“Bank-fraud-by-Banks”. Previously hidden from public attention by state owned Broadcasting, and “Controlled Newspaper reports” continue to hit on the hour Television News as ordinary citizens and bank employee’s spill the beans spreading the truth.

Recent examples include the huge fines handed out by the US authorities on Banks and the recent reported likely $8.9billion fine on a French “bank-fraud-by-banks” BNP Paribas.

Also “to assume Banks won’t steal its clients money is a false belief”. “Banks always put their profitability before depositors, customers or clients”. History and recent events by “the to big to fail” “to big to jail” Banks, and Financial  Corporations “stealing customers money”, “prove nothing is safe with these institutions”. Examples include the Greek-Cypriot European and American Banks and Insurers.

Bulgarian Banks also had a rough week when news spread by Bulgarian citizens of “Bulgarian Bank Insolvency Risks”, caused a run on the Banks. This creating an EU intervention payment of $2.3billion+ to stabilise the situation, though this is unlikely- in a biased Russian Mafia Controlled Economy.

If the European Unions, ECB “European Central Bank” or Draghi. And failed attempts whizz kid for Italy thinks it can resolve the European Union Crisis or  “Eastern Block Banks”, “Bank-fraud-by-Banks Problems” its whistling in the wind. No amount of taxpayers money or ECB printing toilet paper currency will ever solve the “Eastern Block Countries Economy.”

Or the “European Unions problems”. Where lack of manufacturing output and competitive products and consumer spending will drive deflationary pressure, leaving no room for alternative measures bar devaluation of the Euro or Interest rate hikes. Printing for banks liquidity will certainly end in a drastic failure. The reason is quite simple the ordinary public now know the European Union is just a bunch of Gangsters who steal all our money, using laws they invented and imposed.

And those same laws supposedly to protect its citizens are just hype. None protect European citizens, (but they do protect the banks) etc.

Update: 14th July 2014,

Draghi repeats failed attempts and gives more money to European Banks. BANKS were insolvent before and will be afterwards.

The ECB (European Central Bank) is to give European Banks over 700 Billion Euro and over 1.2 Billion over 4 year.

“ITSFRAUD”, to give money to insolvent businesses. Or is a bank just a “business fraud” full stop.———-AND——.




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