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Ashya, I’m a doctor you can trust me.


Well lets see, the NHS / Government employed/civil servant/Doctor/expert  arranged for the arrest of his caring parents.  Refused the parents request for Proton Treatment because it was pointless as nothing further could be done.

Now it appears the  British Government, its NHS experts, after finding out, Ashya is responding to Proton treatment.

ARE NOW GOING TO PAY FOR HIS PROTON TREATMENT, Well this a big change of heart gee wiz.

The British Governments NHS Doctors are now being shown up for what they are!    ” Overpaid”, too full of their own self importance- so called experts, with egg on their arrogant face.

And— They deserve every rotten egg coming to them.


While many are dedicated NHS doctors or consultants that carry out amazing work. The above examples are not a minority. Because there is NO Control Over The Medical Proffession By Government.


There is unfortunately a proportion of doctors and consultants.” “Who are too full of their own self importance”. And miss-treat patients because they can, while ill and vulnerable.


These medical professionals have terminated patients lives, “because they knew best”. For those who suffered and survived at the hands of these so called doctors. Its been publicized and most now know the truth.


These “arrogant doctors” even today, still use their so called expertise. To get their own way, ignoring protests from parents or patients. For these doctors no amount of evidence regarding new methods and treatments will suffice. You will be refused access to most new treatment bluntly because they know best.


These 30 to 50 age group UK doctors and consultants. Are power indulgent, “officious” overbearing “overzealous” self opinionated “know it all experts”. That shout down any reasonable questioning of treatment, diagnosis or their abilities or expertise.


And together, “will close ranks” using concocted reports and all manner of lies. To hide their inabilities and senseless reason. Just to protect their well paid salary and own backside.


Of cause you must accept, without question, their diagnosis and treatment. Irrespective of the fact that most patients know their own body, and when something is wrong. Can describe the symptoms and a knowledge of the treatments available.


For many NHS doctor practitioner patients. The treatment is the usual same reassuring “try this and come back in three week.


When the patient complains, weeks later that her / his symptoms are the same or worse. The response from these doctors is something like, “how long do you need off work” or its probably a virus, or its all in the mind Mr/ Mrs #####


For the many who have experienced appalling NHS treatment by doctors that should never be in the profession, “called doctors?


There is however the consolation that many doctors are members of the GMC General Medical Council, or the BMA, British medical Association, or the RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners and many other associations trade unions etc. .


What is universally UN-Reassuring is the fact that they are all either charities, trade unions or just the Medical Professions Own Association.


With no legal statutory power to control remove or sack anyone in the Medical profession in Britain.


There is no Government “statutory regulatory authority” controlling Doctors or any other member of the medical profession.


Which is why they are a law to themselves. And too full of their own self importance- with one common purposed. Generating wealth, regardless of ethics.


Which is why so many patients travel overseas for the latest and best medical treatment like Ashya’s parents. Who are fully supported by thousands of ordinary British citizens and NHS patients who have endured the appalling attitude of “some Medical professionals” employed in the NHS.


Who killed off so many in hospitals all over the UK for years until televised internet and video recordings were broadcast to the world.


This young lad had his entire future in the hands of the “same missfit it appears” that still insisted  That he / they know better than all others. Who would you trust with your sons life.

After seeing his amazing reaction to Proton treatment, perhaps those who organised the arrest of the Parents now could at least admit they were wrong and apologise. Though don’t hold your breath.




His treatment in Prague is and certainly will be what any caring parent would want. supports Ashya and his family and wishes them well and directs requests that you make a donation towards his costs and hospital treatment in Prague.

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