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Monday, June 20th, 2016

Do you honestly think the EU bureaucratic fools and idiots can be trusted with immigration or distinguishing between refugees and economic migrants, or Britains unemployed, students, or those employed on zero hour contracts. Or future generations that will be pushed out of a job and home by immigrant cheap labour




Official Journal of the European Union

L 157/23


of 9 June 2016

establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Sweden in accordance with Article 9 of Decision (EU) 2015/1523 and Article 9 of Decision (EU) 2015/1601 establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and Greece


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 78(3) thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission,

Having regard to the opinion of the European Parliament (1),



According to Article 78(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), in the event of one or more Member States being confronted by an emergency situation characterised by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission and after consulting the European Parliament, may adopt provisional measures for the benefit of the Member State(s) concerned.


According to Article 80 TFEU, the policies of the Union in the area of border checks, asylum and immigration and their implementation are to be governed by the principle of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility between the Member States, and Union acts adopted in this area are to contain appropriate measures to give effect to this principle.


On the basis of Article 78(3) TFEU, the Council adopted two Decisions establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and Greece. Under Council Decision (EU) 2015/1523 (2), 40 000 applicants for international protection are to be relocated from Italy and from Greece to the other Member States. Under Council Decision (EU) 2015/1601 (3), 120 000 applicants for international protection are to be relocated from Italy and from Greece to the other Member States.


Article 9 of Decision (EU) 2015/1523 and Article 9 of Decision (EU) 2015/1601 provide that, in the event of an emergency situation characterised by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries into a Member State, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission and after consulting the European Parliament, may adopt provisional measures for the benefit of the Member State concerned, pursuant to Article 78(3) TFEU. Such measures may include, where appropriate, a suspension of the participation of that Member State in the relocation as provided for in those Decisions, as well as possible compensatory measures for Italy and for Greece.


Sweden faces an emergency situation characterised by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries into its territory because of a sharp shift in migratory flows. On 8 December 2015, Sweden formally requested the suspension of its obligations under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601.


The considerable increase in irregular border-crossing into the Union and in secondary movements across the Union has led to a sharp rise in Sweden in the number of applications for international protection, mainly from individuals who entered the Union via Italy and Greece.


Eurostat figures confirm a sharp increase in Sweden in the number of applicants for international protection. The number of applicants for international protection increased by more than 60 % from 68 245 applicants for the period from 1 January to 31 October 2014 to 112 040 applicants for the period from 1 January to 31 October 2015.


The monthly number of applicants for international protection has recently reached an even higher level: it doubled between August (11 735) and September (24 261), and reached 39 055 in October 2015 (an increase of 61 % from September).


Sweden had by far the highest number of applicants for international protection per capita in the Union in 2015, with 11 503 applicants per million inhabitants.


Sweden is also facing a difficult situation because of the recent significant increase in the number of unaccompanied minors, with one out of four applicants claiming to be an unaccompanied minor.


The current situation has put a very significant strain on the Swedish asylum and migration system, with serious practical consequences on the ground as regards reception conditions and the ability of the asylum and migration system to deal with applications. In order to help alleviate the significant pressure with which Sweden is confronted, the obligations of Sweden as a Member State of relocation under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601 should be suspended for 1 year.


The suspension of Sweden’s obligations should be complemented, where appropriate, by operational support measures coordinated by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and by other relevant Agencies.


Sweden should present to the Council and to the Commission a roadmap setting out the measures that it will take in order to ensure the effectiveness of its asylum and migration system and to resume its obligations under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601 once the suspension of its obligations ceases to have effect.


Since the objectives of this Decision cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States but can rather, by reason of the scale and effects of the action, be better achieved at Union level, the Union may adopt measures, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 5 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU). In accordance with the principle of proportionality, as set out in that Article, this Decision does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve those objectives.


This Decision respects the fundamental rights and observes the principles recognised by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.


In accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of Protocol No 21 on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of the area of freedom, security and justice, annexed to the TEU and to the TFEU, and without prejudice to Article 4 of that Protocol, those Member States are not taking part in the adoption of this Decision and are not bound by it or subject to its application.


In accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of Protocol No 22 on the position of Denmark, annexed to the TEU and to the TFEU, Denmark is not taking part in the adoption of this Decision and is not bound by it or subject to its application.


In view of the urgency of the situation, this Decision should enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union,


Article 1

Subject matter

This Decision establishes provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Sweden, in order to support it in better coping with an emergency situation characterised by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries.

Article 2

Suspension of obligations under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601

The obligations of Sweden as a Member State of relocation under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601 shall be suspended until 16 June 2017.

Article 3

Operational support to Sweden

In order to enable Sweden to better cope with the exceptional pressure on its asylum and migration system, operational support shall be provided to Sweden, where appropriate, through relevant activities coordinated by EASO and by other relevant Agencies.

Article 4

Complementary measures to be taken by Sweden

By 16 July 2016, Sweden shall present to the Council and to the Commission a roadmap setting out the measures that it will take in order to ensure the effectiveness of its asylum and migration system and to resume its obligations under Decisions (EU) 2015/1523 and (EU) 2015/1601 once the suspension referred to in Article 2 ceases to have effect.

Article 5

Entry into force

This Decision shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Done at Luxembourg, 9 June 2016.

For the Council

The President


(1)  Opinion of 26 May 2016 (not yet published in the Official Journal).

(2)  Council Decision (EU) 2015/1523 of 14 September 2015 establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and of Greece (OJ L 239, 15.9.2015, p. 146).

(3)  Council Decision (EU) 2015/1601 of 22 September 2015 establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and Greece (OJ L 248, 24.9.2015, p. 80).




Monday, August 24th, 2015




These offences by the above and public officers within Local and National Government Departments without justification has led to viable public mistrust and concern at the level of abuse being carried out by authority.


This link is a good example, copy to browser,


While these officials of Governments have been enjoying the good life on good salaries and lavish expenses. The ordinary and ageing population who paid for Ministers and MPs lavish income and lifestyle. Pay as well for their politicians criminal bad behaviour.


These decision makers (the Government) have created out of incompetence, deliberate act or wilful neglect an economy based on borrowing and debt.  Where because manufacturing output is falling, the working population the middle income and low paid have no money to spend. Even though they are still working, this is because the concentration of wealth is held by the few hoarded in offshore accounts  and not re-distributed back to the working population of SME middle income and low paid.


This has created an indifference towards Bank Borrowing and Lending or buying the products workers once produced themselves in volume for export.  Moreover it’s shocking to see Government Ministers still imposing draconian tax- Austerity measures on workers, while they still gorge themselves.
But then then most are career politicians. The crooks in suits in the pay of huge banking corporates the so-called experts, the few who cocked up the financial system and ruined the global economy.


That you and the next 5 generations will pay for.

Greece Gets More Austerity More Inflation

Monday, July 13th, 2015

EU have got to get more austerity past

Greek parliament first.


ECB is now in charge of Greek legislature any changes to law will now need ECB approval first.

Clearly people must wake up to the realization that the European Union is quite simply an organisation setup and run by central banks whos entire purpose is profit from domination and fear, to create more laws to increase Tax collection from its debt enslaved citizens – to enrich the European Central Bank (ECB Banks).


All of the bailouts and debts and interest owed by your Government is being paid by – YOU to the BANKS. Yet most of these high street banks were bancrupted by their own miss-management and greed. NOW these b-st-rds want more of your money and everything else. And you are next on their list for poverty induced slavery! Update: Its started now and will continue for many generations. As Government borrows from the future income produced by teenagers to the elderly in the year 2065 onwards


Greeces bailout will include huge tax increases (more austerity) price inflation on all purchases, IVA- VAT increases, cuts to pensions and benefits and privatisation of state assets and the sell off of all profitable enterprises. The EU will oversee running the remainder at a profit. Update: Bailout news Greece! will be able to pay of some of its debts with the money its borrowing from those it owes money to. Not much hope of ever paying off the DEBT or INTEREST mmm?


While in the meantime the World is at the beck and call of these greedy b-st-rds “the banks”.


In just a few days the Greek parliament will be forced to introduce new austerity measures dispite the Greek peoples referendum that voted in a anti-austerity Government. This is the clearest indication yet. That World democracy as far as the EU is concerned no longer exists. Instead the European Union and its ECB banks, now control everything in partnership with the IMF, (another bunch of gangsters). Who clearly want the status as World Reserve Bank. To control every financial instrument.


What we are seeing here is like a Bond Movie- where a huge PLC group wants world domination and the control of all monetary assets. Then creates fear to enslave its people in debt to the PLC groups banks, that they could never pay off. Leaving them in abject poverty as slaves to the groups gangsters. This example the EU, ECB, IMF, Eurogroup, (Banks).


It is the most basic principle in business. That you cannot borrow money to pay off a debt. It never works, you can only restructure debt and pay it off over a very long time. In the case of Greece the loan sharks like Germany and France and others loaned them huge sums of money with high interest payments and a payback strategy that would earn them big bucks regardless of the consequences. Greece has reported over 10,000 suicides, including a Ministers own son.


Take for example the comment made by German chancellor Angela Merkel who said “she was sure timetable for Greek Legislature change being passed by Parliament by Wednesday dispite anti-austerity referendum vote win by its people. Well many sources said  the German Chancellors job is on the line for debt risk lending to Greece. And the European Union could not afford the break up of Eurozone and EU, that it has now admitted would follow if Greece’s economy, a Eurozone member collapsed. Update: Germany may have now brought unwittingly the European Union to the end of the road and the precipice. As EU member states continue to open arms to anti-austerity parties. Whilst ignoring borrowing, and removing funds from banks.


Put in simple terms the European Union and the ECB with other callous loan sharks knew the entire European Union experiment was a grave mistake. But would never admit they were wrong. Now the entire World is suffering, for their stupidity and greed. Greece is unfortunately just the Pawn in all this – and its people will never be able to pay back the increased debt being planned as I write.

Update: There has been a huge increase in support for far left anti Austerity parties across Europe as ordinary people realize they are paying for the Banks past criminal activities still continuing today.  Who are recieving proceeds of crime profits as well as the bailouts and interest payment you the -Taxpayer are still paying to the banks under Austerity. In the meantime Banks are awash with hoarded cash mountains not being released into circulation. WHY, are we just experiencing the end of Bank control because no money in circulation means no increases in spending. Which means we dont need the banks.


What we should all consider regardless of our own opinion (for or against) any of the above, is that this could be you who may be next for the same type of treatment.


ASK YOUR GOVERNMENT WHO IS GOING TO PAY AND GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY IN ANY BANK. AND ASK FOR THE GUARANTEE IN WRITING. (good luck with this ).    Remember Cyprus and now Greece 60 Euro max per day. While open and cash in machine.     ?????????????


BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENTS GUARRANTEE IS ONLY WORTH TOILET PAPER WHEN A BANK GOES BUST, BECAUSE BANKS ARE ONLY LIMITED COMPANIES.   ( liability is limited to their share value only)  and they have LEGAL PRIVILEGE, this means they own your money in their Bank, NOT YOU.


Who is paying off who here. This stinks of fraud regarding Greece, either that or the poor defence-less puppet had a gun to his head, let’s hope the Greek people are not that stupid. BECAUSE IF THE EU AND IT’S LOAN SHARKS AND GANGSTERS GET AWAY WITH THIS. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR US, OR THE GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW .


Democracy what democracy,

Referendum pah! Just a vote of no confidence for your Government. Thats Democracy!!!!

Britain be warned, you will be duped by EU’s bootlicker PM next.

Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,


HSBC, RBS, Barclay’s, Lloyd’s etc and hundreds of others worldwide. These: Too Big To Fail, Banksters, Corporations, Insurers etc. Are all criminally involved and intertwined with thousands of other financial institutions.


Screwed up Banks, Insurers, Financial Institutions, Corporate Blue Chips, Authority, Police, Courts, Government, Officials, MPs, Ministers, Lawyers, Government Corporate Organisations of Government, and so on.


And the crash and the failure in 2008 of many of the worlds largest Banks, Insurers, and Corporate Giants. Have seen Scandal after scandal hit the headlines involving all of the above organizations and its officials.


Bailouts, Bail-ins, Libor, Rate Rigging, Bid Rigging, Fraud, Deception, Lies, Abuse, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Drug Trafficking, People Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Child Grooming Gangs, Paedophile Gang allegations in Government. And the list of unbelievable abuses go on and appear endless from most of the above.


This to big to fail to big to jail mentality and immunity from prosecution must end. Else we have a two tier society enforced on us by the wealthiest, where the weakest and poorest in society [only] get prosecuted and jailed.


It is not enough that these organizations get fined for their crimes, {Banks} should have their [Licenses Removed]. And those officials involved in criminal activity should be prosecuted and jailed with sentences befitting their criminal activity.


But it should not end just here.


It is enshrined so deep in Corporate Organisations of Government that the crimes corruption and fraud will continue, unless ordinary businessmen and citizens alike: Take back the control and power of money from Government. And these Gangsters and elitists who think nothing of- killing (off ) millions of people to keep their wealth power and control.


And from the known Banks that are implicated in helping Launder Money for Terrorists, Islamic Extremist, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Drug Barons, Traffickers. The worst criminal organisations imaginable who kill without conscience.


But it also doesn’t end there either, it is also clear that huge private organisations like the IMF, The World Bank, the ECB, the BIS, the European Union, and many other organisations are funding war-in factions wars and criminal activities so monstrous its unbelievable. But horribly true. And this is done in the pretext that they are protecting our democratic safety and security. Which is partly true. .


Though closer investigation reveals a more sinister tactic of using fear to indoctrinate us into believing we need protection from terrorists. When clearly this is not always the case, {since most actions} by the organisations above} are just to lay claim to the spoils of war, commodities, natural resources, wealth, and power from poorer nations.


For those who have experienced the depravity of some of the poorest nations like Africa. Whose wealth includes Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, Oil and many of the rarest elements on earth. You will understand. That the exploitation by the wealthiest extends to not only. The poorest nations, but also to the wealthier nations of Europe, in particular by the ECB and [European Union] – {who is hell bent on stealing}. What little, [wealth we have]. Now, Prime Minister David Cameron is involved in offshore funds,

This is the Prime Minister who is spending £9 million  of taxpayers money. Your money, on. His “friends in greed” leaflets, telling us we must remain in the European Union. This corruption by our leaders must stop do not believe the rubbish from Government, they and most within it and the EU are nothing better than Crooksinsuits. Do your own research on the internet then use your own commonsence, its much better to trust yourself. Your vote in the EU referendum is your only chance to change things and get rid of these thieves.

The American public need to think carefully, Clinton is known to lie, if you want more of the same vote for Clinton. The USA needs a leader not a liar, (Trump is your only other candidate maybe) he will Jail Her.

Its a very similar situation to Britain where just about everyone we should be able to trust, are no better than the convicts in jail convicted of robbery.

The only difference is (convicts will tell the truth) sometimes?







Monday, November 3rd, 2014

British Government Allow Its Agencies to Ignore Statute and Common Law.


  • This abuse is turning ordinary citizens against the Government authority whom should respect the law and the freedoms and security it gives to all.


Instead Government and its Agencies have become Gangsters who are using trumped up invented law that does not exist, to strike fear and alarm when bailiffs call to collect debt or fines imposed illegally.


  • All to often now we see “Police in full Body Armour”, “Government paid bullies” “paid to beat Protesters”. Whom “mostly are ordinary citizens” like you and me, including the Policemen/women


We also see and hear news reports of how the Unemployed and Pensioners and Benefit claimants are Scroungers costing taxpayers £billions in fraudulent claims.        NOTE THESE ARE UNFUNDED SCHEMES YOU PAY FOR.


These are extracts from the Governments account they speak for themselves.

  • You do not need to be an accountant to realise staff costs are way to high, look at social security benefits re staff costs
  • If this was a private business it would have gone bust in the first few months of trading.  Most of Governments is ran as though to loose as much taxpayers money as possible.   Stop spreading lies.
  • But lets look at the real Truth, Britain has become the dumping ground for huge numbers of Immigrants seeking a better life or free meal ticket. And most arrive from poverty stricken third world countries like Pakistan Bulgaria Romania Somalia Angola.


Many of these are ruthless criminals and murderers with the means and money to get to England, who bypass all the other EU countries just to get to England. Because the EU and Government allows it.


  • This is not some mistake or error by Government, it is deliberate policy. It is simply about cheap labour and creating unemployment to lower the cost of wages for the largest employers. And the Governments own accounts show that fraud and contributed pensions and benefit claimants figures are very small compared to the huge amount paid out to immigrants. There is also a Question that needs asking why is the Government advertising in India for staff, when we have a huge pool of University educated graduates unemployed in Britain working for Tesco or McDonald’s.


What is happening in Britain is is happening all over Europe. It has been created by the Governments of the EU in Collaboration with the ECB (European Central Bank) an unelected body whom make all the Financial and Monetary decisions including those effecting law in all EU Countries.


  • These central banks are the parasites that produce nothing. They don’t produce wealth they take it from you, using laws they organised and had implemented illegally. They control everything using wealth and the ability given to them by Governments to Print as much money as they want, Out Of Thin Air and create Debt for its 500 Million Citizens using inflation and currency exchange control. Central banks want inflation to reduce EU Government Debt and to transfer wealth from its  savers to banks. Increasing inflation in small unoticable chunks. So savers don’t notice their wealth is depreciating and being transfered to the banks.


The British Government uses inflation against its citizens because it lowers Government debt. It has bailed out the banks several times and still is bailing out banks. So the debt burden is huge. Moreover this debt is not quantifiable because the banks do not know how large it is. So the Government must cause inflation to lower the debt it created by bailing out insolvent banks.


  • What the Government is doing is give a false impression that the British economy is booming. But this is just an illusion, to get you to spend your money, which means the Government receives more taxes from your spending into its coffers. And the means to this illusion they are using is cheap Mortgages, introduced and guaranteed by Government to banks. Talk about complicity in parasitic behaviour.


Despite of all the British Governments intervention and televised hype and advertisements. Britain in the EU, is in the largest depressionary cycle ever seen. This is easily observed by the low paid part time jobs created like checkout staff and unskilled bar staff, cleaners etc. taken by a massively huge pool of unemployed workers fighting for a job against an even larger pool of immigrants. Now accounting for a larger part of the black economy than ever before. Paid in cash, wages as low as 70 pence an hour by huge corporate enterprises, farms, packers etc.


  • All of the problems related to the financial crisis and the predicament we are in now is down to the Government and the European Union. Who allowed the insurance companies and the banks to commit fraud. This cannot be disputed it was complete complicit incompetence and fraudulent intent by Government, Insurers and Banks. Whom now appear to be creating a situation where a third world war conflict will be the out come to get the parasites out of the mess they created. I hope I am wrong?


Recently bailiffs called to my home (I was away at the time) but what happened was astonishing, the threats issued by these thugs broke all laws. The methods used shocked me to the extent that I was not believing my own flesh and blood until I saw the security camera recordings. (this is yet to be dealt with). The offence committed was parking in a clearly marked parking bay which resulted in a fixed penalty parking notice. The Councils own evidence a photograph clearly showed no such restrictions , and as such it was defended correctly and with no further response from the council until the statutory time limit was up.

Then with no notice the bailiffs turned up calling the police because they were refused entry using a terrorism act. To collect an illegally enforced parking ticket.


  • The police then allowed an illegal entry to a property I do not own- nor any of the possessions in the house, Then bailiffs forced the Owner to pay my parking fine and costs of several hundred £pounds. This is theft with the full consent knowledge and assistance of the Police the Courts and the Government. It also breaks every statute and every principle of common law, the law of the land Magna Carta. And is why I searched the internet to see if others had experienced such blatant abuse of our centuries old and famous legal system. That is used the world over.


Please look at these examples of the “British Governments Authorised interpretation of the Legal System” “in Britain Today”. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOU BROWSER  THE LINKS, THE CONTENT IS WORTH IT.

The British constitution group above is well worth looking into since its objects will appeal to most if not all reasonable law abiding British Citizens.

      • It should be a wake up call before Britain is taken over by the Banks and the EU. Who are filling Britain with immigrant cheap labour, many “who are recorded criminals” child molesters, rapists, fraudsters and murderers. Who are allowed to claim benefits not contributed to, and fill our hospital wards to overcapacity.


None of the main Political Parties, have taken any notice of our opinion until now and none are worth Voting for. The referendum in Scotland clearly showed them all for what they are Liars. So now it is up to the General public to speak out and tell the truth as it is. We are inundated by corrupt Government the EU Banks Insurers and immigrants who abuse Britain and its very tolerant citizens way of life.


      • I say this to all reasonable minded concerned citizens, Take action now, have your say on Facebook etc. or publish your own website. Its not against the law to tell the truth, Even if its unpalatable for Governments.


Now its time we got rid of the whole corrupt rotten lot and took back our liberty and freedom from oppression and debt imposed by the few on the masses.


See extracts below if you think your money in a bank

is yours?

Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending)

Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23 )

    1. pmMr Douglas Carswell (Clacton) (Con): I beg to move,
  • That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit banks and building societies lending on the basis of demand deposits without the permission of the account holder; and for connected purposes.

Who owns the money in your bank account? That small question has profound implications. According to a survey by Ipsos MORI, more than 70% of people in the UK believe that when they deposit money with the bank, it is theirs—but it is not. Money deposited in a bank account is, as established under case law going back more than 200 years, legally the property of the bank, rather than the account holder.


  • Were any hon. Members to deposit £100 at their bank this afternoon or, rather improbably, if the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was to manage to do so on any Member’s behalf, the bank would then be free to lend on approximately £97 of it. Even under the new capital ratio requirements, the bank could lend on more than 90% of what one deposited. Indeed, bank A could then lend on £97 of the initial £100 deposit to another bank—bank B—which could then lend on 97% of the value. The lending would go round and round until, as we saw at the height of the credit boom, for every £1 deposited banks would have piled up more than £40-worth of accumulated credit of one form or another.


Banks enjoy a form of legal privilege extended to no other area of business that I am aware of—it is a form of legal privilege. I am sure that some hon. Members, in full compliance with IPSA rules, may have rented a flat, and they do not need me, or indeed IPSA, to explain that having done so they are, in general, not allowed to sub-let it to someone else. Anyone who tried to do that would find that their landlord would most likely eject them. So why are banks allowed to sub-let people’s money many times over without their consent?


  • My Bill would give account holders legal ownership of their deposits, unless they indicated otherwise when opening the account. In other words, there would henceforth be two categories of bank account: deposit-taking accounts for investment purposes, and deposit-taking accounts for storage purposes. Banks would remain at liberty to lend on money deposited in the investment accounts, but not on money deposited in the storage accounts. As such, the idea is not a million miles away from the idea of 100% gilt-backed storage accounts proposed by other hon. Members and the Governor of the Bank of England.


My Bill is not just a consumer-protection measure; it also aims to remove a curious legal exemption for banks that has profound implications on the whole economy. Precisely because they are able to treat one’s deposit as an investment in a giant credit pyramid, banks are able to conjure up credit. In most industries, when demand rises businesses produce more in response. The legal privilege extended to banks prevents that basic market mechanism from working, with disastrous consequences.


  • As I shall explain, if the market mechanism worked as it should, once demand for credit started to increase in an economy, banks would raise the price of credit— ¦904interest rates—in order to encourage more savings. More folk would save as a result, as rates rose. That would allow banks to extend credit in proportion to savings. Were banks like any other business, they would find that when demand for what they supply lets rip, they would be constrained in their ability to supply credit by the pricing mechanism. That is, alas, not the case with our system of fractional reserve banking.


Able to treat people’s money as their own, banks can carry on lending against it, without necessarily raising the price of credit. The pricing mechanism does not rein in the growth in credit as it should. Unrestrained by the pricing mechanism, we therefore get credit bubbles. To satisfy runaway demand for credit, banks produce great candy-floss piles of the stuff. The sugar rush feels great for a while, but that sugar-rush credit creates an expansion in capacity in the economy that is not backed by real savings.


  • It is not justified in terms of someone else’s deferred consumption, so the credit boom creates unsustainable over-consumption.
  • Policy makers, not least in this Chamber, regardless of who has been in office, have had to face the unenviable choice between letting the edifice of crony capitalism come crashing down, with calamitous consequences for the rest of us, or printing more real money to shore up this Ponzi scheme—and the people who built it—and in doing so devalue our currency to keep the pyramid afloat.


Since the credit crunch hit us, an endless succession of economists, most of whom did not see it coming, have popped up on our TV screens to explain its causes with great authority. Most have tended to see the lack of credit as the problem, rather than as a symptom. Perhaps we should instead begin to listen to those economists who saw the credit glut that preceded the crash as the problem. The Cobden Centre, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Huerta de Soto all grasped that the overproduction of bogus candy-floss credit before the crunch gave rise to it.


  • It is time to take seriously their ideas on honest money and sound banking.
  • The Keynesian-monetarist economists might recoil in horror at the idea, because their orthodoxy holds that without these legal privileges for banks, there would be insufficient credit. They say that the oil that keeps the engine of capitalism working would dry up and the machine would grind to a halt, but that is not so.

Under my Bill, credit would still exist but it would be credit backed by savings. In other words, it would be credit that could fuel an expansion in economic capacity that was commensurate with savings or deferred consumption. It would be, to use the cliché of our day, sustainable.


  • Ministers have spoken of their lofty ambition to rebalance the economy from one based on consumption to one founded on producing things. A good place to begin might be to allow a law that permits storage bank accounts that do not permit banks to mass-produce phoney credit in a way that ultimately favours consumers and debtors over those who create wealth. With honest money, instead of being the nation of indebted consumers that we have become, Britons might become again the producers and savers we once were.

With a choice between the new storage accounts and investment accounts, no longer would private individuals find themselves co-opted as unwilling—and indeed ¦905unaware—investors in madcap deals through credit instruments that few even of the banks’ own boards seem to understand.


  • Question put and agreed to.
  • Ordered,
  • That Mr Douglas Carswell and Steve Baker present the Bill.
  • Mr Douglas Carswell accordingly presented the Bill.
  • Bill read the First time; to be read a Second time on Friday 19 November and to be printed (Bill 71).



“Draghi has questionable ability”.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

“To QE or not to QE that is the issue for Mario Draghi”.

To “cut rates” or “not to cut rates”. Or to “do whatever it takes” ?  Draghi did say this didn’t he.

Well don’t expect definitive clarity at “today’s news conference” because it won’t happen. “Draghi now has the job of defending his questionable abilities” an overvalued Euro and skilfulness which is waning in front of World leaders.

Update: 14:18, Well what did you expect. No change, he has just protected his backside.

Update 08:55 14th July 2014,

 Draghi announced the ECB (European Central Bank) would give banks a Trillion + Euro liquidity (money) to The “?” Solvent European Banks.    (mm, this drastic action by the ECB expert Draghi, didn’t work in 2012, with 2.2 Trillion Euro. Why should “Draghi repeat action” work this time.
 NOTE comment below, it was posted : 17th June 2012 
Also the ECB said there is no inflation in the Euro area and no prospect of it.
Just on which planet is the ECB spokesman?



Mario Draghi and his “parasitic elite”.

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

European Central Bank 

The ECB, lets see what is it mmm, its an un-elected and unaccountable bunch of parasites that print money from nothing then lend it to Governments with interest plus terms and conditions, which then force through tax increases on its people. At the same time the ECB gives banks as much free money as they want. Banks then invest this cash in high yield debt, returning negligible cash into the economy, and virtually nothing to small business?


What the ECB is forcing through is its own self-selected power to topple Governments destroy democracy and force through levels of austerity that perpetuate even deeper deregulation of elected Governments monetary affairs and even more austerity (Massive Tax Increases).


Elected Governments and its leaders are being told by the ECB in no uncertain terms to enforce a No –Referendum policy regarding the EU and instead force through ECB policy cuts and austerity or face isolation from ECB bailouts or bond buying money.


ECB self elected parasites have forced through wage deflation using government imports of low cost labour from eastern block countries while restructuring (lowering pensions) to poverty level. The ECB is also playing a game of collective power over Europe’s elected democratic Governments. To remove parliamentary power and hand it to an ECB controlled European Finance Ministry funded by the invading same parasitic group.


The ECB is ruthless in attempting to take over the role of monetary and national law from people elected parliamentary power. It sees itself as the elite group of experts who are able to topple and control any or all Governments its leaders and financial institutions using its banks. Who can limit funding or increase it at will and the ECB is looking at this with a long-term view of Governing the Euro Zone through decades and generations.


To do this the ECB is giving vast sums of money to the highly leveraged technically insolvent banks that have huge interconnected cousins across World borders who can and will act like the gangsters they are, to control what the ECB wants in return for free money.


This puts forward the urgency to reconsider our membership of the European Union before the ECB creates an unstoppable undemocratic system of central bank control. That will increase taxes to fund its own long-term objective of totalitarian monetary control over everyone and everything. This control means the “Euro will be devalued” mid to late 2014 because Draghi needs to appease Central Banks and now has no other option as Deflation dangers looms.


Ask yourself this question (do you know who elected the ECB) to take control over your political and financial decisions to decide whom you democratically vote for in elections or referendums.


Because Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will do the bidding of the ECB elite group, and deny your referendum and democratic rights, (before the next election).




Bank Failures, Corruption, Fraud, Housing bubble, Indicate 2008 Crash Ending

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Update: 08/02/2015.

The situation through-out Europe is extremely grave for ordinary people who will be made to pay for another round of Austerity forced on them by the European Central Banks. This destruction of EU Economies by Mario Draghi at the Helm of the ECB using another round of Quantitative Easing, (bailing out the Banks, Insurers, and Corporate giants) may see the collapse of the worlds financial system.

Certainly we are at the crossroads of a major change in elected Governments all over the EU. The comment underlined in blue below and percieved problems wrote about a year earlier certainly seem now very accurate. My guess now is that we will have anti- Islamic, anti-European Union, anti- Bailouts, anti – Immigration, Left of Centre Politicians leading in the Polls and taking the prize of Governments from the “Elite Uncaring paid for Politicians”.


Are we about to experience the “2008 crash again“, the indications undoubtedly show comparable housing bubbles growing at unsustainable rates. Banks are growing larger on taxpayer bailouts and the dangers of to big to fail is worrying Governments. Also the largest proportion, “most banks” do not know what their exposure to derivatives is. Plus they have become addicted to customers cash deposits to fund liquidity.


This begs the question “how much longer” can banks expect its customers to “deposit their” money, in any bank now. Moreover available data suggests that customers do not trust banks and most now realise that banks are just betting their money on risky but lucrative investments “if they win” fine but these investments they realise are not much better than betting on the Grand National winner, the odds are stacked heavily against the banks picking the winner.


Its clear Banks and its Insurance providers have relied on being able to fool the public into believing they are trustable institutions and will give you your money back on demand. While its insurers will pay you out if you make a claim. Unfortunately the public now know it’s not true, and its insurers will busts its guts to avoid paying you out.


Even more alarming is that “Insurers will lie” abuse, deceive, delay, ignore regulation and international law and will “commit fraud with impunity”. Knowing they “its Directors” are protected by the companies acts and  “Banker Privilege” from direct prosecution.


However banks need to rely on being able to offer loans to its customers and be able to offer these at low interest rates. Again this is not the case banks do have the liquid cash assets to loan out and interest rate remain unsustainably low. This economic government generated austerity will raise interest rates quickly both in the short and long term. Why this will happen is simple the Government paid for housing market “bank created” bubble is about to burst.  Update: appears this article was reasonably correct but then when you have corruption in Government its easy to predict outcome.

This will lead to inflation targets becoming deflation woes and the collapse of most commodities and huge Corporate. Followed by daily insolvency headlines and executives seen throwing themselves off their multi story headquarters.

Then there is the ECB the European Central Bank, this collection of central bankers “self elected official” monetary lawmakers to its 28 member states. Who control currency supply and exchange rates while manipulating financial policy and political opinion to its members advantage, which explains why they create debt.

At the same time European Union spending and unprecedented publicity for years conned the public into believing that the EU gave people the right to work, live, travel, and trade with any member country. And have rights and laws protecting its citizens from the abuse of power by member states their officials or from businesses tradesman etc.

This however is not true. EU law give the right for each “Member Country” to use their existing laws. This has created a mass of differing legislation in many languages, which is constantly being abused by some countries to deny lawful claim or complaint. In a language interpretation, that for “non speakers” is impossible to complain about or defend.

Whist the idea of a single currency appears a simple solution for trade between countries, what is actually happening is a constant drain of cash from its consumers. That the EU created using its self elected laws like VAT which is a mandatory condition of being a EU member state. This tax on its own has destroyed manufacturing output and put millions in poverty. To create a monopoly for its corporate shareholding elite central bankers, who own almost everything?

Take a hard look at the inflation rate reports televised by the Governments own BBC propaganda machine.


It’s not so difficult to understand why we have such a low inflation rate when its YOU  who are the ( GOVERNMENT) who calculates the rate (TO THE FIGURE IT WANTS), negative 1% or plus 20%

Both are incorrect, but 20% is nearer the truth.

Do they think that we haven’t realised fuel has rocketed doubling in price and that food prices now increase each week and our energy costs have tripled.

Everyone has noticed food manufacturers keep packet sizes the same but lower the content weight.

It’s even easier for Government to lower the unemployment rate, when the JOBCENTER+ leave’s out the self employed and wont allow anyone over 50 to sign on.

Then those in paid employment have to work longer and for less money and every £ they spent buy less each day. Meaning they cannot spend what they DON´T HAVE, which has destabilised the economy. Because no money is flowing around.

The GOVERNMENT is lying and the corrupt politicians know the Government is lying, but these same politicians realise they have to hide the true figures or face a massive public backlash. Update: they are facing a huge backlash….

You only need look at the latest BBC NEWS reports of house price rises, Unemployment down, Exports up, Manufacturing output up, Banks making huge profits, and the Economy growing. When the facts are not true.

And these same reports are coming out of Europe as well, but unfortunately it is simply not true. Update: now we have yet another round of (QE) quantitative easing. Basicly buying junk bonds to refinance unsafe banks and huge corporates in general.

What is true is that the figures are all being manipulated to refinance and enrich the banks and the elite 1%.  Update: Who now own nearly 49% of the entire worlds wealth.

Who have and are raking in £millions from taxpayers who have refinanced the TBTF insolvent banks since 2008.

And it is time this was stopped and the banks broken up into smaller units of public ownership.

Before these GANGSTERS create another illegal WAR, like Iraq.

Trust At Your Own Risk

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

SEC Enforcement Actions Addressing Misconduct That Led

to or Arose From the Financial Crisis

  • Key Statistics (through May 1, 2013)

Concealed from investors risks, terms, and improper pricing

in CDOs and other complex structured products:

  • Citigroup – SEC charged Citigroup’s principal U.S. broker-dealer subsidiary with misleading investors about a $1 billion CDO tied to the housing market in which Citigroup bet against investors as the housing market showed signs of distress. The proposed settlement would require a payment of $285 million by Citigroup that would be returned to harmed investors. (10/19/11)
  • Commonwealth Advisors – SEC charged Walter A. Morales and his Baton Rouge-based firm with defrauding investors by hiding millions of dollars in losses suffered during the financial crisis from investments tied to residential mortgage-backed securities. (11/9/12)
  • Goldman Sachs-SEC charged the firm with defrauding investors by misstating and omitting key facts about a financial product tied to subprime mortgages as the U.S. housing market was beginning to falter. (4/16/10)
    • Goldman Settled Charges – Firm agreed to pay record penalty in $550 million settlement and reform its business practices. (7/15/10)
  • ICP Asset Management-SEC charged ICP and its president with fraudulently managing investment products tied to the mortgage markets as they came under pressure. (6/21/10)
    • ICP and President Settled Charges – ICP and its president Thomas Priore agreed to pay penalties and settle the SEC’s charges (9/6/12)
  • J.P. Morgan Securities – SEC charged the firm with misleading investors in a complex mortgage securities transaction just as the housing market was starting to plummet. J.P. Morgan agreed to pay $153.6 million in a settlement that enables harmed investors to receive all of their money back. (6/21/11)
  • Mizuho Securities USA – SEC charged the U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based Mizuho Financial Group and three former employees with misleading investors in a CDO by using “dummy assets” to inflate the deal’s credit ratings while the housing market was showing signs of severe stress. The SEC also charged the deal’s collateral manager and portfolio manager. Mizuho agreed to pay $127.5 million to settle the charges, and the others also agreed to settlements. (7/18/12)
  • Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.- SEC charged the St. Louis-based brokerage firm and a former senior executive with defrauding five Wisconsin school districts by selling them unsuitably risky and complex investments. (8/10/11)
    • RBC Capital Markets – SEC charged the firm for misconduct in the sale of unsuitable CDO investments to five Wisconsin school districts. The firm settled the charges by paying $30.4 million to be distributed to the school districts through a Fair Fund. (9/27/11)
  • Wachovia Capital Markets – SEC charged the firm with misconduct in the sale of two CDOs tied to the performance of residential mortgage-backed securities as the housing market was beginning to show signs of distress. Firm settled charges by paying more than $11 million, much of which will be returned to harmed investors. (4/5/11)
  • Wells Fargo – SEC charged Wells Fargo’s brokerage firm and a former vice president for selling investments tied to mortgage-backed securities without fully understanding their complexity or disclosing the risks to investors. Wells Fargo agreed to pay more than $6.5 million to settle the charges. (8/14/12)

Made misleading disclosures to investors

about mortgage-related risks and exposure:

  • American Home Mortgage – SEC charged executives with accounting fraud and misleading investors about the company’s deteriorating financial condition as the subprime crisis emerged. Former CEO settled charges by paying $2.45 million and agreeing to five-year officer and director bar. (4/28/09)
  • BankAtlantic – SEC charged the holding company for one of Florida’s largest banks and CEO Alan Levan with misleading investors about growing problems in one of its significant loan portfolios early in the financial crisis. (1/18/12)
  • Citigroup – SEC charged the company and two executives with misleading investors about exposure to subprime mortgage assets. Citigroup paid $75 million penalty to settle charges, and the executives also paid penalties. (7/29/10)
  • Commonwealth Bankshares – SEC charged three former bank executives in Virginia for understating millions of dollars in losses and masking the true health of the bank’s loan portfolio at the height of the financial crisis. (1/9/13)
  • Countrywide– SEC charged CEO Angelo Mozilo and two other executives with deliberately misleading investors about significant credit risks taken in efforts to build and maintain the company’s market share. Mozilo also charged with insider trading. (6/4/09)
    • Mozilo Settled Charges – Agreed to record $22.5 million penalty and permanent officer and director bar. (10/15/10)
  • Credit Suisse Securities (USA) SEC charged the firm with misleading investors in offering of residential mortgage-backed securities. Credit Suisse agreed to pay $120 million to settle the SEC’s charges. (11/16/12)
  • Franklin Bank – SEC charged two top executives with securities fraud for misleading investors about increasing delinquencies in its single-family mortgage and residential construction loan portfolios at the height of the financial crisis. (4/5/12)
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – SEC charged six former top executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with securities fraud for misleading investors about the extent of each company’s holdings of higher-risk mortgage loans, including subprime loans. (12/16/11)
  • IndyMac Bancorp– SEC charged three executives with misleading investors about the mortgage lender’s deteriorating financial condition. (2/11/11)
    • CEO Settles Case – IndyMac’s former CEO and chairman of the board Michael Perry agreed to pay an $80,000 penalty. (9/28/12)
  • J.P. Morgan Securities – SEC charged the firm with misleading investors in offerings of residential mortgage-backed securities. J.P. Morgan Securities agreed to pay $296.9 million to settle the SEC’s charges. (11/16/12)
  • New Century– SEC charged three executives with misleading investors as the lender’s subprime mortgage business was collapsing. (12/7/09)
    • Executives Settled Charges – Paid more than $1.5 million and each agreed to five-year officer and director bars. (7/30/10)
  • Option One Mortgage Corp.- SEC charged the H&R Block subsidiary with misleading investors in several offerings of subprime residential mortgage-backed securities by failing to disclose that its financial condition was significantly deteriorating. The firm agreed to pay $28.2 million to settle the charges. (4/24/12)
  • Thornburg executives – SEC charged three executives at formerly one of the nation’s largest mortgage companies with hiding the company’s deteriorating financial condition at the onset of the financial crisis. (3/13/12)
  • TierOne Bank executives– SEC charged three former bank executives in Nebraska for participating in a scheme to understate millions of dollars in losses and mislead investors and federal regulators at the height of the financial crisis. Two executives settled the charges by paying penalties and agreeing to officer-and-director bars. (9/25/12)
    • TierOne auditors – SEC charged two KPMG auditors for their roles in the failed audit of TierOne Bank. (1/9/13)


  • Aladdin Capital Management – SEC charged the Connecticut-based investment adviser, its affiliated broker-dealer, and a former executive with falsely stating to clients that it had “skin in the game” for two CDOs.  Aladdin and its broker-dealer agreed to pay more than $1.6 million combined, and the former executive agreed to pay a $50,000 penalty. (12/17/2012)
  • Bank of America – SEC charged the company with misleading investors about billions of dollars in bonuses being paid to Merrill Lynch executives at the time of its acquisition of the firm, and failing to disclose extraordinary losses that Merrill sustained. Bank of America paid $150 million to settle charges. (2/4/10)
  • Brooke Corporation– SEC charged six executives for misleading investors about the firm’s deteriorating financial condition and for engaging in various fraudulent schemes designed to conceal the firm’s rapidly deteriorating loan portfolio. Five executives agreed to settlements including financial penalties and officer and director bars. (5/4/11)
    • Former CEO Settled Charges – The sixth executive agreed to an officer and director bar and financial penalty. (9/8/11)
  • Brookstreet-SEC charged the firm and its CEO with defrauding customers in its sales of risky mortgage-backed securities. (12/8/09)
    • Judge Orders Brookstreet CEO to Pay $10 Million Penalty – Stanley Brooks and Brookstreet Securities ordered to pay $10,010,000 penalty and $110,713.31 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest. (3/2/12)
    • Brookstreet Brokers Charged – SEC charged 10 Brookstreet brokers with making misrepresentations to investors in sale of risky CMOs. (5/28/09)
  • Capital One – SEC charged Capital One Financial Corporation and two senior executives for understating millions of dollars in auto loan losses incurred during the months leading into the financial crisis. Capital One agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle the SEC’s charges. The two senior executives also agreed to pay penalties to settle the claims against them. (April 24, 2013)
  • Claymore Advisors/Fiduciary Asset Management – SEC charged two investment advisory firms and two portfolio managers for failing to adequately inform investors about a closed-end fund’s risky derivative strategies that contributed to its collapse during the financial crisis.  Claymore agreed to distribute $45 million to fully compensate investors for losses related to the problematic trading, and Fiduciary Asset Management agreed to pay more than $2 million.  (12/19/2012)
  • Colonial Bank and Taylor, Bean & Whitaker (TBW)– SEC charged executives at the bank and the major mortgage lender for orchestrating $1.5 billion scheme with fabricated or impaired mortgage loans and securities, and attempting to scam the TARP program.
    • Lee Farkas, Chairman of TBW (6/16/10)
    • Desiree Brown, Treasurer of TBW (2/24/11)
    • Catherine Kissick, Vice President at Colonial Bank (3/2/11)
    • Teresa Kelly, Supervisor at Colonial Bank (3/16/11)
    • Paul Allen, CEO of TBW (6/17/11)
  • Credit Suisse bankers – SEC charged four former veteran investment bankers and traders for their roles in fraudulently overstating subprime bond prices in a complex scheme driven in part by their desire for lavish year-end bonuses. (2/1/12)
  • Jefferies & Co. executive – SEC charged a former executive at a New York-based broker-dealer with defrauding investors while selling mortgage-backed securities in the wake of the financial crisis so he could generate additional revenue for his firm. (1/28/13)
  • KCAP Financial – SEC charged three top executives at a New York-based publicly traded fund being regulated as a business development company with overstating the fund’s assets during the financial crisis. The executives agreed to pay financial penalties to settle the SEC’s charges. (11/28/12)
  • UCBH Holdings Inc.- SEC charged former bank executives with misleading investors about mounting loan losses at San Francisco-based United Commercial Bank and its public holding company during the height of the financial crisis. (10/11/11)
    • SEC charged former bank executive with misleading the bank’s independent auditors regarding risks the bank faced on certain outstanding loans. (3/27/12)

Concealed the extent of risky mortgage-related and other investments

in mutual funds and other financial products:

  • Bear Stearns-SEC charged two former Bear Stearns Asset Management portfolio managers for fraudulently misleading investors about the financial state of the firm’s two largest hedge funds and their exposure to subprime mortgage-backed securities before the collapse of the funds in June 2007. (6/19/08)
    • Cioffi and Tannin Settled Charges – Agree to pay more than $1 million and accept industry bars. (6/18/12)
  • Charles Schwab – SEC charged entities and executives with making misleading statements to investors in marketing a mutual fund heavily invested in mortgage-backed and other risky securities. The Schwab entities paid more than $118 million to settle charges. (1/11/11)
  • Evergreen– SEC charged the firm with overstating the value of a mutual fund invested primarily in mortgage-backed securities and only selectively telling shareholders about the fund’s valuation problems. Evergreen settled the charges by paying more than $40 million, most of which was returned to harmed investors. (6/8/09)
    • The SEC also charged the lead portfolio manager of the fund, Lisa Premo. In December 2012, a judge found Premo liable for aiding and abetting some of Evergreen’s violations, and she was barred from working as an investment adviser for five years.
  • Morgan Keegan-SEC charged the firm and two employees with fraudulently overstating the value of securities backed by subprime mortgages (4/7/10)
    • Morgan Keegan Settled Charges – Firm agreed to pay $100 million to the SEC and the two employees also agreed to pay penalties, including one who agreed to be barred from the securities industry. (6/22/11)
  • OppenheimerFunds – SEC charged the investment management company and its sales distribution arm for misleading statements about two of its mutual funds that had substantial exposure to commercial mortgage-backed securities during the midst of the credit crisis in late 2008. (6/6/12)
  • Reserve Fund – SEC charged several entities and individuals who operated the Reserve Primary Fund for failing to provide key material facts to investors and trustees about the fund’s vulnerability as Lehman Brothers sought bankruptcy protection. (5/5/09)
  • State Street-SEC charged the firm with misleading investors about exposure to subprime investments while selectively disclosing more complete information to specific investors. State Street agreed to repay investors more than $300 million to settle the charges. (2/4/10)
    • Two Former State Street Employees Charged – Accused of misleading investors about exposure to subprime investments. (9/30/10)
  • TD Ameritrade – SEC charged the firm with failing to supervise representatives who mischaracterized the Reserve Fund as safe as cash and failed to disclose risks when offering the investment to customers. Firm settled charges by agreeing to repay $10 million to certain fund investors. (2/3/11)


“UKIP” upsurge at the polls in Britain fire warning shot as voters warn the EU,

Monday, May 6th, 2013

“UKIP” upsurge at the polls in Britain fire warning shot as voters warn the EU its policies are seen as “destroying jobs” “creating crime” “lowering wages” “creating unemployment” “causing depression” “elevating suicide” and “starvation”. While “elevated death-rates caused by fuel cost” mean “elderly forced to choose between eating or freezing”.

This alone is forcing governments to act swiftly or face much tighter regulation from austerity stuffed taxpayers, whose patience is vanishing. The European Union, knows it face’s meltdown hence the recent 25 basic point rate cut. As voters react to EU policies that allow immigrants from poor countries flowing en-mass to wealthier countries. Bringing with it criminal gangs and lower wages for the poorest sector as eastern block black market Mafia’s turn the unemployed into slaves, using Bullet diplomacy.

But it was “bank bail-in” that took the publics attention as Cyprus under pressure from the EU and the IMF implemented “what became the end of public trust in banks”. When “banks just stole bank deposits” “its customers money using laws of privilege” to fund Cyprus and its Banks.

Earlier warnings by employers the “public” “traders” “ministers” “unions” and “political parties” that “EU increasing the tax rate rape of its citizens”.  “Enforced by the EU and made lawful” “ by Governments and Banks would backfire were ignored”.

So now the day of corporate pay obscenity is over, a bank for banks and bankers ECB rate-cut is not being passed on, and it’s seen as starving enterprising SME businesses of funding. While to big to fail Corporate banks and insurer’s sit on €multi billion piles of taxpayers cash offshore.

And so the public’s attention is being drawn to its own political power, and people are no longer depositing money with banks.

“Why should they” there is no point, “they just lose money daily with inflation and receive no interest”. Also much more importantly they know “banks are just thieves who will steal your hard earned retirement savings”. To fund their bankrupt coffers, while the European Union and ECB, bank for elite banks, plays sugar daddy to banks.

Latest reports from the EU indicate that negative deposits will become the next scam. Who I wonder in there right mind would consider depositing money in a bank account. Knowing their money held in the bank would be less as each day passed ?

They tried a massive array of tax increases, bank bailouts, price inflation, and printed money out of thin air. Created all manner of new regulation to generate taxes and finally folded after austerity on a Cyprus bank bail in.

Banks stole money out of their own customers bank accounts, like the un-trustable doctor who says “trust me I’m a doctor.

The EU is like the infamous doctor, who tells his patient “take this medicine” then the patient dies, and of cause the EU like the doctor, “now wonders why”.

5/6/2013 11:33 AM

Zurich the insurer is secretive, deceptive, and awash with proceeds of crime money.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


Threaten most businesses and the worlds financial system with their shocking domination of the high street, its garages, stores, shopping malls, retail parks, industrial estates, and banks just like UBS now attempting to obtain immunity from prosecution. They maintain control in towns city and most countries.

It is a criminal enterprise on a gigantic scale that has infested everything. Some Governments and the public are now slowly waking up to the fact that these gangsters. The “crooks in suits” make killings; gunrunning and drug dealing appear legitimate.

The fraudulent criminal activities and years of unconscionable business practices committed by the insurers, and their banks are shocking.

 Zurich, one of the worlds largest Insurance companies, has thousands of subsidiaries all over the world, its companies have been found guilty of malpractice, deception, collusion, anticompetitive practices, intimidation, coercion, lying, inflating prices, price fixing, bid rigging, fraud, misrepresentation, and much worse. It has been fined €billions irrefutable and remains one of the Worlds worst insurers for non-payment and fraud. It has like many Insurerance companies a “deny delay defend” policy to put off claimants attempts to find justice through the costly legal system.

Its manipulation by wealth of Markets, Government and Business, makes this one company the most dangerous criminal enterprise on the planet. Zurich the insurer like its country of incorporation is secretive, deceptive, and awash with proceeds of crime money, like the recent CCP scandle part of the organisation-Ace Insurance Europe.

Governments have been forced, coerced, and intimidated into bailing out  (ZFS) Zurich Financial Services, Parent and Ultimate Holding Company of, Zurich owned entities like AIG and AIGFP that caused the Worlds financial crisis and many others with threats of thousands of job losses and Bank insolvencies.

This led to Insurers and Banks being “Given Money” by Government.  Taxpayers its citizens were informed afterwards, or as one banks manager said, “we do not need customers deposits,” “your money, “we can obtain cheaper money from Government, its free”. “The interest on the money market account is being reduced with immediate effect to 0.3%.”

The UK had for years become dependant on the city of London and its rigged financial market and dodgy hedge funds for income. Even as manufacturing and small businesses disappeared. Government turned a blind eye regarding years of backhanded payments by corporate giants to career politicians- the officials of Government.

Who systematically at the bidding of their corporate paymasters destroyed SME businesses that were competitors to the corporate giants? Small businesses were all but wiped out by this fraud.  Consisting of Banks and Insurers subsidiaries sharing inside information about their customers with each other, to eliminate competition.   

Many small businesses will have had requests from their banks for accounts, cash flow forecasts, business proposals, method statements, budgets, etc when funds are required. These requests from Banks and Government, and others need to be treat with the greatest of suspicion.

They are the vilest of crooks that you can imagine, with no conscience. Always make sure that you get signed confidentiality agreements, (under your irrevocable terms).

Make certain (your terms of trading are irrevocably superior) to all others, no matter whom you trade with. Signatures first in all instances are required, before disclosure, or trading borrowing buying etc.

Method statements, price of materials, location, type of materials, suppliers, and contractor or subcontractor information, should definitely never be given, nor should you allow retentions, if you do you will not get paid.

Big suppliers will have all your confidential details to hand, (“what you do,” who you are, level of spending, number of accounts, price you pay, discount you receive, your main competitor, your bank details, your bank balance, loan details etc, home, car, boat, plane, ownership details, mortgage, debentures, investments, etc everything will be at their disposal.

To surcharge you at least 50% above the large corporate companies price. When you approach another supplier, the first question you will be asked, will be, (are you trade or retail sir) or (do you have an account with us sir).  In both cases you will be charged at least double. To protect its subsidiaries customers and large corporate Giants

Customs and Excise can be very helpful? Although be aware of overzealous employees who can destroy you and your business with their obsessive opinionated misfit in society mentality, (that all businessmen are criminals.

Some of these misfits and most work in Government or its agencies “should never be civil servants, and could never hold down any job, “accept as a jobs worth in government”. But a word of caution these nit-picking pen pushers are very jealous. They would love to have all your trappings, but they know they don’t have your courage and the guts to risk everything. So treat them like adult children- politely and let them think they are intellectual.

Because right or wrong these individuals can cause horrendous delays to contracts, vat return payments, and can turn up at your home or premises in several vans with dozens of staff. Who will force you to waste your time on their suspicions of unjustifiable fraud?

This can, as the writer well knows cost several hundred thousand pounds and the loss of contracts and potential future business. After the investigation in this case was over, with no clear reason for the investigation. The VAT Inspector with Customs and Excise (when asked) explained that the business, (export of aviation fuel) was bizarre.