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Friday, February 17th, 2017

President Trump. Lies by media, is out of control.



The shocking truth is the Media are creating half- truths into sensational News Headlines. It is shocking that this rhetoric attack most of it lies “is being targeted at President Trump.


You may not like Mr Trump, but do you know him. I am speaking from my own observations, “what he has said” and done, firstly he is obviously an intelligent businessman. “You do not become a $billion corporation” being stupid.


This is President Trumps first week in Office, “he is a man of his word” like so many other successful businessmen.


He has carried out election promises, some within hours of becoming President of the USA. He was elected by the majority of the American people who wanted change from the corrupt power within that created wars debt and deliberate destruction of manufacturing output that put millions of Americans out of work.


His direct manner and style is not good news for the corrupt corporations controlling the mass media, they don’t like it, they want it has it was – Corruption Fraud and rewards for spewing out hype and lies, that do make good news headlines. Yes freedom of the Press is required. But not to tell lies.


This monstrous group of corrupt elite wealthy politicians bankers and corporations created immigration deliberately “meaning lower wages” or no job at all for millions of Americans. Millions lost their homes in foreclosure fraud, banks stole customers money or confiscated it, while the administration gave $trillions to banks when their greed caused the collapse of banking as we know it.


This same mess was replicated in Britain and in Europe where millions of ordinary people are paying huge increases in taxes to pay for the corrupt elites greed, like Wall street and its Banker Brethren and most of the crooks in suits who’s need is greed.


President Trump is a guy that says what most folk know is true but are afraid to say. The media on the other hand spew out lies; they fabricate News Headline’s and avoid the truth about immigration.


Ordinary people know the facts they live with them every day. And are paying to heavily a price for American and European Union corruption, do the Media report it, NO they are silent, just like they are on immigration. What has happened to the millions of immigrants that flooded into European countries? The Media are silent about this as well.


America now is a repeat of what’s happened in Britain, the media just made up any crap to avoid the British people wanting to leave the European Union that destroyed manufacturing then taxed populations into poverty. Then created austerity to starve creativity. Then enforced mass immigration to lower wages.


While the EU forced through even more taxes on food medicines fuel and thousands of other new money making schemes, “that have caused hardship on a scale never seen before” in most countries of Western Europe.


Now you need to ask yourself, do you trust the “Media, Banks, Insurers, Wall street and its Corporations, or Politicians. “You know the crooks in suits in Government.


Or do you believe Trump “ he did what he said he would do”?


Can you say the same or trust the Media, They seem to have forgot the Twin Towers and 9/11, Death of Princess Diana, Paris attack, London Bombings, Tony Blair his illegal oil war in Iraq, or the fact that 95% of all suicide bombing attacks worldwide are carried out by Muslims.   And now the Media is pushing Tony Blair onto every media channel in a vain attempt to stop the British people leaving the European Union and its ECB bank for Bankers (gangsters is a better word)


Itsfraud 17/02/17



Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Bankers: Freedom From Prosecution Shame,


HSBC, RBS, Barclay’s, Lloyd’s etc and hundreds of others worldwide. These: Too Big To Fail, Banksters, Corporations, Insurers etc. Are all criminally involved and intertwined with thousands of other financial institutions.


Screwed up Banks, Insurers, Financial Institutions, Corporate Blue Chips, Authority, Police, Courts, Government, Officials, MPs, Ministers, Lawyers, Government Corporate Organisations of Government, and so on.


And the crash and the failure in 2008 of many of the worlds largest Banks, Insurers, and Corporate Giants. Have seen Scandal after scandal hit the headlines involving all of the above organizations and its officials.


Bailouts, Bail-ins, Libor, Rate Rigging, Bid Rigging, Fraud, Deception, Lies, Abuse, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Drug Trafficking, People Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Child Grooming Gangs, Paedophile Gang allegations in Government. And the list of unbelievable abuses go on and appear endless from most of the above.


This to big to fail to big to jail mentality and immunity from prosecution must end. Else we have a two tier society enforced on us by the wealthiest, where the weakest and poorest in society [only] get prosecuted and jailed.


It is not enough that these organizations get fined for their crimes, {Banks} should have their [Licenses Removed]. And those officials involved in criminal activity should be prosecuted and jailed with sentences befitting their criminal activity.


But it should not end just here.


It is enshrined so deep in Corporate Organisations of Government that the crimes corruption and fraud will continue, unless ordinary businessmen and citizens alike: Take back the control and power of money from Government. And these Gangsters and elitists who think nothing of- killing (off ) millions of people to keep their wealth power and control.


And from the known Banks that are implicated in helping Launder Money for Terrorists, Islamic Extremist, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Drug Barons, Traffickers. The worst criminal organisations imaginable who kill without conscience.


But it also doesn’t end there either, it is also clear that huge private organisations like the IMF, The World Bank, the ECB, the BIS, the European Union, and many other organisations are funding war-in factions wars and criminal activities so monstrous its unbelievable. But horribly true. And this is done in the pretext that they are protecting our democratic safety and security. Which is partly true. .


Though closer investigation reveals a more sinister tactic of using fear to indoctrinate us into believing we need protection from terrorists. When clearly this is not always the case, {since most actions} by the organisations above} are just to lay claim to the spoils of war, commodities, natural resources, wealth, and power from poorer nations.


For those who have experienced the depravity of some of the poorest nations like Africa. Whose wealth includes Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, Oil and many of the rarest elements on earth. You will understand. That the exploitation by the wealthiest extends to not only. The poorest nations, but also to the wealthier nations of Europe, in particular by the ECB and [European Union] – {who is hell bent on stealing}. What little, [wealth we have]. Now, Prime Minister David Cameron is involved in offshore funds,

This is the Prime Minister who is spending £9 million  of taxpayers money. Your money, on. His “friends in greed” leaflets, telling us we must remain in the European Union. This corruption by our leaders must stop do not believe the rubbish from Government, they and most within it and the EU are nothing better than Crooksinsuits. Do your own research on the internet then use your own commonsence, its much better to trust yourself. Your vote in the EU referendum is your only chance to change things and get rid of these thieves.

The American public need to think carefully, Clinton is known to lie, if you want more of the same vote for Clinton. The USA needs a leader not a liar, (Trump is your only other candidate maybe) he will Jail Her.

Its a very similar situation to Britain where just about everyone we should be able to trust, are no better than the convicts in jail convicted of robbery.

The only difference is (convicts will tell the truth) sometimes?







Tuesday, January 6th, 2015





Just remember this, 24,815 islamic terror attacks since 9/11. Ask for a public debate on Muslim Immigration.

Immigration Out Of Control, MPs Expenses, Bank Fraud, Insurer Fraud, Child Sex Abuse, Race Relations One Sided Against British Citizens. Update: Today, the killings in Paris by Islamic Religous Fanatics.

    We have Muslim grooming gangs all over the UK preying on young children, child prostitution, child trafficking, gang rapes, killings, religious hatred, and disappearing woman and children and now more killings because cartoonists made a joke of Islam

Yet Muslim leaders claim Muslims are not terrorists-even though evidence exists that the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim and huge numbers are Paedophiles.

    Muslims are slaughtering Christians and other beliefs and minorities all over the world daily.

Islam fanatics ISIS- tells all Muslims to wage war on the infidel – Kaffirs “in their own countries”!

    And are carrying this out by mowing them down, using cars, vans and trucks all over Europe. There has be recent examples in France where innocent victims were mowed down  by Muslims born in Western Europe…………..

Muslims have stealth- fully enlisted our own Governments to oppress the indigenous peoples free speech ramming Racism, Islam and Halal down our throats. Then Islamic leaders play the minority innocent victims, when a Muslim beheads a Kaffir or gang rapes a young woman. Muslims have become a danger to free speech and democracy and are not a minority any longer.

    Facts are they are breeding 10 ten times faster than the white indigenous population.

Muslims chant or use quotes from the Quran, or scream Halla Ak-bar before slaughtering some innocent journalist. It is not uncommon and is clearly an act of religious belief-quoting scriptures as they carry out their barbaric act.

    Our own Prime Minister David Cameron now allows every Muslim whim – Sharia law, Mosques, Halal Meat- Food, Sharia Courts. Yet Halal is a sacrifice to their God. And now its reported that our PM David Cameron wants to see a future Muslim Prime Minister in Britain. “Perhaps he would like to see another 6000 Mosques in Britain. WHILE MUSLIMS STONE WOMEN FOR INFIDELITY.

Sources state that Britain’s Muslim population rose from about 82,000 in 1961 to 553,000 in 1981 to 2 million in 2000—a demographic change roughly representative of Western Europe as a whole during that period. According to the London Times, the number of Muslims in the U.K. climbed by half a million between 2004 and 2008 alone—a rate of growth ten times that of the rest of that country’s population.

    Update these figures with those reported in the recent Government Accounts which only account for recorded lawful immigration. Then add ten + million and you have an idea of the scale which is mind boggling and extremely shocking and must be stopped NOW!

Then there is the financial impact of uncontrolled immigration, this is the unspoken taboo within Governments BBC media and the so called British free press who are shackled by “Racial Threats”- from Muslims its leaders and Government.

    Muslims are the largest immigrant group, swamping all services and have become such a burden that Government have dramaticly increased cutbacks in other public services. To keep pace with benefit payments – shutting down NHS Direct cutting staff numbers at hospitals, local services, clinics, libraries, recreational facilities, the police and the armed forces etc.

    Then on the day when 12 innocent people in Paris France were slaughtered by Muslim fanatics for drawing cartoons supporting our right to free speech and expression.

The BBC website was removing any comments by the public mentioning Muslim Killers France, Muslim Slaughterers, Paris killers etc.

    These actions explain more about the Governments indoctrinating BBC media reports than their controlled news coverage ever did.

Religion and Racism are the excuse used by Muslims. Who then use the Human Rights act to extort money or revenge on innocent remarks made by anyone.YET NO MUSLIM OR ISLAMIC COUNTRY IS A SIGNATURE TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.

    “One thing is for sure – if we don’t have a public open debate now! about Muslims and Immigration – free from State interference.

The role of Government and the shape of the State will have changed beyond our recognition, please look at

And this should shock the living daylight out of everyone. Todate: Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 24,815 Deadly terror attacks since 9/11.


Diana Killed, Iraq Oil War, Blair’s Lies, Brown’s Gold Sale, Royal Family Allegations Denial,


NHS Killing Elderly, Hospitals Unsafe, Appalling Neglect Filmed, Institutional Sex Abuse, Sex abuse by doctors and consultants,


Pakistani Child Sex Abuse Rings, Church Paedophiles, Doctors Nil By Mouth Deaths, Gang Rapes Of Non Muslim Girls, Forced Prostitution,


Care Home’s Abuse, Muslim Decapitations, Suicide Bombers, Bombs On Buses Planes And Trains, British Born Muslims Killing Young Soldier.


Bank Bailouts, Insurer Bailouts, Corporate Bailouts, EU Control Freaks, VAT Increases, Camera Operated Toll Roads (Brisa) America- Enforced By EU, Immigration Out Of Control EU- Enforced On All Member States– To Lower Wages Using Mass Unemployment


Austerity, Massive Price Increases, Devalued Pound, Overvalued Euro, EU Bureaucracy Gone Mad,and Now QE ( quantitative easing ) Giving Taxpayers money to Banks and huge Corporates.


Spy Cameras Everywhere, Illegal Use Of Terrorism Laws, Illegal Home Repossetions, English Law Abused To Collect Revenue,


Court Bailiffs Illegal Enforcement- Terrifying Pensioners, Illegal Parking Fines, Government Abuse Of Common Law, Local Authorities Abusing Citizens Rights, Illegal Fines And Enforcement Action.


Ministers And MPs Convicted Of Serious Crimes, 2008 Crash, An Endless List Of Fraud And Worse.


A Conservative Thatcher Government That Removed Controls From Banks And Banking. Leaving The Corrupt Banking And Insurance Gangsters To Manipulate And Steal Britain’s Wealth + The Worlds Wealth.


Now Another Conservative Government is Stealing Money From The Poorest Sector Of Society. Forcing Them To Rely On Food Banks. While Governments Gives £trillions To Banks.


Government is corruption full stop. The two main parties have had their own way for generations sharing the spoils of the corrupt gravy train between them.


Now you have the best opportunity ever to remove the corrupt main parties from power.


Give the next generation ‘your children, the opportunity of a fairer society without institutional Government fraud and corruption.


We now have the opportunity to change the system, that’s been abused and corrupted by the wealthy LIB, LAB, CON, Government Barons. Lets now bring fairness into the election process for future generations.




Then inflation and currency devaluation and increased VAT will destroy those with incomes of less than £60,000 a year.


UK Banks need more capital, Government needs more revenue, EU Banks, the EU and ECB needs more revenue. This will increase Austerity, Tax’s, Vat, Duty, and Inflation to pass the Governments debts to its taxpayers in the form of increasing costs and lower wages.


Do our Goverment care,


Note for example – UK Government does not give a damn about anyone north of London, until election time.


Then all of a sudden they start their electioneering north of Londonin Carlisle.


Remember how all three main party leaders turned up in Scotland to protect there backsides when the Scottish Referendum looked like losing them their parasitic seats of Government.




They only care about their wealth and powerful positions, where corruption wealth and power go hand in hand.


UKIP is without doubt the only political party spelling out the truth about the European Union and Immigration. We need to help the small parties like UKIP to take us out of the clutches of the corrupt EU Banking Gangsters.


Government created the Islamic takeover of our towns and cities. Now its time to take Government back.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but many are supportive of Sharia Law. But clearly most terrorists are Muslim. We cannot allow Islamic fanatics to become the threat to our freedoms or liberty.

We are the Indigenous Population, we cannot allow European citizens of Non- European Origen to abuse our hospitality. By threats. — Notice how many countries like Britain France Germany now have a majority birth rate of males with the name MUHAMMAD.


And Governments own figures clearly show UKIP is correct, it is out of control. And worse still the UK Government is advertising in Third World Countries for more immigrants to invade Britain’s already swamped services.


The European Union on the other hand is quite simply a revenue raising enterprise for Banks, who control print raise and steal customers money for Banks headed by the ECB’s ( European Central Bank).



Check out the facts . What has the European Union done for you.


Its uncompetitive, it destroys businesses with added legislation that Taxes You and adds VAT and DUTY to benefit Banks and Banksters,


But have you benefited by joining the EU.


Because Britain lost its laws sovereignty power and control of its borders while the EU enforced cheap labour and criminal gangs on an otherwise buoyant British economy that exported most of its products all over the world. (WITHOUT ANY- EU) Help.


We stupidly swapped our £ sterling -240 pence worth, for its Euro 100 cents worth. This had the immediate effect of more than doubling the cost of everything.


And then the EU enforced VAT on every invoice as well.


Just remember they are going to increase Vat again, so choose wisely who you – want to Govern Your Government, and Control everything you need or do.


UKIP seems a good choice check them out, ask them.


!The final choice is your future! Now have your say! The other three main political party parasites are so corrupt, they no longer realise it.


PS the author has no political connection it is my own opinion based on doing business with corrupt Government officials and Ministers.



Draghi doing whatever it takes, Update: Handing Greece The Ace Card.

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Mario Draghi can be complimented on his ability to “hand Greece’s new Government with the Ace cards” with his Trillion Euro bank bailout to be paid for. By Taxpayers and Bank customers “Depositors money”. This new €60bn per month bailout is again an attempt to pass insolvent Bank debts away from Government to its citizens in the form of inflation to inflate away Government guarranteed debts. This will fail and Greece will start a European rolling ball that will take the whole of Europe out if the Creditors threaten Greece’s new Government and its citizens with capitulation, rather than renegotiation.

Mario Draghi may well delay any effective action again by doing whatever it takes to protect his backside. While at the same time being paid for the inability to respond to worsening EU wide conditions and market forces that no longer listen to his hype or the €trillion by instalments experiment to counter deflation by inflation and devaluation of the Euro. But can Europe’s population pay for this €trillion Euro experiment. When most are cold and hungry from years of Austerity they cannot afford making the decision BETWEEN HEATING OR EATING?


Clearly his position is untenable, indicating his tactics are progressively creating the ideal conditions for the self destruction of the Euro and the European Union.


Not that this was not seen a forgone conclusion. But his managing ability to understand taxation with austerity measures were certain to enforce individuals and corporations to look carefully at capital expenditure and where they spend or keep their cash and assets.


This has led Corporations and individuals to play safe and hoard cash. Effectively destroying the business momentum required to create new wealth. The net result is that the retail sector is in decline or has negative returns. Forcing corporations to shed staff lowering manufacturing output and purchase of raw materials.


Individuals on the other-hand are now much more savy about Insurers, Banks, Financial Institutions, the European Union and Government. Also the internet and information technology has made the masses aware that trust is earned. And that none above especially the EU, fall into this category of trust.


The public’s untrustable perception of Mario Draghi is his delay tactics knowing that there is still huge numbers of Banks and Insurers who are a risk to the financial landscape, still obscuring their insolvency. Mario Draghi knows this yet is ignoring the intervention required to effect control of these to big to fail Insurers and Banks


Recent events like BES ( Banco Espirito Santo ) receiving state aid from Portugal’s taxpayers fly in the face of recent EU regulation which prohibits state aid to private institutions over €500,000- if remembered correctly.


Closer to his home, is Mario Draghi going to bail out Italy and its financial institutions. Or will he be removed and replaced by someone who can do the job correctly and weed out the weak Insolvent institutions hell bent on funding their illegal activities. “Using depositors and shareholders money”.


Or will Mario Draghi be able to placate the British public that won’t tolerate an EU. Observed as a huge conglomeration out of control, “who cannot even balance their books”. That imposes new Protocols, Directives and Laws by the minute, to extract even more money from Britain than British residents earn.


This is unlikely British taxpayers contribution paid for EU Motorways. Toll roads now owned by American Corporations.


Gangsters springs to mind.

Bank Failures, Corruption, Fraud, Housing bubble, Indicate 2008 Crash Ending

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Update: 08/02/2015.

The situation through-out Europe is extremely grave for ordinary people who will be made to pay for another round of Austerity forced on them by the European Central Banks. This destruction of EU Economies by Mario Draghi at the Helm of the ECB using another round of Quantitative Easing, (bailing out the Banks, Insurers, and Corporate giants) may see the collapse of the worlds financial system.

Certainly we are at the crossroads of a major change in elected Governments all over the EU. The comment underlined in blue below and percieved problems wrote about a year earlier certainly seem now very accurate. My guess now is that we will have anti- Islamic, anti-European Union, anti- Bailouts, anti – Immigration, Left of Centre Politicians leading in the Polls and taking the prize of Governments from the “Elite Uncaring paid for Politicians”.


Are we about to experience the “2008 crash again“, the indications undoubtedly show comparable housing bubbles growing at unsustainable rates. Banks are growing larger on taxpayer bailouts and the dangers of to big to fail is worrying Governments. Also the largest proportion, “most banks” do not know what their exposure to derivatives is. Plus they have become addicted to customers cash deposits to fund liquidity.


This begs the question “how much longer” can banks expect its customers to “deposit their” money, in any bank now. Moreover available data suggests that customers do not trust banks and most now realise that banks are just betting their money on risky but lucrative investments “if they win” fine but these investments they realise are not much better than betting on the Grand National winner, the odds are stacked heavily against the banks picking the winner.


Its clear Banks and its Insurance providers have relied on being able to fool the public into believing they are trustable institutions and will give you your money back on demand. While its insurers will pay you out if you make a claim. Unfortunately the public now know it’s not true, and its insurers will busts its guts to avoid paying you out.


Even more alarming is that “Insurers will lie” abuse, deceive, delay, ignore regulation and international law and will “commit fraud with impunity”. Knowing they “its Directors” are protected by the companies acts and  “Banker Privilege” from direct prosecution.


However banks need to rely on being able to offer loans to its customers and be able to offer these at low interest rates. Again this is not the case banks do have the liquid cash assets to loan out and interest rate remain unsustainably low. This economic government generated austerity will raise interest rates quickly both in the short and long term. Why this will happen is simple the Government paid for housing market “bank created” bubble is about to burst.  Update: appears this article was reasonably correct but then when you have corruption in Government its easy to predict outcome.

This will lead to inflation targets becoming deflation woes and the collapse of most commodities and huge Corporate. Followed by daily insolvency headlines and executives seen throwing themselves off their multi story headquarters.

Then there is the ECB the European Central Bank, this collection of central bankers “self elected official” monetary lawmakers to its 28 member states. Who control currency supply and exchange rates while manipulating financial policy and political opinion to its members advantage, which explains why they create debt.

At the same time European Union spending and unprecedented publicity for years conned the public into believing that the EU gave people the right to work, live, travel, and trade with any member country. And have rights and laws protecting its citizens from the abuse of power by member states their officials or from businesses tradesman etc.

This however is not true. EU law give the right for each “Member Country” to use their existing laws. This has created a mass of differing legislation in many languages, which is constantly being abused by some countries to deny lawful claim or complaint. In a language interpretation, that for “non speakers” is impossible to complain about or defend.

Whist the idea of a single currency appears a simple solution for trade between countries, what is actually happening is a constant drain of cash from its consumers. That the EU created using its self elected laws like VAT which is a mandatory condition of being a EU member state. This tax on its own has destroyed manufacturing output and put millions in poverty. To create a monopoly for its corporate shareholding elite central bankers, who own almost everything?

Take a hard look at the inflation rate reports televised by the Governments own BBC propaganda machine.


It’s not so difficult to understand why we have such a low inflation rate when its YOU  who are the ( GOVERNMENT) who calculates the rate (TO THE FIGURE IT WANTS), negative 1% or plus 20%

Both are incorrect, but 20% is nearer the truth.

Do they think that we haven’t realised fuel has rocketed doubling in price and that food prices now increase each week and our energy costs have tripled.

Everyone has noticed food manufacturers keep packet sizes the same but lower the content weight.

It’s even easier for Government to lower the unemployment rate, when the JOBCENTER+ leave’s out the self employed and wont allow anyone over 50 to sign on.

Then those in paid employment have to work longer and for less money and every £ they spent buy less each day. Meaning they cannot spend what they DON´T HAVE, which has destabilised the economy. Because no money is flowing around.

The GOVERNMENT is lying and the corrupt politicians know the Government is lying, but these same politicians realise they have to hide the true figures or face a massive public backlash. Update: they are facing a huge backlash….

You only need look at the latest BBC NEWS reports of house price rises, Unemployment down, Exports up, Manufacturing output up, Banks making huge profits, and the Economy growing. When the facts are not true.

And these same reports are coming out of Europe as well, but unfortunately it is simply not true. Update: now we have yet another round of (QE) quantitative easing. Basicly buying junk bonds to refinance unsafe banks and huge corporates in general.

What is true is that the figures are all being manipulated to refinance and enrich the banks and the elite 1%.  Update: Who now own nearly 49% of the entire worlds wealth.

Who have and are raking in £millions from taxpayers who have refinanced the TBTF insolvent banks since 2008.

And it is time this was stopped and the banks broken up into smaller units of public ownership.

Before these GANGSTERS create another illegal WAR, like Iraq.