Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Advice check out the FSA Site before dealing with any of the companies listed.

Copy extracts from Financial Service Authority below. Check the FSA Register


These are just some companies or its subsidiaries (NO LONGER AUTHORISED), Shun..


Halifax Plc,

Alder Management Ltd,

Dixon Motor Holdings Ltd,

First Alternative Insurance Company Ltd,

Precis (2346 Ltd,

First Alternative,

Halifax Car Insurance,

Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance,

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance,

Sheilas Wheels,

Halifax Building Services Ltd,

Concept Solutions Halifax,

Halifax Investment Advisers Ltd,

Halifax Investment Management Ltd,

The MIS Group UK Ltd,

The Mortgageshop Huddersfield Ltd,

Insurance Supermarket,

Quick N Easy Finance,

The Mortgage And Insurance Shop,

The Mortgage Shop,

The Mortgage Shop Halifax Limited,

The Mortgage Shop Hillsborough,

Bradford & Bingley Plc

Alliance & Leicester Group Treasury Plc,

Santander UK Nominee Ltd,

Whiteley Partnership Insurance Company Ltd,

Sharesafe Ltd,

Alliance & Leicester General Insurance…

Royal Bank of Scotland… majority owned by the Government? Do you trust Government, the 99% don’t.  


Zurich, subsidiaries, Allied Dunbar Sterling Assurance Plc etc Zurich in all its many names is a fraudulent organisation, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY OR ANY OF ITS FRAUDULENT SUBSIDIARIES.


If you require help or think the company may be a ZURICH owned entity post a comment we will assist when ever possible with a reply.   Or we will list a much larger group of subsidiary companies like ACE, Eagle, AIG, CHARTIS, etc.




HSBC: Just a bunch of small business idiots completely untrustworthy.

RBS:                                       Just a bunch of School Kids with no business sense

NAT WEST                        Just RBS a miniscule better

BARCLAYS        Better but not much, and cost U too much, school kid managers

LLOYDS                                Know to much about everybody loads of problems here

SANTANDER                    Treat like RBS

ALLIED IRISH                 Treat like ZURICH the fraudster insurer

STANDARD CHARTERED? Check with, FSA Says No longer Authorised

FORTIS?                                   Check with, FSA Says No longer Authorised

YORKSHIRE BANK PLC      FSA says unauthorised). But better than some banks


Others to avoid.


Tesco Personal Finance Investments Limited, FSA says No longer Authorised

Goldman Sachs Private Bank Ltd, FSA says No longer Authorised

Aviva Insurance UK Limited FSA says No longer Authorised

International Cooperative, See FSA Register

SAGA, See FSA Register. not happy with reports

Mutual Insurance Federation FSA says No longer Authorised

RAC, owned by Insurance Company. now own by US Corporate giant

AA ,   owned by Insurance Company

GREEN FLAG ,  owned by Insurance Company


From initial investigations the INSURANCE CORPORATES own most of the automobile sector.


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Non-FSMA Registration

Affinion International Limited SL1 2EJ Cims Limited

Advantage Gold Membership Services, Advantage Premier Membership Services, American Express Card Protection, Barclaycard Card Protection, Barclaycard Mobile Phone Insurance, Barclaycard Price Protection…

Alder Management Limited L12 2AH

Halifax Agency

No longer Authorised
Banco Halifax Hispania S.A. Sociedad Unipersonal

EEA Authorised
Bank of Scotland plc EH1 1YZ Bank Of Scotland Plc, The Governor And Company Of The Bank …

600 Group Finance, Activate Member Loan, Autoby Tel. Co. Uk Business Finance, Autoby Tel. Co. Uk Motor Finance, Bank Of Scotland, Bank Of Scotland…

Bradford and Halifax Building Repairs Limited OL11 5TU Bradford And Halifax Building Repairs…

Aspray (Bradford And Halifax), Aspray Property Services (Bradford An…

Appointed Representative
City Index Limited EC2M 7EB

Actiorcfds, Ample Cfds, Ascension Cfds, Ascension Cfds, Axg Cfds, Barclays Stockbrokers Advisory Cfds…

Clare James Automotive Ltd MK9 1FE

Green Bower Mini & Bmw, Halifax Volkswagen, Lightcliffe Honda Liverpool, Lightcliffe Honda Southport, Lightcliffe Honda Warrington, Lightcliffe Skoda…

Appointed Representative
Clerical Medical Investment Fund Managers Ltd HX1 2RG Halifax Unit Trust Management Limited

Colin John Halifax GU17 9EY Colin Halifax

Appointed Representative – Former
Dixon Motor Holdings Limited DN4 5JQ

Dixon, Dixon Citroen, Dixon Citroen Bradford, Dixon Citroen Doncaster, Dixon Citroen Halifax, Dixon Citroen Hull…

No longer Authorised