British Chancellors Message – “More Of The Same”.


Stay the course for prosperity. What a load of Hype.


But Mr Osborne, will try to reason with a disgruntled public that Government borrowing is under control and payable under his Government. And will explain he his going to increase borrowing further.


But under his Chancellorship he has given £billions of taxpayers money to Banks at the expense of the British Public and Small Business.


It is this simple fact. His continued protection of the Banks using taxpayers money has left Britain with an UN-payable debt for foreseeable generations. His policies also do not appear to give a clear indication how the Huge Interest Payments are going to be paid.


So its clear later today he will inform us that we will have no tax cuts, (its not a surprise) And its obvious Government tax revenue is much lower. Again (no surprise) but he will still allow Huge American Corporate Giants to Pay (little) or No Tax.


Mr Osborne you have had enough time to deal with the British Economy, instead you have squandered our future protecting insolvent corporate entities who should have been liquidated and their Assets Sold Off. Instead of paying off an Unknown Debt Owed by Banks and Insurers.


Your Growth message is based on Borrowed Money. (That is clearly unsustainable). But will you take on the too big to fail (insolvent) Insurers and Banks, (who caused this crisis) No!  Its much easier to take from the weakest sector of society. Those less well off.



Your reliance on people spending will not work, No-one has spare money. Your ownAusterity policies have destroyed the British publics spending power. And your / our own ability to generate tax revenue.


Therefore. (Before you devalue the £pound) borrow more money and (create inflation), so that the public pays off your DEBTWith more inflated tax increases on everything, be warned you cannot inflate away the publics dissent.

Update: The inflation clawback is now out of the bag, Middle England will pay more for their Mortgages (the Conservative voting supporter- now gets slaughtered as well)


We will vote UKIP.


Because we are not going to tolerate Your cheap labour immigrant import policy– (More of the Same ) from your EU partners. Its too late Mr Osborne, to defuse lies broadcast by the Government and other main Parties.


Political (give a ways) (Electioneering) will not work now! Its also to late to impliment the next increase in Vat that was proposed.

Its also to late to stop the commodities crash.

Devaluation has commenced, huge monopolist groups will not survive the price crash. The kingfisher can only eat its fill.The masses left spawn, live longer, grow and attack the predator.


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