Banking and Insurance Groups has enslaved future generations with poverty

The British Government and National Governments of the European Union have accumulated debts so huge they have never experienced this looming threat to our future before.

This curse left by the Banking and Insurance industry on everyone, “has enslaved future generations with poverty” and shackled them with debt that will remain unpaid well into the next century.

In the meantime bankers and insurers have become obscenely wealthy “creating debt” for you, “from your money! while concentrating/ pooling “your money” then using it to buy Stocks Bonds Equities to accumulate wealth and its power for themselves.

And most of us seem to have forgot that millions died during the 2nd world war to protect these greedy crooks and their and our freedom. Decent ordinary men and women died because they believed their war would end all wars. The to big to fail Banks and Insurer’s though had another agenda,  “funding both sides” and creating more debt.

Despite this our UK Government tethered and led by the European Unions revolving door of shouldered ECB central bank power have taken away our freedom. While devising deceptive new ways to tax ordinary people, incorporating a “mixture of fear” with “hype” broadcast by “state owned media” causing “unprecedented food poverty”.

Of cause we all now know Governments rubbed shoulder to shoulder with these “Gangsters” and gave taxpayers money to “protect” these “Bankers and Insurers from insolvency” and to preserve the Governments shoulder to shoulder “shared relationship” and “tranquil prosperity”.

While the elderly die in thousands each winter and the young suffer malnutrition unemployment and poverty Consecutive Governments nudge up closer to the Ba—rd banks and Insurance “Gangsters who are getting bigger” each day, while news reports daily, unleash more “Bank fraud by Banks.

There is a general term about “Banks and Insurers being to big to fail”. Well they did quite spectacular in 2007 – 2008 yet our Governments choose to ignore it or have not learnt the lesson. Its also strange that ordinary UK citizens don’t seem to care that Government does not know what the hell its doing. UNTIL the greedy hand of Government and the greedy rats in it “hit them  with another tax”, and this continual tax take will not STOP while ever you remain silent.

That’s assuming the financial system as it is. Doesn’t collapse first, taking out the poorest in society first. Then all hell will let loose, the moment citizens realise Government cannot rule “without their consent”.  “Then change will happen fast”.

While the author has no political persuasion its clear “Britain’s membership of the European Union is damaging everyone” except the Banks and Insurers. More importantly nothing has been FIXED or LEARNED by Governments or the European Union from the 2007 – 2008 crisis. “So expect the bubble to burst soon”.

Knowledge is Power, someone famous said this. And soon you will be able to use that power in the forthcoming ELECTIONS so choose wisely who you want in control. To remove all those RATS who have destroyed your sons and daughters future and daemonized the elderly for claiming a Pension pittance they contributed to and paid for. Without a choice by Government.

It was Your Grandfather and Grandmother and the Baby Boomer’s now in their 60s and 70s who contributed all their lives and paid dearly for your freedom .

Don’t let them squander it.

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