Brexit do you want the EU to Destroy Britain?

Its not in the publics interest or


Britain to remain in the


European Union.



Its only in their interest.



The rich and famous, Politicians, Celebrities, Banks and bankers, Financiers and Financial institutions, the Media, BBC,ITV, B-SKY-B etc and most Newspapers.
The Financial Hub of London Corporations and huge Monopolies own most trading estates and high street chains and many supermarket giants.

Britains 1% in the City of London, a private city and county within London control London and Britain from within the UK?

It is shocking that the corrupt crooks in suits above are attempting to Control by fear using television News Broadcasts.

Its appalling that they are spreading fear and lies just to protect their own wealth, at the expence of the young who have not experienced the lies wars and corruption caused by the Politicians, Bankers and the 1% who own 98.5% of britains wealth at your and the next generations expence.
For example in 2011- 57% of the population of Britain was white British.

Now because of EU open borders immigrants arrive by the thousands swamping all britains services.
And worse still no health checks are carried out on immigrants arriving in the EU or the UK, this is stupidity in the extreme.

Just for cheap labour at the expence of future generations and the publics fear is well founded, since Britain is being overun with immigrants, murderers, rapists, peodophiles, terrorists, gangsters and traffickers who profit from child abduction.

These vile people are arriving and living in our midst so it is not racist to be concerned about our Country our Health and our Safety.

Britain has many drug resistant diseases like Tuberculosis being carried back to Britain by UK immigrants, who are immune and now carriers of drug resistance strains.

If you are a British Citizen and trust the Government or the 1%.

You can still vote for the corruption to continue.

After all of the,

Child abuse

MPs expences

Iraq war

2008 crash

911 twin towers

London Bombings

UK crashes out of ERM

Black monday

Cash for questions

EU corruption €billions missing

Oil wars

Fuel strike’s

3 day week

Miners strike

VAT hikes

Tax hikes

Duty hikes

Bank bailouts

Insurance giant bailouts

Country bailouts

Corporate bailouts

EU law by the thousands

ECB bailing out central banks €80 Billion a month

Austerity from EU, IMF, BIS, and Germany

EU road tolls

EU mass immigration

Child trafficking

Child sexual explotation

Financial fraud

Bank fraud

Insurer fraud

Contract fraud

Rate rigging

Bid rigging

War crimes Tony Blair

Expences scandal

Flipping Homes

Pedophiia cover up

Child Kidnapping

All records of MPs expences scandal before 2010 destroyed by Commons authorities

No MPs jailed and No Paedophiles, figure it out

Barristers, lawyers, police, judges, clergymen, Lords, Peers, and the massive criminality by the houses of Parliament elite. Form one of the most staggering bunch of political criminals involved in treason, terrorism, torture, arson, theft, perjury, conspiracy, asset stripping, rape, tax evasion, corruption, insider trading, drug trafficking, indecent assault, bribery, murder, money laundering, and the list goes on.

If you want to vote for the remain in EU camp and Westminster criminals. You will get more of the same (check it out) see for yourself if its truthfull.



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