Banks, the EU and ECB needs more revenue. This will increase Austerity, Tax’s, Vat, Duty, and Inflation to pass the Governments debts to its taxpayers in the form of increasing costs and lower wages.


Do our Goverment care,


Note for example – UK Government does not give a damn about anyone north of London, until election time.


Then all of a sudden they start their electioneering north of Londonin Carlisle.


Remember how all three main party leaders turned up in Scotland to protect there backsides when the Scottish Referendum looked like losing them their parasitic seats of Government.




They only care about their wealth and powerful positions, where corruption wealth and power go hand in hand.


UKIP is without doubt the only political party spelling out the truth about the European Union and Immigration. We need to help the small parties like UKIP to take us out of the clutches of the corrupt EU Banking Gangsters.


Government created the Islamic takeover of our towns and cities. Now its time to take Government back.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but many are supportive of Sharia Law. But clearly most terrorists are Muslim. We cannot allow Islamic fanatics to become the threat to our freedoms or liberty.

We are the Indigenous Population, we cannot allow European citizens of Non- European Origen to abuse our hospitality. By threats. — Notice how many countries like Britain France Germany now have a majority birth rate of males with the name MUHAMMAD.


And Governments own figures clearly show UKIP is correct, it is out of control. And worse still the UK Government is advertising in Third World Countries for more immigrants to invade Britain’s already swamped services.


The European Union on the other hand is quite simply a revenue raising enterprise for Banks, who control print raise and steal customers money for Banks headed by the ECB’s ( European Central Bank).



Check out the facts . What has the European Union done for you.


Its uncompetitive, it destroys businesses with added legislation that Taxes You and adds VAT and DUTY to benefit Banks and Banksters,


But have you benefited by joining the EU.


Because Britain lost its laws sovereignty power and control of its borders while the EU enforced cheap labour and criminal gangs on an otherwise buoyant British economy that exported most of its products all over the world. (WITHOUT ANY- EU) Help.


We stupidly swapped our £ sterling -240 pence worth, for its Euro 100 cents worth. This had the immediate effect of more than doubling the cost of everything.


And then the EU enforced VAT on every invoice as well.


Just remember they are going to increase Vat again, so choose wisely who you – want to Govern Your Government, and Control everything you need or do.


UKIP seems a good choice check them out, ask them.


!The final choice is your future! Now have your say! The other three main political party parasites are so corrupt, they no longer realise it.


PS the author has no political connection it is my own opinion based on doing business with corrupt Government officials and Ministers.




Friday, November 7th, 2014

Cameron and Osborn prevaricators of truth.


  • Deceive the British public into believing they had secured a 50% rebate from the EU £1.7bn payment.


The truth is Mr Cameron Prime Minister, Leader of the Conservative Party and Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Osborn both lied.  Its clear Ministers and MP’s have been caught with their fingers in the expenses pot and lied before. “But not all were jailed”, which is a shame because members of the public think they should.


  • Using creative accounting to concoct and hide the truth. That the British Government its Taxpayers will pay in full the £1. 7bn to the EU.


This disgraceful lie to gain Political Power of Office is beyond excuse and extremely clear that the Conservative Party will use anything to con the voting public into believing they are the party to trust. “When the truth is” “they are not fit for any public office”. “Except a coalition of liars”.


  • This coalition of silver spoon fed grasping greasy Eton brats in power in Government spent their time in office making sure the Banks and Banksters whose crimes destroyed the Worlds Economy, flattening Britain in 2008. Were truly protected from prosecution.


Then while their Eton egos flourished with Political Power they plied Austerity on those who had less. While Banksters gorged on the money stolen from taxpayers in the biggest Government heist in history, given to them by this Government Coalition of Eton Fed Parasitic Bred Elite.


  • “If ever there was a preferred method of re-balancing the corrupt Political System in Britain”. Then the Conservative Party is the perfect example. Power Corrupts, and now they will pay the price. IN THE GENERAL ELECTION.


And a very good reason to vote in UKIP to remove. “The Liars” in power. And get Britain out of the EU.








Conservative supporter shocked by the ATTACK ON THE ELDERLY.

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Labour Liberal Conservative Rule Ends. UKIP LEADS THE WAY!


This Conservative Government whom I voted for over the years is terrifying and dangerous. They are demonising “Pensioners as a drain on society”. Who – when young, were forced by law, into contributing a large part of their income towards their Government state pension.

Yet this is simply not the truth. Retired pensioners had no choice of a private pension, except those “Non Contributory Pensioners” employed by the State. Because what wages were left  barely paid for food.


When young I was fortunate, I got on my bike to find find work, travelled extensively for the best wages. Paying Government taxes that changed like the seasons, taking most of my earnings and crippled any hope of saving for a rainy day. And is why I became self-employed, until ill health forced me into retirement in my late sixties.


Teenagers now have very few of the opportunities I had and are being exploited by Monopolies, Huge Multinationals and Government agencies alike that litter the high street.


The unemployed are now classed as scroungers and the young are supposedly layabouts who don’t want to work. “This is mostly lies”- the truth is: Incompetence by successive Governments failure to control Insurers and Banks has led to the complete collapse of the economy.


We are being robbed in every sense by this Government” to pay for its failure. Now it is stealing money from those most vulnerable: its young, the disabled its unemployed and pensioners to- pay to- keep insolvent Banks and Insurers afloat.


The facts are that pensioners like myself were forced by consecutive Governments to pay towards our pension without choice, paying tax at 30% to 75% a Superannuating tax that increased with earnings. This left us, now the elderly with no opportunity to save towards a private pension.  We were forced to pay Holiday Stamps, but never received a paid holiday, National Insurance Stamps etc.  We were lied to, the damn truth is they stole our savings our pensions and our liberty and they fed us a cocktail of untruths and lies.


We were told that north-sea oil fields would produced free gas, enough gas for 100s of years and that we would have the cheapest gas in the world making Britain one of the wealthiest nations.


Yet we have NHS Hospitals killing and mistreating the elderly and young while spreading MRSA and other vile diseases to patients with lowered immunity. Meagre increases in pensions that wont pay for a postage stamp, yet we have tax increases 50 to 180% above inflation for Gas, Electricity, Fuel, Water, Food, Insurance, Transport and Council tax, it costs more for example to travel by train than a pensioner receives, all which every year are burdening those least able to afford it. And it is deliberate and a threat to control the majority by fear.


For anyone who saw the Clegg, Farage interview televised it would not come as a surprise that afterwards all Government News channels and much of the £-billionaire Media appear to demonise Ukip as a bunch of racist buffoons. Government would love us to believe this, but it’s not true, it is just “market spin, by Government. The same Government who bailed out with taxpayer’s money- Insolvent Banks, Financiers, Insurers, and the City! With money they stole from us using Austerity (tax increases).


Fuel price increases, food, toll roads, and proposals to price per mile, parking fines, speed cameras, the list is endless. This Government has brought out thousands of new offences Laws designed to criminalize the ordinary law abiding citizen, “ to steal their money”. We are being used as cash cows for central Government to squander on parasites that lost our money, (the so called experts).


We the young and the old, paid for the benefits system, yet “this Government”, are squandering it on illegal immigrants and minority groups who have paid nothing. Just so Government can increase unemployment, and lower wages. It is waging a war using threats against its citizens.


The elderly in particular are being exploited, they fought the wars paid their taxes lost their lives yet this Government treats them, “like vermin” paying peanuts as a pension, while MPs paid themselves more in a day than pensioners get in a year.


This Government has allowed England to become the dumping ground for immigrants. The imported Government controlled criminals and terrorists who seek a better life on benefits paid for by the British Taxpayer.


While British citizens to ill or old to work “get means tested”- “deliberately” and defrauded of a meagre income they are entitle to, using reams of complicated questionnaires, impossible to answer. That no Government Minister has any knowledge of whatsoever


This Government doe’s not look after the people who have paid for their benefits; it is immigrants “here in Britain” now obtaining preferential treatment at “our expense” this must be stopped. Members of Parliament of all political persuasions must act now or face the consequences.


Are you aware that Government agencies are importing immigrants to fill unemployment places that do not exist or that Eastern block immigrants in Britain are claiming child support for children in Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland etc costing the taxpayer £millions.  These same immigrants are also being paid by Government and its agencies to take low paid work.


Are you aware that Local Authorities and Central Government spend £ billions every year on anything expensive, just before the end of the financial year. To get rid of surplus cash.


Government allocates funding based on what each Authority or department spends in the current financial year. If they under spend by £10 million for example then this is deducted from the next years funding allocation. The simple truth” is there is no incentive to be prudent it’s only money, “taxpayers money!!


For example an enormous £200,000 +, satellite controlled combined harvester was borrowed from a manufacturer and observed on a Government farm in Cambridgeshire. The manager was told to hoodwink the Auditor General into believing this machine had been purchased in current financial year,  “it actually belonged to someone else. And can be verified.


All Government / authority/ department spending increases significantly “just before the end of the financial year and is normal practice. We all have seen examples of this “like road humps appearing, new footpaths, street lighting renewed, massive cleaning operations, and out of the ordinary roadwork’s. Typical is projects like new computers, air-conditioning or large building contracts “all ordered around November- December for completion” before end of financial year.


This is Britain today your hard earned money being taxed by Government, then being squandered”  £billions as though it was confetti. And this is only part of the truth. There are thousands of contractors and civil servants who see this every day, “its time to tell the truth!!  It is you and your families that are being cheated and raided by this System of Government.


Living or working near a farm you notice the huge sprayers and the herbicide, pesticide, weed killer smell, drifting into your homes causing untold misery and mysterious illnesses that debilitate and kill. If you are a spray operator, tell the truth, explain why you think you have cancer. Also let the public know how dangerous Paraquat is –sprayed to kill weeds thousands of tons sprayed yearly – killing everything including the wildlife. Explain why Farmers spray Sulphuric Acid on potatoes, sunflower seed crops and spray thousands of other unbelievably dangerous chemicals on food production crops.


It appears Government allows farmers to spray any cocktail of numerous mixed chemical poisons, with unknown effects anywhere with no law to stop them.  What’s more alarming, is Government and Farmers let “you” eat their spray-contaminated produce, without informing you of the danger.


Farmers in general don’t eat any produce they grow for market. They eat only organic produce from their own garden, aware of the risk- and a Pesticide link to Parkinson’s disease- and the poisoning of the environment and our food.  The Government simply looks after its own farming Ministers interests– not appearing to give a damn.


As a Businessman of many years a Government Contractor a Manufacturer and past Conservative supporter shocked by the ATTACK ON THE ELDERLY.


My vote is going to UKIP because it is the only party telling the truth about IMMIGRATION and the EUROPEAN UNION.


Ashya, I’m a doctor you can trust me. Latest

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Ashya, I’m a doctor you can trust me.


Well lets see, the NHS / Government employed/civil servant/Doctor/expert  arranged for the arrest of his caring parents.  Refused the parents request for Proton Treatment because it was pointless as nothing further could be done.

Now it appears the  British Government, its NHS experts, after finding out, Ashya is responding to Proton treatment.

ARE NOW GOING TO PAY FOR HIS PROTON TREATMENT, Well this a big change of heart gee wiz.

The British Governments NHS Doctors are now being shown up for what they are!    ” Overpaid”, too full of their own self importance- so called experts, with egg on their arrogant face.

And— They deserve every rotten egg coming to them.


While many are dedicated NHS doctors or consultants that carry out amazing work. The above examples are not a minority. Because there is NO Control Over The Medical Proffession By Government.


There is unfortunately a proportion of doctors and consultants.” “Who are too full of their own self importance”. And miss-treat patients because they can, while ill and vulnerable.


These medical professionals have terminated patients lives, “because they knew best”. For those who suffered and survived at the hands of these so called doctors. Its been publicized and most now know the truth.


These “arrogant doctors” even today, still use their so called expertise. To get their own way, ignoring protests from parents or patients. For these doctors no amount of evidence regarding new methods and treatments will suffice. You will be refused access to most new treatment bluntly because they know best.


These 30 to 50 age group UK doctors and consultants. Are power indulgent, “officious” overbearing “overzealous” self opinionated “know it all experts”. That shout down any reasonable questioning of treatment, diagnosis or their abilities or expertise.


And together, “will close ranks” using concocted reports and all manner of lies. To hide their inabilities and senseless reason. Just to protect their well paid salary and own backside.


Of cause you must accept, without question, their diagnosis and treatment. Irrespective of the fact that most patients know their own body, and when something is wrong. Can describe the symptoms and a knowledge of the treatments available.


For many NHS doctor practitioner patients. The treatment is the usual same reassuring “try this and come back in three week.


When the patient complains, weeks later that her / his symptoms are the same or worse. The response from these doctors is something like, “how long do you need off work” or its probably a virus, or its all in the mind Mr/ Mrs #####


For the many who have experienced appalling NHS treatment by doctors that should never be in the profession, “called doctors?


There is however the consolation that many doctors are members of the GMC General Medical Council, or the BMA, British medical Association, or the RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners and many other associations trade unions etc. .


What is universally UN-Reassuring is the fact that they are all either charities, trade unions or just the Medical Professions Own Association.


With no legal statutory power to control remove or sack anyone in the Medical profession in Britain.


There is no Government “statutory regulatory authority” controlling Doctors or any other member of the medical profession.


Which is why they are a law to themselves. And too full of their own self importance- with one common purposed. Generating wealth, regardless of ethics.


Which is why so many patients travel overseas for the latest and best medical treatment like Ashya’s parents. Who are fully supported by thousands of ordinary British citizens and NHS patients who have endured the appalling attitude of “some Medical professionals” employed in the NHS.


Who killed off so many in hospitals all over the UK for years until televised internet and video recordings were broadcast to the world.


This young lad had his entire future in the hands of the “same missfit it appears” that still insisted  That he / they know better than all others. Who would you trust with your sons life.

After seeing his amazing reaction to Proton treatment, perhaps those who organised the arrest of the Parents now could at least admit they were wrong and apologise. Though don’t hold your breath.




His treatment in Prague is and certainly will be what any caring parent would want. supports Ashya and his family and wishes them well and directs requests that you make a donation towards his costs and hospital treatment in Prague.