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Fuel Tax Sentenced To Death

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Fuel cost update, 20th September 2012

Just further cost increases in the pipeline

and now Britain is teetering on the brink of

economic collapse.

Not much change here from the dimwits in

Government, or is the fuel cost deliberate

sabotage? to save banks.

Diesel is the economy of the modern world, yet Europe has the highest taxed. This has created a depression of unimaginable magnitude setting off a firestorm in financial markets that will destroy most economies.


Britain’s economy, it has been sentenced to death by fuel tax.


 A massive 85% combination of tax on tax after the oil refiners the fuel depot and oil company finally add Vat to the fuel delivery invoice ? but hang on a minute.


And this is before it reaches the petrol station. Who then add Vat again to the (duty and fuel cost.  (Duty 59.9%) and (Vat 20%) approximately 80%. Its not rocket science, its just another tax on tax on tax on tax on tax etc. And its destroying Britain!!


And the Government is responsible for this and the destruction of everything that once made Britain  (GB) Great Britain.



This tax on fuel has destroyed millions of jobs killed off manufacturing, destroyed small businesses, wiped out retail outlets, decimated the high street, bankrupted industrial estates and the self employed cant afford the fuel to go to work.


Those unemployed as a result and over 60 year of age not counted in unemployed figures amount to around 8 million unemployed. The Government figure is concocted lies to avoid the true unemployment figure


A work force that have no hope of a job in their lifetime thanks to Britain’s fuel taxes on everyone and everything.


While the above is quite shocking it is only part of the massive destruction being done to Britain, and the reason is shockingly clear, when you understand that everything. Including the water out of your tap was delivered by lorry and depends on fuel cost. (Think about it) begins with P.


The Government has taxed you now to oblivion and destroyed you and your children’s future, with fuel taxes.


Everything you have use own eat or drink is delivered by lorry. And fuel taxes have increased the cost of everything.


Making everything unaffordable to everyone accept the crooks in suits in Government.



And now the crooks are wondering why tax revenue is down over 40% on fuel.  And corporation tax is down so low its wiped out everything.


 Now Government is borrowing £Billions this year instead, amazing hey, they killed the Golden Goose. And are wondering why??


And now they are like chickens, with no head and brains to lead them?


 28 Aug 2012

Update, latest figures show the whole of the European Union manufacturing sector is slowing down, and Britain has stalled.

It obviously is clear to everyone accept Government ministers that (it costs more to buy all materials) now used in manufactured products, especially those  imported or transported.

Meaning that for those Ministers that do not understand business. It cost more to manufacture goods in Britain than anywhere else. This means Britain’s exported goods are more expensive.

And in many cases it costs more in fuel to transport the goods than it doe’s to manufacture them.

 Or is the fuel cost deliberate to raise the money to keep the Bankcorrupt Banks afloat!

That are/is the money in black plastic bags paid to the officials in power in Government a common purpose.