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Friday, February 17th, 2017

President Trump. Lies by media, is out of control.



The shocking truth is the Media are creating half- truths into sensational News Headlines. It is shocking that this rhetoric attack most of it lies “is being targeted at President Trump.


You may not like Mr Trump, but do you know him. I am speaking from my own observations, “what he has said” and done, firstly he is obviously an intelligent businessman. “You do not become a $billion corporation” being stupid.


This is President Trumps first week in Office, “he is a man of his word” like so many other successful businessmen.


He has carried out election promises, some within hours of becoming President of the USA. He was elected by the majority of the American people who wanted change from the corrupt power within that created wars debt and deliberate destruction of manufacturing output that put millions of Americans out of work.


His direct manner and style is not good news for the corrupt corporations controlling the mass media, they don’t like it, they want it has it was – Corruption Fraud and rewards for spewing out hype and lies, that do make good news headlines. Yes freedom of the Press is required. But not to tell lies.


This monstrous group of corrupt elite wealthy politicians bankers and corporations created immigration deliberately “meaning lower wages” or no job at all for millions of Americans. Millions lost their homes in foreclosure fraud, banks stole customers money or confiscated it, while the administration gave $trillions to banks when their greed caused the collapse of banking as we know it.


This same mess was replicated in Britain and in Europe where millions of ordinary people are paying huge increases in taxes to pay for the corrupt elites greed, like Wall street and its Banker Brethren and most of the crooks in suits who’s need is greed.


President Trump is a guy that says what most folk know is true but are afraid to say. The media on the other hand spew out lies; they fabricate News Headline’s and avoid the truth about immigration.


Ordinary people know the facts they live with them every day. And are paying to heavily a price for American and European Union corruption, do the Media report it, NO they are silent, just like they are on immigration. What has happened to the millions of immigrants that flooded into European countries? The Media are silent about this as well.


America now is a repeat of what’s happened in Britain, the media just made up any crap to avoid the British people wanting to leave the European Union that destroyed manufacturing then taxed populations into poverty. Then created austerity to starve creativity. Then enforced mass immigration to lower wages.


While the EU forced through even more taxes on food medicines fuel and thousands of other new money making schemes, “that have caused hardship on a scale never seen before” in most countries of Western Europe.


Now you need to ask yourself, do you trust the “Media, Banks, Insurers, Wall street and its Corporations, or Politicians. “You know the crooks in suits in Government.


Or do you believe Trump “ he did what he said he would do”?


Can you say the same or trust the Media, They seem to have forgot the Twin Towers and 9/11, Death of Princess Diana, Paris attack, London Bombings, Tony Blair his illegal oil war in Iraq, or the fact that 95% of all suicide bombing attacks worldwide are carried out by Muslims.   And now the Media is pushing Tony Blair onto every media channel in a vain attempt to stop the British people leaving the European Union and its ECB bank for Bankers (gangsters is a better word)


Itsfraud 17/02/17



Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,


HSBC, RBS, Barclay’s, Lloyd’s etc and hundreds of others worldwide. These: Too Big To Fail, Banksters, Corporations, Insurers etc. Are all criminally involved and intertwined with thousands of other financial institutions.


Screwed up Banks, Insurers, Financial Institutions, Corporate Blue Chips, Authority, Police, Courts, Government, Officials, MPs, Ministers, Lawyers, Government Corporate Organisations of Government, and so on.


And the crash and the failure in 2008 of many of the worlds largest Banks, Insurers, and Corporate Giants. Have seen Scandal after scandal hit the headlines involving all of the above organizations and its officials.


Bailouts, Bail-ins, Libor, Rate Rigging, Bid Rigging, Fraud, Deception, Lies, Abuse, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Drug Trafficking, People Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Child Grooming Gangs, Paedophile Gang allegations in Government. And the list of unbelievable abuses go on and appear endless from most of the above.


This to big to fail to big to jail mentality and immunity from prosecution must end. Else we have a two tier society enforced on us by the wealthiest, where the weakest and poorest in society [only] get prosecuted and jailed.


It is not enough that these organizations get fined for their crimes, {Banks} should have their [Licenses Removed]. And those officials involved in criminal activity should be prosecuted and jailed with sentences befitting their criminal activity.


But it should not end just here.


It is enshrined so deep in Corporate Organisations of Government that the crimes corruption and fraud will continue, unless ordinary businessmen and citizens alike: Take back the control and power of money from Government. And these Gangsters and elitists who think nothing of- killing (off ) millions of people to keep their wealth power and control.


And from the known Banks that are implicated in helping Launder Money for Terrorists, Islamic Extremist, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Drug Barons, Traffickers. The worst criminal organisations imaginable who kill without conscience.


But it also doesn’t end there either, it is also clear that huge private organisations like the IMF, The World Bank, the ECB, the BIS, the European Union, and many other organisations are funding war-in factions wars and criminal activities so monstrous its unbelievable. But horribly true. And this is done in the pretext that they are protecting our democratic safety and security. Which is partly true. .


Though closer investigation reveals a more sinister tactic of using fear to indoctrinate us into believing we need protection from terrorists. When clearly this is not always the case, {since most actions} by the organisations above} are just to lay claim to the spoils of war, commodities, natural resources, wealth, and power from poorer nations.


For those who have experienced the depravity of some of the poorest nations like Africa. Whose wealth includes Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, Oil and many of the rarest elements on earth. You will understand. That the exploitation by the wealthiest extends to not only. The poorest nations, but also to the wealthier nations of Europe, in particular by the ECB and [European Union] – {who is hell bent on stealing}. What little, [wealth we have]. Now, Prime Minister David Cameron is involved in offshore funds,

This is the Prime Minister who is spending £9 million  of taxpayers money. Your money, on. His “friends in greed” leaflets, telling us we must remain in the European Union. This corruption by our leaders must stop do not believe the rubbish from Government, they and most within it and the EU are nothing better than Crooksinsuits. Do your own research on the internet then use your own commonsence, its much better to trust yourself. Your vote in the EU referendum is your only chance to change things and get rid of these thieves.

The American public need to think carefully, Clinton is known to lie, if you want more of the same vote for Clinton. The USA needs a leader not a liar, (Trump is your only other candidate maybe) he will Jail Her.

Its a very similar situation to Britain where just about everyone we should be able to trust, are no better than the convicts in jail convicted of robbery.

The only difference is (convicts will tell the truth) sometimes?







Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

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Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Can you trust banks with your hard earned money.


Unfortunately, no! but you can bank on knowing – (who owns your money in a bank).


Once banks were trusted institutions where your money was kept for safekeeping.


Now if you put money in a bank “it belongs to the bank” and you have no rights whatever for its return except under the banks terms. Which means you have no rights to your own money.


So you may as well just stuff your money under your mattress because you will at least have all of it at your disposal, rather than being told how much money the bank will let you “take out”.


Or you could just invest your money on the stock market – there is little difference between banks and investments. Both are a huge risk but at least you may get some profit investing your money. Keeping your money in a bank is like burning your wallet – you get nothing.


Try asking a bank for all your money in cash, especially if the sum is say £150,000.


Also, try paying a large cash amount into a bank or £15,000 in cash for a car at auction etc.


Both will be refused and you will be treat like a thief.


Banks collude with Governments and both employ compulsive lying thieves who will steal your money using laws they invented to get what they want “your money and your vote”.


Banks are allowed to lend out 90% of depositors money (your money) and then create money out of thin air. Which leaves this question where is your money.


You me, all of us, bailed out the banks insurers and huge corporate giants – our Governments gave taxpayers money (our money) to these lying, cheating, corrupt crooks in suits, fraudsters.


They called it a bailout, then when the public realized they changed its name to “QE” Quantitative easing to try and fool us.


Now banks and Government have a new name to take your money, its called a “Bail-in”. What this means is: they can steal your bank investment bonds first when a bank becomes insolvent “bust”. Which is most banks?????


But lets look at this “most banks” have less than £3 of every £100 you put in the bank for safekeeping. The rest of your money the bank invested in bonds equities shares and debt- “you have none left”.


You don’t profit! from banks investing your money, you just lose! regardless of whether the bank goes bust or makes a profit.


Great isn’t it! Banks can’t lose and you are just a mug who gives them your money that creates money for them.


You just lose everything.


Do you know what bankers call us? “Idiots”.


We pumped £trillions into bailing out banks, insurance groups, corporate giants and huge companies, that all committed fraud and much worse. And nothing has been achieved, unemployment is staggering and banks still commit fraud.


And now we have Austerity, gigantic tax increases on EU taxpaying citizens so that our Governments can bailout or bail in tax evading banks and insurers etc again and again, to save their fraudulent lying corrupt corporate backsides.


Then we have the “ECB” European Central Bank, a bunch of un’elected “banking gangsters” who’s mandate is to protect the Euro and create profit for banks, corporate giants etc and create debt for you. Knowing the true value of the Euro is lower than the value of the paper it’s printed on because of the corruption it protects.


Meanwhile we have debt mountains humongous unemployment starvation depression suicides. And a complete mistrust of ministers MP’s Governments financial institutions banks insurance companies corporate giants. And the European Union who have never balanced its books or audited its accounts or accounted for the missing £billions? Now most likely £trillions.


Then to cap it off there is no growth and no future prospect any or employment, instead we have huge corporate giants sitting on mountains of cash and banks that wont lend. And Central banks printing money from thin air to devalue your money even further.


And the European Union, creating more taxes while inventing new directives to collect even more taxes from its starving citizens. While its corporate giant buddies they play ball with go tax-free.


Our membership of the European Union requires that EU law shall become part of the internal law of member states and shall be accepted and applied by their national courts.


Meaning that (we must accept EU law that bypasses our elected parliament) and “we have no say in this matter”.


When you vote “remember” you vote the government in or out. Choose wisely if you want a voice with a “Say”.


You can bank on knowing now – (who owns your money in a bank).