“BREXIT MEANS BREXIT”, This is what the British Conservative parties unelected Prime Minister said? What she didnt say was when. But this was picked up by ordinary folk within an instance and they have been waiting.

They like millions of others have been waiting for the lies to be exposed. We do not have a democratic government. We just have a bunch of lying scheming rats that are not fit to hold any public office.

Britain once had an empire built on trust reliability and strength. Now we just have a bunch of lying cheating good for nothing crooks who have far less morels than most inmates in our jails.

And it gets worse, there are allegations of child abuse and murder implicating members of Her Majesties Government, crimes that are far worse than the MPs expences scandle.

But like the child abuse inquiry, still being delayed and like the many enquiries before buried in time and mountains of paper published many year later. We never get to the real truth and the guilty get away scot free or die.

The vast majority voted to leave the European Union and its mind boggling corruption, anti-democratic policy, VAT, Austerity, Bank bailouts, Mass immigration, Open borders, and Terrorism, the word not used any longer by the involved Media. Now they are incidents not terrorist bombings. Muslim terrorists appear not to exist any longer. Or any mention of rape by Muslim immigrants from Islamic states. All caused by German Chancelor Angela Merkels policy of allowing millions of Muslim Migrants into Germany.

Hence Angela Merkels legacy. ( I say lunacy) The huge increase in these crimes and across other european countries will haunt her as her job dissapears, when millions of ordinary German people vote her out and vote for anti EU and anti immigration parties.

For an experiment that has not worked and never will work. 40 years of  EU corruption and taxes on everything including food and medicine.

The EU is a Bankers Charter to steal peoples wealth, it was a deception just like the third round of bank bailouts now disguised by fancy words, like-bond buying, dept purchases, liquidity, quantitative easing, injections, helicopter money, printing money. The German central bank is a perfect example of the corruption that exists within the EU (is the EU)?

The greed and corruption that destroyed Britain was created by a Conservative Government, and the European Union when silently on the 1st of January 1973 Britain under a Conservative Government joined the EEC now called the European Union.

This single event cost millions of jobs and factory closures as well as increased taxes on everything and later VAT as well.

It was a Conservative Government that caused the Miners strike and the 3 day week in the same year leading to mass destruction of Britains factories and its core industries being mothballed, then later closed for good.

It was also a Conservative Government under Margaret Thatcher- that removed the controls from Banks and Banking. Giving them free access to customers savings and deposits which they then stole and invested in risky asset purchases and investments. Ending in the 2008 crash and insolvency of thousands of Banks all over the World and the take over and control of Zurich Insurance its AIG financial products unit in the UK by the American Government.

Now the vast majority of people in Britain do not trust Government or its politicians since they are known to be crooks and liars with no more morals than the inmates of many jails, who most likely will tell the truth!!

So as far as our unelected – Put in place Prime Minister is concerned her word is just like the rest of the crooks in suits who are not fit to hold any public office. They are all liars who are in it for themselves. There is not a good word to be said of most of the British Establishment unfortunately.

There is no democracy and the Conservative Government and its Ministers have tarnished Britains reputation in the World.

But the public WILL not forgot Brexit or the child abuse or allegations at Ministerial level. Nor will they be put off by Government intervention in the Media Broadcasting Brexit delays till 2019, or the Media blackouts at the mention of Immigration or Muslim migrants or Islamic Muslim Terrorists.

The general Public in huge numbers expected brexit delays so this isnt a supprise from a Government that are known to be just a bunch of crooks liars and much worse.

But we are waiting, and 2 party politics and Bankers Corporate EU will end soon!!




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