“Anti-Bailout-Anti-Austerity” Gathers Momentum As Spanish Protesters Mass In

 Madrid as European Union Austerity

Kills Citizens


Whilst ECB Keeps Stealing Their Savings.

 Update: Now, Countries want exit from EU, the Euro, Corruption, Austerity and Bank Bailouts.

The European Union has created unrelenting misery with its Austerity, Bank Bailouts and Uncontrolled Immigration to lower wages.

Spain, France and Britain now see the ECB as a threat and want out of the European Union, Euro and Immigration. The cause of Islamic Terrorism.

While the European Central Banks, TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS – get – BAILED OUT,  Greece finds out the European Central Bank has restricted funding in a fast dangerous game of poker. This act of stupidity by the ECB has alarmed markets and the population of Europe. Since it has brought about a very serious collapse of confidence.

This Gambling with Greece is about to bring down the entire European Union Experiment in a Dornbusch prophecy.

The EU failed Euro experiment controlled by Member State Central Bankers the ECB has several times since 2008 using its own mandate of authority Bailed Out Insolvent Banks using Depositors and Taxpayers Money.


Greece, Spain, France, Italy, and Ireland’s population was lied to, like most other member states. Then its ordinary citizens were forced to pay off the banks debts with Austerity measures that destroyed the economy of those countries, as it always has before in history.


Now Greece has elected an anti Austerity Government, and has an Ace card. This first being that other countries populations like Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, are following Greece in its Ant-Austerity stance and protests. Spain for example has seen Madrid have today a huge gathering of anti austerity protesters, with reports off 300,000 people demonstrating against Bank bailouts and Austerity.


These protests are gathering pace with looming elections and are strengthening . Because a (whatever it takes) European Unions experimental Banker Mario Draghi. Has destroyed any hope for them or their future generations. When again the debt burden of huge insolvent Banks was passed to ordinary citizens to pay off with his € Trillion + Quantitative easing measure (bailing out banks) giving €60bn each month for two year, to (counter deflation) a now stagnated European economy in deep depression.


This last ditch €trillion plus give away to banks by Mario Draghi. And their hopes to inflate away EU Government debts, who have guaranteed or (bought insolvent banks debts)— (using taxpayers money) in the slim hope that Europe’s population will spend any money they have money left. And then pay higher prices forced on them for everything, including food, will fail since repeated bouts of (Austerity has destroyed most of Western Europe’s Economies.


Greece unwittingly has amongst other Austerity destroyed Countries created a snowball effect and it will be extremely dangerous for the IMF, Troika, ECB, UN, World Bank, BIS, or any other to threaten EU Governments and its population with measures designed to benefit Banks or make its people capitulate. History will not help politicians this time since most paid for politicians and old school buddies will need a new occupation.


In a few month the UK electorate will vote, the obvious result will spell out the reasons for dissent amongst its people.

Government Fraud, Government Child Abuse allegations, Immigration out of control, Pakistan male Muslim child molesters, Grooming Gangs, Muslim Terrorist Fanatics amongst UK population, Third World Immigrants Swamping Public Services, Eastern Block EU Countries Immigrants over-whelming UK towns,cities, and all services.


But Immigration — Police not acting on Child abuse — Government and Local Authorities for 20 year plus ignoring 2000 or more Child abuse cases in an alleged Government cover up exposed today on SKY, will see the end of Government — controlled by — Insurance Companies, — Corporate giants — Immigrant criminal gangs, and their prolific use of religion, dress and racism excuses, will not work any longer.


The electorate will win this campaign.

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